Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Thanks for the offer Mimi!Please do a near future reading for me.btw have you seen the tarot practice thread on the Tarot forum?!

    best wishes and thanks

  • auntbuck....

    situation-knight of pentacles

    if this knight represents a person, its someone eith the spirit of adventure, but who is pratical and materially minded. he is good at performing any task that set for him,but not likely to be a self-starter. if this card doesnt signify a person, it suggests a situation invliving arrivals and/or departures. you may quit a job for a more lucrative one elsewhere,move to another locale for financial or work related reasons,or expereince other changes in your life relative to money,possessions,or security

    obstacle-10 of cups reversed

    delays and obstacles are standing in the way of achieving the happiness you long for. circumstances beyond your control may be the cause,and at the moment theres nothing you avn do but keep a positive attitude and hold tight while waiting for them to change, which they will.

    action recommended-knight of swords

    this card brings bad news that relate to you personally or to someone close to you.some kind of conflict is at hand, usually of a meantal nature. there could be violent differences of opinion around you, with angry messages being sent and received. or if this knight isnt a person,you may be so focused on your intellectual pursuits that you are neglecting other facets of your life. you may be expressing your ideas too forcefully and are antagonizing the opposisition. diplomacy may be called for in a situatuation.

    outcome-9 of wands

    this card indicates that the job is have had discipline and the ability to plan well and wisely. your relationships are developing in a positive way, and you are moving forward with a sense of purpose and direction. if there is still opposition, your skills strength and couarge will prevail all opponents.

  • mimi71,

    what can I say??? You are good! (well, I compared your reading with the ones I already had)

    If it is up to me, you already passed the test 🙂

    Thanks for the reading.

    I would like to ask another reading if you don't mind, it is for a friend.

    He's been having crappy moments lately, especially at work.

    Can you do the general reading for him please - love, life , career etc?

    Birthdate - May 06,1976 . Thanks!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mimi71

    Wow... that hits close to the heart. creates some deep thinkin for sure... i say you'd get an +A!

  • Hi Mimi71.

    You can practice on me.I would love a reading.Could you give me a general reading love,relocating etc.

  • Hi Mimi,

    You are probably snowed under now, but if you get the chance I would love a reading!!

    I am female, born 23rd May 1971. I was made redundant last year but received a provisional job offer in December 09 to work in a hospital, My CRB has just come through... will I now receieve a firm offer and if I do will I like the job?? Also my love life stinks.. any joy coming my way??

    Thanks ever so much xxx

  • Hello Mimi, if you want practice with me it'll be great... I want a reading in my love life... best approach, his feelings towards me, outcome? etc.

    b-day May 19 1978, my initial L his J

    Thanks in advance!!

  • lolpet....concerning your loved one

    situation-3 of cups

    you are experiencing success and plenty, and a rime of merriment and celebration is at hand.your feelings, which may have been murky, are clearer now, and you understand your emotional patterns in a positive and growth-producing way. youre on your way to great things!

    obstacle-6 of pentacles reversed

    you need to recoup after a period of loss and confusion. you want to help others, but you dont have the means, and that makes you unhappy. you may be required to find a pattern that will create a sense of security for you so that you can find peace of mind.

    action recommended-the sun

    this is a very positive card! it signifies a time of new beginnings,of things going well,of accomplishment,success,and contentment. you feel cheerful and self-confident,full of life and vitality,ready to undertake new projects and make changes for the better. whatever youre planning,you feel a great deal of enthusiasm for it and arent worried about the outcome. you may be starting more than 1 project,or upgrading something in your life,such as moving to a better paying,mre satisfying job,remodeling your home,or moving to a sunnier climate.


    youve had a wake up call from the universe and are now ready to step into a new phase of ypur maturing process. your life is fairly settled now,and you are letting things grow and mature at a steady pace, not trying to hurry the process. a new phase in your life is coming into being as the natural result of your maturity-like a tree that has gone through the flowering stage bears fruit as the product of its maturity. you may get important news that will prove beneficial,or you may acquire new knowledge that will bring joy and a sense of fulfillment. health improves, and problems are easily solved.

  • i forgot to mention that the first reading i did was for indieloo!!

  • HI MIMI, would love a reading love life past love coming back? or new one coming will be happy to give feedback! thanks for this!

  • Mimi71. Thank you , the reading was fairly accurate . my daughter is getting married in June this year .

  • aries22....

    situation-10 of pentacles reversed

    you may be established at this point that youre stagnating. maybe you have retired comfortably and are just sitting around watching tv. you need to activate some growth in your life to avoid boredom. take up a hobby,start a new business,do charity work,or teach others your skills.

    obstacles-4 of wands reversed

    as this is a very positive card,the reversed position simply means only that youre celebrating your good fortune in a quiet way. you may be expanding your property holdings or creative output without fanfare. financial gains may be more modest than if the card were upright, but youre satisfied with your accomplishments and the sense of having done a job well. your public image,your relationships with others,and your sense of self are favorable.

    action recommended-the tower

    most people interpret the tower as representing catastrophe,but whatever disruption or adversity it heralds is for the best.the tower represents the overthrow of false ideas and old habit patterns that need to be gotten rid of. in this sense, it isnt a negative card but a positive one. sometimes,there is indeed some kind of loss-personal or financial. but careful examination of all of the factors will generally show that the catastrophic event could have been foreseen if you had only been aware and willing to face facts. what is destroyed in conjunction with this card had served its purpose and needs to go.

    outcome-2 of pentacles

    a message about money could be on its way to you,probably in written form. youre still in the stage of deciding which of 2 different options to choose. perhaps youre concerned anout financial issues and may be holding down more than 1 job,or moonlighting to make extra money. its time to make a choice and stick woth it even if you arent sure about the outcome

  • mimi71 I too am a beginner and would welcome a reading from you. Maybe i'll even work up the nerve to do one for you! Thanks. DOB5/1/1959

  • summerbutterfly...concerning your important conference meeting. since the beginning i already felt that it was going to be very positive. this is what the cards had to say....

    situation-queen of cups

    the queen of cups can represent a kindly woman in your life. she is creative,perhaps an artist,with visionary tendencies. her psychic ability is highly developed and tends to be accurate. however,she tempers her intuitive nature with mature judgement. if this person is yourself, the above qualities apply to you although you may still be in the nascent stage and might need to be developed. if this queen doesnt represent a person, the situation she describes may concern a creative endeavor,relationship,or circumstances with a positive emotional tone.

    obstacle-3 of pentacles

    you are acquring marketable skills,preparing yourself for action in the world. you might be a recent graduate or have gone back to school to upgrade your skills or change your career. youre enterprising and may be interested in some particular area of commerce,or a specific trade or business. you can anticipate a rise in prestige and earnings. this card can also indicate a payback period when you demonstrate your abilities and begin to reap the rewards of your efforts. or you could receive money thats owed to you.

    action recommended-the hanged man

    you are suspended between the past and the future; a new direction for life is in the making. its time for a new perspective. look at things from a different angle to make necessary readjustments. you need to make a clean break with the past and concentrate on becoming spiritually attuned. readjustment is needed,but gthe good news is theres no hurry. take your time and make the right decisions about where you truly want to take your life at this time and for the long term. pay attention to your inner development and be prepared to dance to a differrent drummer in the future.

    outcome-the empress

    youre ina position of nurturing someone else,or several others. this could be caring for children or the sick or being supportive of a spouse or friend in need. this card could also refer to a pregnancy,or gthe desire for a pregnancy. its appropriate for you to be nurturing now,for you have the inner strength and the ability to do so without harming or depleting yourself

  • Hi mimi71 ! would love if you have time to do me a reading when you have time, what will come up for me this year love and career?

    many thanks love and light xx

  • Thanks for the offer, dob 11/20/65 just anything in general, whats in the near future? Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Mimi....thank you so much for the reading. I asked about career because I am leaving my job soon due to circumstances beyond my control My job was outsourced. Very right on. Ironically enough, if I viewed the cards as a person...they came real close to talking about my ex boyfriend, close enough that when I read it I thought of him. Very good job. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  • coffeegem...

    situation-page of pentacles reversed

    this card in the revesrsed position refelcts someone who is lazy,unmotivated,on uninterested in furthuring himself through education or work. if this card doesnt represent a person, it may indicate bad news concerning money matters. it can also refer to some sort of disappointment such as failing an exam, not getting into college of your choice, or not being hired for a job. more effort and focus are needed.

    obstacle-9 of cups

    even the most negative interpreters have nothing bad to say about this card. i means success,triumph,everything you want and hope for. when this card appears ask yourself what is it that i really want? the cards answer is that you will get it.

    action recommended-the magician

    this is a situation of new beginnings and new choices. it indicates someone who is willing and able to manipulate the situation to achieve the desired ends. it suggests leadership potentail,ambition,desire for action,and new relationships coming into being, the tools for whatever action you desire are already at hand, as in the knowledge for using them correctly. its time to evaluate the tools you have at your disposal and relate them properly to your aims.

    outcome-ace of swords

    a brand new lifestyle is coming into being for you. you have achieved this opportunity by dint of will and using your mental faculties at a high level. prosperity,recognition,new development-especially spiritual growth-are sure to follow in the wake of your new direction in life. this ace signals a birth-of an idea,an enterprise,or a child. you now are in a position of power with the possibility of manifesting your philosophy in a new way.

  • Thanks for the offer mimi71, my D.O.B is 28/01/75 I'd like to know whats in the near future for me? Thank you:)

  • cyw39...

    situation-ace of cups reversed

    this card indicates delays or disappointments in love. sometimes a new beginning doesnt develop as hoped. difficulties in getting a new relationship or creative effort off the ground could be indicated,or something youre trying to set in motion meets unforseen and frustrating obstacles. perhaps this isnt the right time to start something new.

    obstacle-7 of wands reversed

    movement may be unwanted,stressful,or unpleasent,such as being transferred across the country when youd rather stay put. go with the flow,whereever it leads. allow yourself to be open to new experiences,but be prepared-be aware of what youre getting into. relationships-marriage,business partnerships,family-may suffer. you may be required to repriotize your schedule to accommodate other peoples needs.

    action recommended-knight of cups

    this card indicates that youre deeply involved in an emotional situation, to the point where nothing else matters. you may be awaiting a message-such as a declaration of love or a proposal of marriage-with such anticipation that everything else seems insignificant. if this knight doesnt represent a lover, he is friend who is honest,intelligent, and willing to aid you.

    outcome-5 of wands

    new factors moving into the situation are demanding that you change,adapt,and grow. lifes not as simple as it was. new competition has moved into the neighborhood-or the industry-and you have to put forth alot more effort to keep what you have gained in terms of money,status,and material goods. depending on the rest of the reading and how you handle the challenges facing you, you could either suffer hardship and loss or go on to greater success and prosperity.

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