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  • virgowaiting....

    situation-5 of swords

    change is a part of life,and the more you resist it,the more difficult you make things for yourself. whatever needs to be changed-your lifestyle,your philosophy,your inner beliefs about yourself-now is the time to get to work and bring those changes into your daily life.

    onstacle-10 of wands reversed

    the burden is lifted-sometimes unexpectedly-and there is a feeling of freedom from undue responsibilities. either youve taken the appropriate action or are about to do so. in any sace,your load has been shifted,reproportioned,or removed entirely. youre learning to delegate and take on less. pressure and stress are reduced,and youre able to enjoy life more. you may need a recovery period.

    action recommended-ace of wands

    this ace indicates a new beginning of an enterprise,usually involving business,the arts,or finance. it shows that youve planted the seeds for a new birth-possibly a creative or money-making idea. youre now free from restraints that have hampered you in the past,enabling you to express yourself successfully,take on a new role,or forge a new identity through your work.

    outcome-the devil

    there may be obstacles in the enviornment that you find frustrating,or you may feel your options are narrowing. someone else may be involved,but you have the ability to free yourself from the situation by using your willpower.

  • mellove...

    situation-page of cups

    this card says that youve already decided to take an emotional risk and arent interested in being dissauded. youre willing to give it your all and feel things will work out.

    obstacle-king of pentacles reversed

    this card reversed represents danger or an unwise business move. this card can be a warning to be aware of the small print in any contracts being negotiated. this king can also indicate unfair competition or shady business practices.

    action recommended-queen of cups

    this queen can represent a situation that may concern a creative endeavor,relationship,or circumstances with a positive emotional tone.

    outcome-10 of pentacles

    youre emphasizing home and family at this point,now that you have a secure income to support them. you may be planning to build a new home,or buy a second vacation home. family matters are at the forefront,and you have the leisure to concentrate on personal affairs. in some cases,this card can represent marrying into money or receiving an inheritance.

  • 333tanya...

    situation-3 of wands

    youve consolidated your situation,business,or enterprise and now can expect financial and/or personal gain. by clearly defining the role you want to play,youre presenting a positive picture to the world. this confident attitude can draw helpful people toward you or attract beneficial circumstances. youve established a solid foundation for your business or occupation and xcan expect cooperation from others. at this point,youre clear about who you are and what you intend to achieve. others will respond positively to you.

    obstacle-the chariot reversed

    the changes and transitions are happening internally,but at a rapid rate. things are moving so fast that you feel out of control and seem to be struggling to keep your head above water. it may seem that youre being pulled in 2 directions at once and are stressed out by the pressure. its time to choose a direction carefully,to accept the process of inner transition as a positive one,but to do so with clarity about your direction in life. the more you can tune into your own transition process,the more control over it you can exert.

    action recommended-the star

    at this time you need to experience a new flow of energy and self-confidence. you feel good about yourself and your place in the universe. youve arrived at a significant place,for which youve been preparing yourself. good things are in the offing-money,possessions,love,recognition,or assistance-because youre free flowing with the pure energy of the universe. full of faith and trust in life and its many processes,youre setting new goals for the future and opening the door to new opportunities in your career or relationships.

    outcome-5 of pentacles

    this card is a warning that money may soon be very tight, that losses may ensue from ill-advised investments,or that support you had counted on wont be forthcoming,such as a grant,legacy or job. you might need to ask for help-from other people or the universe.

  • Hi Mimi

    May i ask for one aswell. I was born march 10 1972. my main concerns are work relocation n love. thank u so much. Whenever u can i dont mind waiting at all. thanx


  • Hi Mimi, would you do a tarot reading as well regarding my love life situation with J?

    Thanks so much for sharing your gift. Have a great day!

  • Hey mimi. Just wondered where i am now on your List?

    skybunny x

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    I would love a reading for advice on my love life.

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  • Hi mimi

    That is truly what is going on.I am considering moving where opportunities are more available and i am trying to get an idea i have sold or marketed.

    Thank you so much.

  • superstarem....

    situation-5 of swords

    change is part of life,and the more you resist it,the more difficult you make things for yourself. whatever needs to be changed-your lifestyle,your philosophy,your inner beliefs about yourself-now is the time to get to work and bring those changes into your daily life.

    obstacle-ace of wands reversed

    this ace reversed indicates that the process of creating a new identity or the start of a new endeavor has not yet manifested. its still in the planning stages. you may be experiencing delays, or you might have to rethink your plans and make adjustments. you have a sense of your potential to do something new but could be lacking of resources or confidence.

    action recommended-2 of cups

    youre moving in tandem with another person now,and all is going smoothly. whether its a romantic or a friendship,theres plenty of accord,mutual admiration,and good will toward each other. ordinarily,this card refers to a love match between the sexes, but it can also indicate a partnership of another sort.

    outcome-king of cups

    this king indicates a man who is kindly disposed-a benevolent father figure, who may represent your own father or someone who fills that role for you. he can also signify an older man with whom you either have or want a love relationship. whether as a friend,advisor,or lover,he is utterly trustworthy and dependent,and he can be relied upon to come through for you when you need him. if this king doesnt represent a person,he indicates a situation that is favorable,especially if its an artistic pursuit.

  • wow thanks mimi, thats given me something to think about. many thanks for all your time and effort doing that for it was much appreciated

  • robin5215.....

    situation-the tower

    the tower represents the overthrow of false ideas and old habit patterns that need to be gotten rid of. sometimes there is indeed some kind of loss-personal or financial. but careful examination of all of the factors will generally show that the catastrophic event could have been foreseen if you had only been aware and willing to face facts. what is destroyed in conjunction with this card had served its purpose and needs to go.

    obstacle-8 of pentacles

    there is an indication that you havent mastered the necessary skills to achiene your goals. you may desire to begin some new enterprise,but a lack of ambition,ability,or clarity prevents your success. more effort or education may be necessary.

    action recommended-the empress

    youre in a position of nurturing someone else,or several others. this could be caring for children or the sick or being supportive of a spouse or friend in need. this card can also refer to a pregnancy, or the desire for a pregnancy. its appropriate for you to be nurturing,for you have the inner strength and the ability to do so without harming or depleting yourself.

    outcome-the world

    everything is available to you-success,happiness,harmony. whatever you do now will prosper-a career change,a move to another place,a new relationship,recognition,rewards,acclaim. youve mastered the complexities of your own inner nature and feel supported by your inner resources. this is a time of self-confidence and victory. youve put your trust where it belongs-in a Higher Power-and you will reap the rewards. at this time,many possibilities and opportunities are available to you,and youre commpletely free to choose what pleases you.

  • Thank you bso much Mimi!!

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  • No, not heard from Mimi71. I too hope she is doing ok. She may be overwhelmed and tired! Needing a good break. Hope all is good in your world Mimi. x

  • I would like a free reading.

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