Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • I hope you are feeling better, take care!

  • thank you poetic555! i have been feeling better. i dont get the weird dreams anymore so thats awesome as well. i just know that i have to dedicate myself and help as many people that need my readings as i can! as yo can see im getting all the practice that i need! lol!!

    have a nice day =]

  • Greetings - if you're still looking for practice, I could use a reading. I am a novice with tarot and its a bit confusing for me. (kinda like getting a new car that's loaded with everything but you only use it to drive to work and home without using any of its gadgets.....) Anyway, here is my info:

    DOB: 02/22/1962 - 48 yrs old; female; married; unemployed (by choice-took severance package after approx 20 yrs in the same industry) Question: What's Next?


  • God will bless you for it!

  • Greetings Mimi. I usually don't bother with readings because I fear I am unreadable. It was my birthday March 27th and somehow got drawn to you and all the help you have provided others. I am yet to read a response to my request and it is either because you're swamped, can't get through the blockade, or you need more info from me? I am female. I was given so many names but my usual initials are F.R. I will practice more patience as I am laden with optimism lately.

  • grduck...

    situation-9 of pentacles

    youve integrated the factors of your life into a secure base. now youre enjoying money,resources,and physical energy as a smooth combined flow.theres plenty all around you-material well-being,order,safety,and success.

    obstacle-queen of cups reversed

    this queen reversed can indicate a love relationship gone sour,or someone who is having trouble expressing emotions. if this card represents a person,it can be a dishonest advisor. be careful whom you trust with your secrets and your emotional life. if this card represents you,it can mean that you are playing with possible dangerous psychic matters you dont understand.

    action recommended-king of pentacles

    this king represents a mature man who is not only wealthy but also courageous. he is a solid citizen,reputable,dependable,and kind to others. he symbolizes worldly power in a positive sense and is experienced in handling money matters. his stability is a major factor,making him someone who can provide reliable counsel on matters of money,property,and security. he may also be a man who is cultured and refined,perhaps someone who serves as a patron. if the king represents a person,hes likely to be well-disposed toward you-possibly hes a corporate head where you work at,or a banker from whom youre soliciting a loan. if the king doesnt represent a person,then his appearence indicates that youre engaged in some worldly enterprise that will meet with success.


    youve had a wake up call from the universe and are now ready to step into a new phase of your maturing process. your life is fairly settled now,and youre letting things grow and mature at a steady pace,not trying to hurry the process. a new phase in your life is coming into being as the natural result of your maturity. you may get important news that will prove beneficial,or you may acquire new knowledge that will bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment. health improves,and problems are easily solved.

  • Thank you MiMi, I do know who is the King of Swords, and you were right on about me. But as you said, I am moving along, in fact moving to another state, with my daughter's family. I think this will do all of us a world of good. Blessings.

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  • Thank you mimi for taking the time to do my reading, you've been busy!. The page is my daughter who has returned broke to live with me. The positive tone of your message gives me hope for her and I and the future. Bless you for offering your service.


  • Hi Mimi,

    You are so nice to do all of these readings!! I responded to you the other day to request a reading but I realized I forgot to give you my DOB, not sure if you needed that. It is 9/14/60. What I am most curious about is a man I am hoping to have a relationship with. His DOB is 1/12/62. I have see him a few times, I feel he is interested in me but for the life of me, I can't tell if this is going anywhere. Any insight you could offer would be welcome. Bless you for all you are doing!

  • thank you so much mimi71 -I haven't been on in quite a while, so missed this reading - you've given me much to think about.



  • hi mimi if your still do reading would you mind doing one for me ? my dob is 6/2/72 my husbands is 10/13/69 . my question is will we stay together and be happy? thank you kathy

  • emergence for your friend....

    situation-king of swords reversed

    whe reversed this king shows the negative qualities of the air signs-fickleness,using words as rapiers to wound,gossiping,superficiality,playing one person against another,or rigidity of opinions. if he doesnt represent a person,ge can represent a situation in which the people aroung you are antagonistic to your ideas or your spiritual quest. you may have to keep these matters to yourself and not advertise them to those who are unsympathetic.

    obstacle-knight of swords reversed

    when reversed, this knight loses his aggressiveness and becomes passive about a situation that requires action. he suggests youre delaying doing what is necessary,perhaps neglecting paperwork or communication. there could be serious repurcussions from withholding information. if this card isnt a person,it can indicate that youre mentally closed off from a situation that desperately needs attention and is thereby creating bad feelings and opposition.

    action recommended-ace of penatcles

    this ace is extremely positive,predicting success for some new enterprise youre starting. youre planting the seeds for a new venture involving the acquisition of money or financial security. the ace is a strong indication of prosperity coming to you. be open to receive the benefits it promises.

    outcome-the star

    youre experiencing a new flow of energy and self-confidence. you feel good about yourself and your place in the universe. youve arrived at a significant place,for which youve been preparing yourself. youre receiving assistance from both the invisible and material world. good things are in the offing-money,possessions,love.recognition,or assistance-because youre free flowing with the pure energy of the universe. full of faith and trust in life and its many processes,youre setting new goals for the future and opening the door to new opportunities in your career and relationships.

  • Hello Mimi,

    what changes are coming in my relationships,09/21/59.

    Thank you 🙂

  • magicsouldream2003...

    situation-knight of pentacles

    considering your situation about moving i know that this card doesnt symbolize a person. it suggests a situation involving arrivals and/or departures. you may quit a job for a more lucrative one elsewhere,move to another locale for financial or work-related reasons,or you may experience other changes in your life relative to money,possessions,or security.

    obstacle-ace of wands

    this ace indicates the beginning of an enterprise,usually involving business,the arts,or finance, it shows that youve planted the seeds for a new birth-possibly a creative or money making idea. youre now free from restraints that have hampered you in the past,enabling you to express yourself successfully,take on a new role,or forge a new identity through your work.

    action recommended-4 of pentacles

    youre hanging on to something-either your possessions or a situation-in a stubborn and inflexible manner. fear of change may be involved,or you may merely be comfortable where you are. your fixed attitude,however,may be limiting you and blocking new opportuinites for success and happiness.

    outcome-wheel of fortune

    youve done something-quit a job,made travel reservations,begun or ended a relationship,or opted out of a friendship or other situation. destiny had been set in motion,and all will turn out as its intended. theres very little more you have to do except go with the flow. therr may be unexpected turns of events-such as meeting people while youre ona journey or receiving an offer of some sort-but they too are part of the great plan for your life. this card is the precursor of good fortune!

  • bingisouljah....

    situation-5 of swords

    change is part of life,and the more you resist it,the more difficult you make things for yourself. whatever needs to be changed-your lifestyle,your philosophy,your inner beliefs about yourself-now is the time to get to work and bring those changes into your daily life.

    obstacle-9 of swords reversed

    this card shows intense mental anguish. its time to examine belief systems that no longer apply to your life and that are standing in the way of your progress. youre suffering because you refuse to face that cause of your problems. honesty is called for to gain the insight you need to resolve the situation.

    action recommended-king of knights

    this king represents a man of status and wealth,an influential and independent person who is inclined to help those he cares about. he may be a boss or a mentor,a senior business partner,or an advisor. you can rely on his honesty,intelligence,loyalty,and fair-mindedness,and youre sure to get good advice from him. if this king doesnt represent a person,he can refer to a situation,which is exactly as it appears to be with no hint of deception. this card can indicate that good fortune is coming your way,perhaps in the form of unexpected help or advice,good news,a promotion,or an inheritance.

    outcome-the world

    success in all endeavors. everything is available to you-success,happiness,harmony. all is right with the world. whatever you do now will prosper-a career change,a move to another place,a new relationship,recognition,rewards,acclaim. this is the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. youve mastered the complexities of your inner resources. this is a time of supreme self-confidence and victory. youve put your trust where it belongs-in a higher power-and you will reap the rewards. many possibilities and opportunities are available to you,and youre completely free to choose what pleases you.

  • mimi71,

    thank you so much for doing this!

    i will convey the reading over to my friend.

    you are doing great!

    your skills are improving by the day.

    keep it up 🙂

    lots of love

    x x x

  • hey mimi,

    i'm also a beginner with tarot, i think your doing a great job. if you don't mind i would love to get a reading for myself. hopefully focusing on my career or love life if you get a chance, thanks so much! this is great way to practice, by the way, i hope your improving. 😃

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  • Hi MIMI

    dob 09jul59 just a reading about my love life and what to focus on in my life for now in regards to my future and health.

    Thanks very much.

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