Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • this is a thread for anyone who would like to have a tarot reading! im learning how to improve my intuition and i think this is the best way for me to do it. if anyone else wants to jump in to do readings as well you are free to do so. also, let me apologize from the beginning that if i do reading for anyone and its not accurate i am sorry. im just a beginner and practice makes perfect. dont be ashamed to let me know if i am on point with a reading or not. i have the universal waite deck....

  • I would love to be your guinnea pig . DOB 31st Jan 1953

  • Hello mimi71, I started a thread with this (below) but haven't received any replies, so I would be grateful for anything that you pick up from it...



    Hi, I've just done a simplified version of the Celtic Cross with the question:

    "Will I be Moving to a Peaceful Energy Home in the Very Near Future?"

    these are the cards:

    1. Nine of Wands.... (my experience to date)

    2. The Hermit........... (where am I now)

    3.Three of Cups.......(the near future)

    4. Death.....................(me in the environment of the future)???? oh my goodness this one scared me!!!

    5. Nine of Pentacles (best I can hope for)

    6.Six of Pentacles.....(Outcome)

    I would be SO grateful for interpretation....thank you.

    much love and joy,


  • Hi mimi71,

    I am very open minded and I would love to have you read for me. I will be glad to give comments too šŸ™‚

    I am not sure what you need but here is my birthdate - Dec 11,1976 (female)

    Tell me everything and anything pls.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Hello MiMi71,

    Would love to hear your reading. I am Female 3/3/70. Wanted to know what the furture holds for me.

    Thanks so much

  • Mimi71

    i would love to help you refine your skills. my birthday is 08-24-82 and if i can be spacific i just was wondering what is in store for me at my job will i ever advance in my company? thanks for the wonderful offer.

  • You can practice on me! What do you see for me in the near future regarding careeer? 7/16/64.

  • Hi Mimi,

    What a generous offer!

    Would love for you to do a reading for me. my birthday is October 6th 1963. Having problems with man I love - do you see any reconciliation in the near future? Thanks.

  • Hi Mimi,

    Thanks so much for doing this. I would love a reading. My DOB is 3/22/75 and my guy is 10-29-78. Thanks - Aries22

  • k! please let me know how i did after the reading! and dont feel bad to let me know if im waaay off!

    situation-king of pentacles reversed

    obstacle-9 of cups reversed

    action recommended-10 of pentacles

    outcome-knight of wands

    situation-some people consider this king reversed to be an extremely negative symbol, representing danger or an unwise business move. others view the card as a warning to be aware of the small print in any contracts being negotiated. the king can also indicate unfair competition or shady business practices

    obstacle-its hard to say anything negative about this card, even in the reversed position. the worst thing that can be said here is that if you refuse to believe in your own good fortune and take a negative attitude you can mess things up for yourself.

    action recommended-you are emphasizing home and family at this point, now that you have a secure income to support them. you may be planning to bulid a new home, or buy a second vacation home. family matters are at the forefront, and you have the leisure to concentrate on personal affairs. in some cases, this card can irepresent marrying into money or receiving an inheritanse.

    outcome-the knight of wands is bringing good news concerning work or social activities. his glad tidings may relate to almost any anticipated happy event-a journey or vacation, a change of residence or job, an engagement or marriage. if this card represents a specific person, it will refer to a young man who is a relative or a friend. and it indicates that this person bearing the message can be trusted and is faithful!

    hope i at least i got close....

  • thanks for the offer !!!

    I have an important meeting conference coming up at the beginning of April, and I feel like something big is going to happen there, but I don't know what. Any insight ?



  • hopeternal

    if there is any card that is reversed please let me know. ok this is the interpretation...

    9 of wands-9 represants completion, and the 9 of wands ina reading indicates that the job is done. you have had the discipline and the ability to plan well and wisely. your relationships are developing positively, and you are moving forward with a sense of purpose and direction. if there is still oppostion, your skills, strength, and courage will prevail over all opponments.

    the hermit-the hermit is a guide figure,waiting patiently for you to turn to him for advice. usually, you are aware of his influence, but you may be ignoring it. at this time, you may be involved actively in seeking guidence from the invisible world. you may be isolating yourself in some way, seeking solitude, wisdom, and inner peace. you want to gain some perspective on your life, and you are open to the inner guidence that is available to you upon request.

    3 of cups-you are experiencing success and plenty, and a time of merriment and celebration is at hand. your feelings, which may have been murky, are clearer now, and you understand your emotional patterns in a positive and growth-producing way. youre on your way to great things.

    death-contrary to the grim illustration, the death card is actually positive, for it indicates a transformation for the better. it does not portend actual physical death. usually, the person is experiencing a metamorphosis of some sort, a destruction of the old, outworn circumstances that have been holding back new developments. patterns you once found workable are no longer effective. the old ways must be destroyed to make room for the new that is soming into being.

    9 of pentacles-you have integrated the factors of your life into a secure base. now you are enjoying money, resources, and physical energy as a smooth combined flow. there is plenty all around you-material-being, order, safety, and success.

    6 of pentacles-good things are coming to you and going out from you, in material terms. you are experiencing abundance, prosperity, and personal gratification. you may be in a positin to support a good cause, perhaps by contributing financially to people who are struggling upward. this cad can also represent philanthropic projects or providing work for other people.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi mimi71,...

    Oh wow!!....your interpretation really resonates with me, THANK YOU so much for doing this, none of my cards were reversed....

    SO much love and gratitude to you mimi71



  • Hello Mimi,

    I would like you to practice on me. What is in store for me

    Thank you šŸ™‚

  • hello emrgence!! this is your reading. i got alot of sword cards!!

    situation- 9 of swords

    this is a time of integration- or reintegration. harmony and ease prevail. new people you can trust come into yor life. after some intense suffering, you now feel optimistic and balanced. this card ca

  • sorry i clicked post reply by accident.

    this card can also indicate a move or journey over wta

  • sorry once again! its that my laptop does weird things at times!

    once again..this card can indicate a move or journey over water. the destination may be unknown, or the effects of the move may be uncertain, but luck is on your side, and any change you make will go smoothly.

    obstacle- 7 of cups reversed

    you are in a state of total confusion because theres too much going on. you need a calm space where you can sort through the multiple choices confronting you. let your feelings be your guide.

    action recommended-page of swords

    this page brings news of problems and difficulties, perhaps relating to a younger person you know. an offspring may have failed college exams or be in trouble with the law. an element of experimentation is indicated here-either you or someone else is taking a risk or behaving ina risky manner that might cause problems.overconfidence or the ignorance of youth might also get this person into trouble

    outcome=10 of swords

    you need to make a clean break from the past and all its attendant pain and suffering. whether this means a divorce, quitting a job, changing careers, moving across the country, or changing a traditional belief system, make the break and make it cleanly, leaving no loose ends. its time to do away with previous illusions that have clouded your vision.

  • jjgurlz....

    situation-knight of swords reversed

    this card suggests you are delaying doing what is necessary, perhaps neglecting paperwork or communication. there could be serious repercussions from withholding information. if this card is not a person, it can indicate that you are mentally closed off from a situation that desperatly needs attention and is thereby creating bad feelings and opposition.

    obstacle-9 of wands reversed

    you may be fighting a losing battle. if so, its time to cut your losses and get out. whatever it is, it is over, and if it hasnt worked out for you then go to something else. learn the lessons of failure-failure is but success's opposite and the wheel always turns. get on with your life.

    action recommended- knight of pentacles

    this card brings a message about love, or he may represent your true love! his appearance indicates that you are deeply involved in an emotional situation, to the point where little else matters. you may be awaiting this message- such as a declaration of love or a proposal of marriage- with such anticipation that everything else seems insignificant. all other relationships pale when compared with this one. if the knight doesnt represent a lover, he is certainly a friend, honest,intelligent, and willing to aid you

    outcome-10 of cups

    this card is an indication of everything that mose people wish for-love and harmony, happy family life,true love and compatible companionship. its a time of completion, of reaping the rewards of what you have sown. it does not necwssarily mean wealth, but it symbolizes an abundant life in the true sense!

  • vixenbeauty82 let me start by saying that the cards will not always want to answer your questions and instead sometimes they make you think about what you should do. now i hope the cards that i pulled out will still help in some way

    situation-8 of cups

    you are wishing things might have been different,but,knowing they arent,you realize that you have to let go. its time to cut your losses and get out of the situation that has failed despite your best efforts. unfortunately, this usually refers to a relationship that has reached such a state of deterioration that the only solution is to walk away from it.

    obstacle-king of cups reversed

    your involvement with some kind of love situatuion is ending, but the process should not cause much pain. you have reached a phase in your life when its time to move away from dependency on an older persom-perhaps your father or a mentor or teacher-and strike out on your own. whether the circumstances are related to a person or to your own inner psychic process, the result is the same. it is also possible that this king reversed represents someone who is trying to get rid of you for some reason, romantic or otherwise. you need to let go and, if necessary, mourn the passing of something that was good once but is now over.

    action recommened-

    this card represents a message of importance to your current work project or situation, usually affecting work although it may be of a social nature. the information is positive.

    outcome=7 of wands

    profit and gain come only after you have firmly held off your competition or enemies. you may be outnumbered, but your determination will win the day. you are discovering inner resources you hardly suspected you had and using them to overcome obstacles. thus, you have the advantage and will eventually acheive success by sheer force of will and personality

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