How do I stop a negative relationship pattern?

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  • AuntBuck- I feel that he became that I mean he thought about proposing many times but became afraid when he sat back and looked at the whole situation. He loves you and your children very much, but felt better letting you down by telling you it was someone else then telling you that he's bored with the relationship. He didn't want you to feel that there is something wrong with you because it isn't. He is far more disappointed with himself for letting it go so far. He thinks of you all often, but has comfort in knowing that right now you are better off without him. Be grateful for the time spent and the experience and appreciate the hurt, to be in a relationship with someone who feels stuck, by their own mentality is want to fix what's wrong, and they don't know what it really is.

    Note: Don't give up too much information, don't reveal your every thought or feeling those are yours and everyone does not know how to handle your inner most feelings. Most importantly....they don't want to know everything...they like wondering about somethings, they like to figure out how you tick.

  • Thunder>>Dear Sandran 712 the kitchen stove is hot!!!! do you admired it too? lol...LMAO

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  •, he is really with somenoe. He may have become bored but he is definitely in a relationship with this other person. Did you read that he has come back? I've been talking with him for the last 2 weeks and I know that he still cares. I actually knew that but you are right. He doesn't know what his problem is and while I want to fix it for him....I can't. Meanwhile, I am taking your suggestion and not revealing all. I've changed in 5 months and he's definitely noticed the changes. Things are different with me since I've come here. I can honestly say that after talking for 2 weeks....I am moving away from him. I realize his limitations and I cannot fix them. I'm going for what is good for me and that is staying on this path and moving forward with my life. With or without him....I'm good. Thanks for the thoughts....

  • I thought he would come back! No, I knew it! Dammit, they always come back after they've helped us too grow past it! AuntBuck, whatever decision you make, I'm behind you all the way! I only say that because I beileve you are stronger because of the pain you had too go through over this, and I feel like he does know it too!

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