How do I stop a negative relationship pattern?

  • Sandran712>>I did call my local heath food store and she says I should take this cocnut oil.She had problems with her thyroid too.I know this isn't the thread to post this stuff on.But, I really appreciate all the help I can get with all of this.I wished Thunder would spell a little better on some of the important stuff.So I can go to store and make sure that I am buying the right stuff.Sorry Thunder...LOL


  • You are more than welcome to crash my thread. That's what it is here for.

    Sandran: The hair loss is thyroid. When was the last time you had your blood tests done? Did they do all the thyroid levels or just the most common one? Seems to me they are missing something. Like Thunder says...the internet is a great place to research and find out stuff. The other thing, have you tried going to an alternative medicine type doctor?

  • Yes ND'S at least the one i go to is very helpful with my weightloss plan another tip go to as many health food stores organic vitamin shops get as many opinions as you can it is a great way to learn about your body.

  • This post is deleted!

  • what about eating the coconut? or would ya have to eat ten of them?

  • nope, i eat it in season only need to a little of the meat,but the water is so delicious amn does it ever work had it pretty much all last summer

  • SO then ill get it to snack on then! i love gonna go nuts for coconuts now! i always did love almond joy! i love coconut! thanks for turning us on to this i did look it yp on the net and it has many good things going on for it just like you said!

  • no sweat stclaire enjoy the goodness!

  • All I could think about when I saw that was:

    She put the lime in the coconut

    she drank them both up.

    hahaha....loved it when they did this song in the movie Practical Magic.

  • Wow, yet again, we might as well start a club, as yet here is another topic I can relate too! I thought that was lime in the coke, I had heard it wrong. Vitamin,nutrient defiency can cause all kinds aggravating issues, then as soon as we connect the issue too the right vitamin or food, we have a chance of getting a handle on it.My mother has had an awful colon disease that drives her nuts for years, but she has been symptom free with almonds and apples, who knew? Don't forgot the stress factor, stress can be the worst, most awful enemy too our health. I know young, healthy people who have thyroid issues, diabetes, all kinds of stuff that really seem too corealate with the stress they are dealing with, doesn't mean that they are weak or don't deal with it well, usually just the opposite,they are either emotional, caring people who wear their heart on their sleeve, or worry a lot,have high stress jobs, or in care taker situations, or sometimes when things calm down people aren't use too that, then their body responds or freaks out. I had a friend who was constantly dealing with one nightmare after another, going through the year from hell part one, then so on, and then the type1 diabetes set in, their doctor said they would obviously have the gene for it, but it might not have ever come about if mabe stress had hadn't wreaked its havoc. I guess it wouldn't work if we have too worry about fitting in destress time, but we have too have things too look forward too,even little things, along with healthy diets, and the exercise. I always feel so much better when I remember too eat right and exercise, but I honestly have the hardest time with it.

  • eating the right is a bonus watchout for all those chemicals that are in all foods virtually,fructose,corn syrup can help promote those dreaded diseases that you just are right stress is a very big factor as well.was watching a program on PBS about how the brain functions and the good,and bad things that can trigger things in the mind to respond to illness,and disease.very interesting program i'm still watching it.

  • I am trying too gt away from prepackaged, or convience foods for my family, but its a challange, my whole family loved too cook, but not me!

  • I have wondered a lot about that, one of my kids seems too hate breads, carbs, its strange bc I've heard that those very things are some of the worst food for someone with auspergers/autism, Jenny Mcarthy started that huge movement for awareness, and that was one of the things I remember about that. Its like he just knows that its not his best food match. I am the worst, I love caffiene and nicotene, and yet I so do not need stimulants, as I have the worst case of insomnia, rls syndrome, but vitamins help more then meds,especially iron, since I don't eat meat.

  • check out my thread on delts sleep system. on the orginal thread "where's the at? it deals with sleep disorders.

  • I just saw that, thanks! I have rls, it hurts my legs, makes it hard too sleep, I use too be naturally energetic, but the meds the doctor gave me make me feel like a walking zombie, and cause all sorts of fun side effects, I have defintly been interested in alternatives too the meds, I'm actually weening off now, but I don't know how it will go yet, it defintly has withdrawls, which pissed me off, because that wasn't something I was told when I started it, I didn't want too be hooked on anything, as I'm not really an addictive personality type, except with my caffiene, thats my only big crutch! I never could drink, even casually, as it would aggravate the pain so much, being a sleepy head all day has always been me.

  • hi aunt buck! maybe ill try the lime in the coconut and drink em both lime is good to!!!

  • AuntBuck I think that the psychic reader had a point about the karmic debt - he clearly has ties to this woman so strong that they are pulling him away from you & what I think would be a great relationship for you both but you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the whys and wherefores of this. I totally understand about the connection you have, I too have experienced near telepathy with close ones. That shows that you have great potential for the future, you have a real bond!

    I see relationships as a timing and evolution thing. Relationships that end or do not work out are not unsuccessful, they have just done what they needed to do and we are not the same person afterwards that we were before. If that person returns/the relationship starts up again then there is more to be done.

    In essence I believe that with relationships with others, we must 'go with what is'

    We all have karmic pulls and unfinished business and these things, though they often cause chaos, are as much a part of our lifepath as the good times are. I have Muslim friends and there is an interesting aspect to their belief system which kind of acknowledges the force of 'karma' and unfinished business in our lives. They believe that all human urges and actions, even the most negative like infidelity, are sanctioned by Allah. Note that for them Allah is not a single being called God in our Christian sense - Allah is the overall energy that makes up the universe, the higher force. So we are all Allah, the flower on your doorstep is Allah, your pet cat is Allah.

    Basically what they are trying to say (I think!) is that everything does happen for a reason and sometimes we are inexplicably pulled to courses of action despite our attempts to prevent it.

    What I suggest now is go with what is as far as this man is concerned and ask your innerself where you need to go from here, what is best for you. Where is your heart pulling you? Where is your unfinished business or where are the souls you need to seek out right now?

    If the psychic reader is right about this man loving you and coming back, he will come back when it is time. When whatever needs to be accomplished with this ex of his has been accomplished. How many of us have had to fulfil a responsibililty/be at work but at the same time have been wistfully looking over our shoulder or at the clock at what we plan to do once we've met our obligation. This I feel is where this man might be at the moment. He has a spiritual responsibility to fulfill with this woman but once its done, he's outta there!

    Bear in mind this could take a while. It could even be in a future life that he finds you again lol!

    Go with what is right now, let this man go with love and let him know that the door is open for him when he is ready. In the meantime, you must go on with your own path and fulfill your own karma.

    Love & Light xxx

  • blue cat i had rls and the chriopractor advised taking magnesium suppliments 1000-2000 per day take with calcium that was 2years ago and it was solved almost immediatly and not a problem since then, it works like a miracle for me! hope this helps cause i know how horrible that can be as a sleep disturbence!

  • None of these posts say if sex was introduced before commitment and for women, sex is emotional. Keep sex out as long as possible. Sex can really complicate and confuse any relationship. As soon as the guy wants it (and we know when that happens) put on a chastity belt and put her into lock down. Respect yourself enough to know you cannot base a relationship on sex. The key to a man is not sex; it's his emotions and him feeling they are safe with you. Don't tolerate bad behavior from a man. They are like little boys with big egos. Learn how to stroke that ego and learn how to LISTEN. Accept that your past relationships were lessons on learning what you truly want and don't not like a man because of what you allowed him to do. Have strong boundaries, morals and values and don't compromise any of them. Don't allow yourself to be treated like a doormat. You deserve better than that. Have an active life without him. A man wants what he can't have. But relationships are on their timeline. It doesn't seem fair and like it or not, that's just the way it is.

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