How do I stop a negative relationship pattern?

  • I know that feeling, its strange how a person can respond in the way that they said they always wanted too or promise too depending on who their dealing with, like he is. Libras might be just a tad more or less confusing then taurus'.

  • I hate feeling confused about people, but mostly when I can't figure out why I relate too a person a certain way, another person another way, but don't know why, I always try too figure it out with me instead of them, the way you are now, but honestly, me, you, them, it does get confusing dosn't it? I've heard cancer has a rough time letting go, even though some of us handle it well, on the inside we can hang on until the clarity hits, and then even sometimes after. Too me, you treated him how you would have wanted too be treated, you loved him, and tried too give him respect, freedom too be himself, and he ended up where he ended up, hard too make sense out of that, human nature mabe?

  • In my opinion, all I want is someone to be honest. I expect good and bad experiences from that. But all I want is honesty. If they want to leave, they'll leave. As long as you're respecting yourself, that's all you can hope for.

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