How do I stop a negative relationship pattern?

  • bluecat>>a big old slobbery dog

    Sandran712>>I haven't seen one of those in years.Kinda like my 128 pound body frame..That I miss so much...LOL

  • Sandran712>>Has anyone of you read the thread Totally Confused About A Cancer Man?

    I wished I had a dime for every time I seen posters pining over a Cancer Man.I am wishing and hoping for a man too.But, I am realistic.Cancer Men Do Not do well in long distance relationships.I don't give a s-h-i-t how these posters sugar coat the idea.You just can't get away with communication alone for a relationship.Can you read my responses and see what you think?

  • I'll check it out, I didn't yet, bc I was pretty sure it was going too be about a cancer guy being M.I.A, I think I would be fine as far as loyalty goes in a long distance thing, it may depend on the maturity of the invidual in question

  • So, what did you cook tonight AuntB?

  • Sandran, take the empath quiz, its pretty cool!

  • bluecat>>Sandran, take the empath quiz, its pretty cool

    Sandran712>>I'll check it out

  • I checked out that, you certainly don't beat around the bush Sandran! Guess it depends on the cancr guy, I don't know.

  • BC, I think I cheated Friday night. Can't remember....but tonight....I cooked a favorite of my whole family. Even had the nephew over for dinner. I'm german so I cooked a german meal my mom made on special occasions. It's called Ruladen. It's a meat roll (carne asada, mustard, dill pickle, onions rolled up), mashed potatoes, and red cabbage. I know...the meat roll sounds really weird but man, the flavor it puts together is really great! Big hit with all. Even my sister was like, "save me some!"

  • I'm somewhat familiar with German food, I lived there for awhile years ago, I remember the cabbage!

  • I only some sea food as far as meat, I remember at a few restaraunts they came out and looked at me mean, I was trying too explain that it wasn't the food, just the meat, but it didn't seem too get me very far, so I just ate it.

  • I wish I could cook like that though!

  • WOW...ok. Mercury in Retro messing with my communication. LOL. I had a nice long post that just disappeared. Dang it.

    I love cooking this meal. It is a little time consuming but the response I get from people over it is very affirming to me.

    On the flipside, here's a weird one. I belong to ONE dating site, Only one. I usually get 2-3 pieces of mail from it per day. Match notifications, profile views, sometimes even a flirt or email. So, I've been chatting with this guy on there for the last week. Yes, I know...another one...haha. Anyway, I go in to check my email to see if there is any messages from the site and my mailbox is filled with messages. Weird...I go into the site and I have, GET THIS, over 200 messages in 2 days. Not match requests, but profile views, flirts and emails. OVER 200...WOW. OK, I'm thinking ut-oh....maybe my kids went in and changed my profile and put that I like some weird kinky stuff or whatever. I go in, profile is the same. Nothing changed. No risky pictures...nothing. I don't pay for the site so there is no way that I could be a featured member since I believe in order to be featured you need to pay. So...tell me what was it?? How in the world did I manage to get over 200 (like 220 messages in 2 days)????? Definitely weirded me out and well, I'm still wading thru the pile. LOL. Too funny huh?

  • Wow AuntBuck thats a lot! Its so many, I'm speechless too that, what would be ironic is out of all those, assuming its no fluke that you would meet your match at mabe the grocery store or something? but thats so many there has too be someone in there that peaks an interest! That does sound like something kids would do, thats funny! Mine are terrible like that for sure, except they liked chasing people off, thier pretty good at that! I met my match online, by accident really, I didn't have a profile, but my friend did, she was using my computer when hers was broke once a day, well she had made some platonic connections, or friends I guess, and one of them im'd after she left, so I just let them know I would tell her when she came over. She encouraged me too talk too him, I thought it was weird at first, but after several months we met, then a few months later, he met the kids, that was years ago, so I guess it can work! Sometimes the most unlikley matches can be the ones that are the most genuine, atleast thats what I noticed, that intution of yours will come in handy! Let me know how many turn out promising! I'm going too guess about 20? OMgosh!

  • You must be in great shape, or be really attractive for that many!

  • The German food topic, has me missing my last few days there, I was ,happy there, simplier times for me I guess, well mabe I was just younger and less tired, in love, foolish, in awe of the different culture, yeah, I was happy

  • Bluecat....I hope there might be some potential in the pile but we'll see. Funny thing...I'm about 80 pounds overweight and average looks I think. I have a somewhat blurry picture up Mayvbe blurring the edges increases the appeal. LOL.

    The other funny thing....they are all in my area within a 50 mile radius. Hmmm...I guess they did come out of the woodwork this time. LOL.

  • well, sounds like people looking for the real deal, theres something about you that is appealing too others, if your aything like me, you notice your flaws more then anyone else actually does anyway, I'm sure they have theirs too, I was worried that I wouldn't have the same chemistry with my boyfriend in person the whole way up too meet him, but I did! I was way thinner then, so was he, but I look back and neither me or him were exactly Americas Next Top Model, it was just something else, love mabe? I hope you have fun scoping out all the potential sutiors, don't forget too ask the kids for their vote, that should be interesting!

  • Well...I got back to a couple of them but I haven't been able to get thru the pile quite yet. Here's an interesting thing I'm noticing...the more time I spend with my ex-Libra...the more I'm moving away from him. Hmm...never thought that would happen. Valuable insight for me.

  • That is interesting! Wonder if it might have anything too do with seeing him from a different angle, because of his relationship with the old girlfriend. Is he exaperating you a bit?

  • I don't even know if it is exasperating me as much as making me see that he's so self-absorbed right now that he's not good for me. I don't know...I'm confused right now with how I feel about him. Part of me is definitely moving away from him but I think part of me wants to hold on and hope that he will change for me. I see him making major life changes for her that he promised me he would do that he never did in 3 years that I was with him and it is making me see that maybe he really wasn't for me. Maybe he really was never there for me like I thought he was. I just have to trust that the answers I'm getting are what I need and everything that needs to happen will be happening and if he isn't for me, he isn't for me. I kept telling him that if we were meant to be, we would be. Now, I don't know that I REALLY want him back. Very confused...very confused.

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