Intuition vs. Instinct

  • I read this in a horoscope - "Intuition tells you what's likely to happen. Instinct tells you what's likely to happen if you're not careful. Instinctive feelings tend to be warnings. Intuitive insights tend to be promises."

    I guess I always thought the two things were the same.


  • My opinions;

    Instinct - A feeling that is more towards our behavior, to act on something accordingly most of the time, spontaneously.

    Intuition - A instant feeling or vision that comes instantly into mind with no reasons or analysis, it just feels right.. It is the power of our mind giving us the truth before the specific event takes place.

    2 different things 🙂

    I am still learning on how to listen to my intuition. It has been with me since I was a child but I chose to ignore it. Now, I am beginning to appreciate my intuitions more and hope soon, I can separate intuitions and mind chatters with no problems at all.

  • Hello Captain, Those are very interesting quotes, and I guess I could say that I have heard a different quote instinct & reasoning. I don,t know if it makes any sense, but the animal world operates on instinct and man operates on reasoning & instincts. I guess the creator gave man the extra special gift, although all too often their are situations in this world where man only has instincts and operates without reasoning and as a result we end up with humans that are less than human.... now intuition I think is a special gift it,s kind of like a 6th sense.& there are a lot of people here who have YOU for one. & thats my opinion LOL.......... Leonida

  • Instinct...That which is in the core of us that needs no guidance. It's an automatic thing. Intuition....something that we sense/suspect but may be unsure of until the actual event occurs.

    Survivor skills are instinct...

    Intuition....a skill for me that needs guidance and patience to develop. Learning to trust and accept that which I know is true. Most people don't trust their intuition. They instead go with logic, as we have been trained to do which doesn't always work out the way you think it will. Too many variables to the equation.

  • Oh this is interesting.....for me I immediately thought instinct comes to me from the physical realm and intuition comes to me from the spiritual realm.

  • Instinct seems to be grounded in fear.

  • Instinct to me is most definitely grounded in fear. It's a coping mechanism.

  • I wasn't sure what the difference was. Instinct would be something we react to and intuition would be something we've learned or it's an experienced feeling. When looking into someone's eyes I feel something about them that I would not necessarily know without them telling me. If I've not met them before, Is that an instinct or intuition? I'm intuitive about people I know and tend to have an instinct about those I do not know.

  • Instinct is the use of what we intuitively know either by something learned, observed, felt or heard. "Instinctively I posted here as my intuition is strong these two words needed clarification".

  • I started this thread about a week ago.....we discussed about instinct, intuition, wishful thinking, mind chatters etc.....

    Check it out 🙂

  • Also we are often told to go with our hearts but the heart can also tell us what we want to hear if we are involved in a romantic situation. Probably better to go with your gut feelings.

    I wonder if instinct is based on what we have learnt in the past about situations and survival ie. something learned and remembered, while intuiton is something divined or perceived based on 'unseen' information.

  • Hi Captain! Here is what I posted on Emergence's thread in response to her question:

    "In reading, a thought quickly came to mind …. Do you feel/mean instinct or intuition?

    As a child, "messages" where always received, but I didn't have the ability, maturity, or the words to understand them.

    Instinct : instinct is a reaction to some outer stimuli, and something biologically leftover --- more an in-bred, ancestral response.

    Intuition : Something that is "felt" or "seen" without concrete reasoning. Is that what you are Really asking?

    Now that I've matured and gained life experience I've learned that there's a difference between a gut (instinct ) reaction and messages (intuition). Not a huge difference in some cases, but its there! LOL !

    An instinctual example: You pick up an object. Your emotional response is … Eww, I don't like this orange color, something about it makes me cringe!

    An intuitional example: You pick up an object. You" see" a dark haired woman.

    Living has taught me to heed a warning born of instinct and act ! Often, Intuition comes unbidden. I filtered it through judgement to find a "use full " place for it. It is sometimes viewed in hindsight when you can't figure out what to do with the knowledge.

    For me and probably many people, trusting instinctual responses strengthens intuition."

    The Divine is found in both!

  • I think in order to be able to trust our instinct we need to know what its particular foundation is. Take your example of the orange, Laie - perhaps there was a good reason for your initial dislike in that you once ate an orange and it made you ill, an allergy perhaps. Or perhaps the colour reminded you of an orange shirt that someone who hurt you wore - so then it is not the fruit that scares you but the colour. Thus, instinct is not a reliable sense.when it comes to eating an orange or anything else, based as it can be on many different reactions, such as fear.

    With listening to your heart, I think it can be useful in helping you find your direction in life, in that it can tell you about your desires and needs. But it doesn't tell you whether those very desires and needs are actually good for you or not and it doesn't tell you either if a person or relationship is right for you, just that you hope it is. That is where the more objective gut feeling comes in as a more accurate predictive source, I think.

    I have heard it said that the third eye or intuition is the insight into the spiritual world and the gut (or solar plexus) is the insight into material or worldly issues.

  • Wow Captain, you do bring up some interesting questions. Reading through this thread, I agreed with a lot of what has been said. One proviso re your possible interpretation of 'instinct' -surely it doesn't have to be fear based? E.G your explanation of the colour orange to Laie - it could work the other way couldn't it? So if someone wearing an orange shirt was very kind to me say when I was a child, I might on seeing the colour orange, instinctively respond in a positive way.

    I think somehow instinct tells us what and intuiton (if we are lucky) tells us how. So, I instinctively know trying to be a good mother to my children is my main role at the moment. Intuiton, tells me how to do that. Or not.

    Don't know if that makes sense to you.............

  • Intuition overrides instinct but instinct never should override intuition. Intuition comes despite all other impressions. It is a feeling or voice that decides on that feeling alone with no logic. There can be an instinct to lash out when attacked as it is instinct to survive but we can override that instinct if our intuition says be still this time. It may be instict to drink a bottle of water till empty when we are dying of thirst but intuition might say save half because we don't know it yet but for some reason we won't see another bottle for days.

  • Witchone said: "E.G your explanation of the colour orange to Laie - it could work the other way couldn't it? So if someone wearing an orange shirt was very kind to me say when I was a child, I might on seeing the colour orange, instinctively respond in a positive way. "

    Yes it could go that way as well - the point is your instinct may not be telling you anything about the current state of that particular orange fruit at all. You may get a positive feeling from the colour that is some link to the past and bite into the orange to find it is quite inedible. So I question how reliable instinct is.

  • And too bad you didn't get an "intuition" not to bite into that sour fruit! cos you Captain would have listend and ignored that instinct!

  • I would hope I would although I have to say i have eaten some bad fruit before. 🙂

    So what would you say the uses of instinct are as opposed to the uses of intuition? Meaning when and where should each be used?

  • Instinct is for self preservation it has kept me safe on more than one occasion, it is something most humans are born with and it is based in fear

    Intuition is you know something is going to happen sorta like a de ja vue

  • But how do you know if you feel endangered that you are actually facing a real physical danger or if it's just a fear in your mind?

    Or do you just run anyway? 🙂

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