Can anyone tell me about my birthday

  • what does it say about me and the challenges i need to face!!!!

    August 12th of 1983

  • Anastazyah, ego issues can be your main stumbling block, not necessarily because you think too highly of yourself but because you sometimes lack a basic empathy for and understanding of others. As a result, people might perceive you as heroic and authoritative, only to discover that you can be somewhat conceited or selfish underneath. You do have strong leadership qualities but you tend to identify a bit too much with your image or social role. When you fail to command respect, your sense of identity can suffer, leading you to all sorts of problems with depression and self-pity. But you are endowed with a fine intellect, a big heart, and a yearning for experience and adventure.

    If you are careful to nurture your inclinations toward self-discovery and greater flexibility, and to avoid the tendency to take yourself and your goals too seriously, you can realise not only great success but great freedom along your life's journey. You are here to discover what true freedom really is. It is about not doing what you want when you want to - that's irresponsibility - but it is developing an internal sense of mobility in different areas of life, in the physical, mental, emotional, social, sexual, and financial arenas. You are a quick-witted, clever, fast learner but you do bore easily. Be careful of your tendency to burn the candle at both ends and overreach your limits. If you try to juggle too much at once, you will end up feeling scattered or depleted. You can sometimes focus obsessively on what you are doing and lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Your challenge is to permit your natural curiosity and love of learning to overcome your concern for your image. You will find fulfillment by having more fun when you give up trying so hard. You have a big personality and a lot of warmth, and you tend to do everything on a grand scale from reaching tremendous heights of happiness to falling right down to the depths of despair. Watch that your love of drama doesn't get out of hand.

    This lifepath for you is all about redefining who you essentially are - not the image you try to maintain and what you feel everyone wants to see, but the real you inside, warts and all. You tend to give your all for others, even letting go of your own identity to adapt to the values, interests and desires of your partners or friends. You hold back on revealing your real feelings and don't express who you truly are. Then down the line you discover you have ignored your own needs and may withdraw emotionally or become resentful and angry. Don't try so hard to please.

    What you want is a life filled with variety, adventure, travel and exploration. Don't give away your freedom or limit your experience out of self-doubt or fear. Don't try to control every aspect of your life - that's impossible. Relax a bit more and learn to go with the flow. Try to be open to all experiences, even the small ones. It is often in the most ordinary of circumstances that you will find the most illumination.

  • As far as 2010 goes, this is really your year. It is a 5 personal year numerologically and you have a 5 personality. Perfect fit! 5 is the number of freedom and expansiveness, and it is possible that you will find yourself driven by a desire to break free from your usual routine, delve into unknown areas, and reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing, as 5 is the number of the scribe), and finding new people, new places and new situations.

    During the start of 2010 the pace of life will seem to drag, but will be lively by April. You will be anxious to seek new job opportunities and to advance your work status. Be persistent and don't be deterred by job setbacks, since you will come out on top. Greater income will flow in, but must be managed wisely or it will escape your grasp. This year will be tiring, so be aware that your home life could suffer if you ignore family. Socially it is a very active year when new friends are made, but be careful of the roving eye.

    You can expect change, travel, growth, expansion and release from the containments and frustrations you experienced last year. During 2010 there will be a breaking up of the old conditions in your life... the obstacles, delays and frustrations of the past year will slowly lessen and disappear. One usually responds to this liberating (5) energy by moving, changing jobs, interests, attitudes and even love or friendship relationships. The changes may be surprising, but are needed.

    It can either be a hectic year (since the change may not be welcomed or expected) or an exciting one (if you're ready for something new)... the year will not be uneventful. There's simply more personal freedom and more of an opportunity to express your individuality without hindrance or delay.

    The key is to flow with these changing conditions and let the old connections fade into the chronicles of the past... to be adventurous, take some risks and be willing to try something new, the unexpected and the challenging. Nature has opened the door for your growth. Don't disappoint it. Be careful though; don't go to extremes, since the rapid and frenetic energy of the (5) can lead you to extremes of emotion, passion or speculation. Be constant, logical, consistent and steadfast, but be willing to change and release things that have outlived their usefulness.

    This includes relationships. You are likely to make a number of new friends this year as social activities are expanded. This is a year that has brought/will bring excitement and adventure and a good deal more freedom than you have experienced in recent years. This is a time for feeling loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. If you became bogged down during this past year, now is the time to seek out new directions. The problem with a personal year 5 is the tendency to scatter energies in all directions. Your ability to do detail work is limited now and it will make you feel very confined. In all, this a free-wheeling year that is liable to bring major changes to your life; your career, your family situation, your residence.

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  • Can you tell me about my friends birthday It's September 28th 1984 and my birthday as well it's October 5th 1975

  • Honeybeeflower, please start a separate thread if you want a reading or the messages may get mixed up..

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