Lost or found??

  • Capricorn!! 40 years old!! not maried extremely private! therefore difficult to get thru.

    Yet I belive I have capture some of his subconcious & contiousness.

    He is devastated due to being rejected from US RESERVES, complete spin around!

    Bitterness and impatient.

    I think that I've held up pretty much around, for his ways of being. Other women would have send

    him to HELL. Due to his WALL OF TETRA PACK impermeable.

    I have given him Space but he still is acting very to himself. NON open very cut n dry!!

    Now more so than ever! I understand but EXTREMELY RESERVED.

    He behaves like a PANTHER??? I just don't know what to do anymore??

    like there's no further interest just his WAYS and his WORK!!

  • Yes, a Capricorn can be all about his work and career. Very ambitious people. Their work equals their identity - if their job is successful, then they feel successful. If their career is a failure, then they feel a failure. Work will always come first to him. He will always be like this so decide if you can cope.

  • Sounds like a capicorn, hot, cold, hot cold... cold....cold....cold ( my son is a capicorn, his ambitious personality never fails too impress me, he will get excited about people he has something in common with, new friends, then if they aren't all about understanding his philosphy, he'll let them go their own way.

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