Another relationship

  • He is Libra,I m Aquarius, We were together for 13 years, just recently broke up couple of months ago, Will I ever have another relationship? Captain plesae help

  • Well, do you want to have another relationship or are you hoping to get back together with the Libran? Because if you seriously want to move on, you will. The only way you would not meet anyone else is if you really don't want to replace the Libran in your life.

  • He's not the sme person tht I fell in love with. He is constntly getting caught in lies about what he says and does, If he changed I would take him back. I stopped calling him, but he is still in my life but he isn't. I wnt romance he's not giving it to me, wont even spend time with me says he loves me but not in love with me then says get out of my life. He is very confused, and making me so. I dont know what to do. Will he always be in my life or apart of it

  • I did a Real Mistke yesterday, I went to meet his new "friend" I was never the jealous type, all of a sudden I am. I said to her "you look like his mother" THen kept going on about his faults. He calls me on the phone starts yelling, which I knew would happen then tells me goodbye. Deep down inside I don't want to let him go even though I know he is no good for me anymore.Since we broke up he is miserable, looks miserable, I have to let things cool down, I don't know if he will ever be back, I miss the old him, his is no longer romantic, consider it, he is disrespectful, even his looks changed for the worse . He lies to mke himself look good in front of me. I know I ca do better but do I want to?

  • You are missing a fantasy - what you see now is the real him, with your perspective of distance. He will not be back nor will he change into your dream of a prince. Let go of your fantasy and move on with more realistic expectations next time.

  • so is there going to be another relationship soon? Someone I can really love and love me back. Someone who has the same interests as me

  • Why do they have to share the same interests? Are you looking for another person or for yourself?

  • some interest the same. opposites are good the Libran and I were totally opposites

  • I was wondering if he will ever change? He has gone from great to worse since we broke up even his taste in women has gotten terrible

  • even the way he looks has gotten ugly, he isnt keeping up with himself, he looks dirty homeless

  • Can I get a reading on this his birthday is 10-2-57 ,Mine is 2-3-57

  • This relationship is better for friendship than it is for love. It is not well suited to high seriousness. The principal focus here is on keeping the mood light and safely on the surface; humour and quick-wittedness are characteristic of this combination. Perhaps fated to a degree of superficiality, your relationship is often geared toward having a good time, employing the full roster of entertaining activities, from games to parties to films and television. Religious, philosophical, or spiritual reflection is rarely found at the core of such a relationship but may be sorely needed by this matchup which lacks a firm ideological foundation. The relationship may however attempt to substitute more transitory values of a social, political or artistic nature to help fulfill this need.

    In a love affair, neither of you seems interested in causing problems for the other. Yet this is precisely what your partner will do: his overly critical and at times fastidious manner can make you, being the more relaxed, feel quite uptight. Personal hangups and thin-skin are likely to cause sudden explosions of temper. Sarcasm and wordplay will no doubt assume much prominence here. Furthermore, your somewhat dreamy approach may madden your partner because he is in search of a more clearly defined philosophy. Sexually, his sexual intensity may prove threatening to you, being more sensual by nature as you are. Marriage is not particularly recommended here. A friendship will be given over to the pursuit of pleasure.

  • why is he playing games with me? from calling me to not bothering with me t ll

  • Because you allow him to play games with you. Why do you participate - just to prolong this really bad relationship? Get out before all your self-respect is gone.

  • Captain, I love your advise, but how do I start living my life without him in it? Is there going to be someone soon in my life? I'm trying to let go. I'm going in different directions than him to avoid, on the street. (we live near each other) I really like intelligent men am I going tp meet one? One that has half brain and can keep a conversation

  • captain you were wrong this was the previous discussion in case you forgot it

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