Flashes of intense clairvoyance?

  • i've always considered myself to be at least slightly clairvoyant since i found out the word for it. it's been getting more prominent recently, to quite the extent.

    but one day was different, i suppose. it was 2/18/2010 and i knew everything.

    all day i was seeing things i had dreamt about the night before, or thought about moments before we come across it.

    the biggest thing to me though was that i could see all of the connections to everything, which led me to believe that alot of things were coming to a convergence and would either end something or start something anew.

    now, when i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING. it felt like (if you think of the universe as a 1000000000000x100000009836234456 piece puzzle), the universe was showing me the box it came on, and i got to see the entire picture.

    i got to feel it and gain from it's knowledge; the entire universe.

    the thing was, it was all hitting my completely unprepared brain and made it so that i couldn't follow one train of thought or even conversation for more than a few minutes because i could see all of the connections to things being said and thought and i was just blurt it out because i didn't want anyone to forget.

    i let all of my friends know that if i tell them something that i know to be true, please listen to me. please.

    and they did, i guess. i don't really remember all of the things i said at the time. it's pretty frustrating.

    AANYWAY, since then, my 'brain's' capacity for psychic use has increased at least 2x. it's much more manageable at the same time. it's pleasant to feel my abilites grow as such. :3

    my question is this: how did i get to be the Oracle for a day? anybody have any insight?

    thanks, i know it's a mouthful. ha..

  • Congratulations, you got in touch with your all-knowing God side. I have accessed it a few times in meditation and once just in a conscious moment. This is what we really are. God having a human experience...

    But that doesn't mean you should go around telling everyone what you see. Maybe the knowledge is just for you - let your intuition guide you.

    The divine moment doesn't last because then we would have no need of the human side that we came to learn about. The energy that is flooding the planet at the moment (many call it our time of Ascension) is causing many people to open up their psychic centres more and more.

    That's why websites like this where people can connect and talk about their experiences are so important.

  • Well i would say congratulations some times it seems like a curse especialy when i do not understand. But the people here have helped me accept that i am not going nuts .Its hard knowing that one third of the population is going to be gone and i have known all along that i will be left here for a reason to help guide and teach the people how to survive its hard for me to except that when i here things like Hati sacraficed for the greater good that sounds like some thing the goverments would come up with . All i know is it seems alot of people are being weened from the things we depend on and are learning to do with out i also know thers fixing to be some thing big again what i dont know,i do know that there will be a big earthquake west of mexico city and it will be bad and what has come to me is to prepair when that happens cause things will be happening quick i also know there has been 233 earthquakes this week over 93 in chlie and around over 70 in us but i know the only thing is say what i know and the captian is right you can not go around saying this you will be claisfied as a nut but my kids beleave me i do not tell them every thing but i can come here and talk about it to people who understand better than i do its almost like i am in a chute waiteing for the gate to open but you can come here and they will help give you better understanding Delbert c

  • It is a big burden to bear - knowing what is to come - but it is all necessary to clear away the darkness so that the light can come in. Life will be amazing after Ascension is over.

    Many people have decided to pass on because the coming changes are just too much for them to bear. But no one is ever lost completely - they will get the guidance they need on the other side while we do our learning here. And one day we will all be together again.

  • Captain help me to understand that statement did they have a choice i do not understand that Dc

  • Yes Delbertc, everyone has a choice about what they face in life. Those spirits who choose to move on now are not able to cope with the coming energy changes so they opted to pass from this earth plane into another experience. Not consciously of course but deep in their souls, they made the choice.

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