Out of body experiences (The Astral Plane)

  • oh my work is in caps... haha and im bouncin back n forth haha

  • my work is in caps and im bouncing back n forth haha ma bad

  • I read one time that when you astral travel, you are conntected to a thread from your body to your soul, the farther you go the thinner the thread, like it stretches). I ask my sister sometimes if she looks in the back to see if she had that thread when she astral travelled, but she told me she was having so much fun with the sights, she never did. Just somthing to throw out there.


  • Oh I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my sister says when she travels, she is sitting on her knees on something, like a carpet or something like that, as she travels. Comments on that would be appreciated. Thanks.


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