Libra confused by Gemini

  • Hello all.. I hope someone can give me some insight here.. I MUST GIVE SOME HISTORY FOR YOU TO FULLY GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT TO THE SITUATION AT HAND..

    I'm a 27 year old libra, who has been really good friends with a male gemini for a little over 10 years. We were introduced by my ex boyfriend, he was his really good friend at the time. After the break up, he remained loyal to both of us, Fast foward to the present, he no longer talks to my ex boyfriend. So we've always got along great! Our conversations have never been boring, we can laugh at everything, but we can also be serious. We have never once been in an argument, etc.

    I'd say about 5 years ago I let him in on my feelings that I have been hiding from him. and he in turn told me he could'nt act on his feelings even if he wanted to, because of his loyalty to my ex at the time. So I left it alone, and began to only look at him as a friend again. Than about 2 years after that, he was at my house with me and I was babysitting my nephew and he just kept watching me and smiling, it was sorta weird behavior for him. But I didnt think anything of it, until later that night when I recieved several txt messages, basically with his regret of never getting involved with me when I wanted to, etc. I in turn told him I only seen him as a friend and nothing more, etc.

    Fast Foward to the present, In december 2009, for whatever reason I started to really see him in a whole new light again. Just wasnt sure if he would feel the same. In the middle of 2009 he and his gf of 1 1/2 years broke up, and he never really talked about it, but I can tell when he's bothered by something without him saying it, and I know he was bothered by the break up. But me being me, I can't keep in my feelings to long before saying them, it was just unfortunate that they came out after a long night of drinking with him and some friends. We finally after 10 years ended up kissing, but before it went any further, he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious.. I said ok..and that I wasn't looking for any promises, that I live for today and not tomorrow. So he seemed to be ok with that.. needless to say we ended up sleeping together that night.

    And we have since than, and still have remained friends. So he says he cares about me to much to get into a relationship with me and than end up hurting me. That I am to much of a good friend for him to do that too. As if there is a guarantee that he would hurt me? I dont know anymore, I know he cares deeply about me, I can see it when he looks at me as opposed to him looking at other female companions of his. And when we're together it never feels like "just sex" it always feels like we're "making love" I've had the experience of both to know the difference.

    What I want is for a relationship to spark up between us, and if I can't have that I want to definitly remain friends with him. Do you think it will ever happen? His eyes and body tell me one thing and than his words are completly opposite of it.. Someone please help me understand?!?


  • wow... to me it sounds beautiful... like a love story only on tv.. im a 21 year old gemini female. i really dont know what will happen but to me it sounds like it will just naturally become what it is going to be. i think he loves you and is afraid of the relationship complications and is just playing it safe. if i were you as long as he wasnt hurting my ego or making me feel used would just ride it out and enjoy every moment of it. i bet you it will flourish into what its meant to be.

  • thank you.. At thats how I have been looking at it, just sorta going with the flow of things. I just start to get very indecisive about my choice and seek advice from others (true libra) 😃

  • :0) im the same way. except im gemini so the confusion can drive us crazy some times. but i have learned to control that pretty well these days. whoo. well keep us posted i love your story.

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