Need pisces advice please

  • I don't want to rewrite what i had posted before with this guy. We were friends for a long time....were more than friends for a bit and then he became hurt by me....not sure really what i did and then he pulled back and no matter what I've tried it has stayed that way 😞

    Now I have really screwed things up with this guy 😞 He was silent with me for a long time and I did something I know i shouldn't have....I sent him an email ranting about all the **** that pissed me off over the years. I know I said awful things and probably hurt him very much and really pissed him off.....I was feeling the same way at the time and now I am devastated. I sent an apology and just briefly sent messages now and then but no response from him. I ended up sending a little something to him.....nothing of real value but something he could not get down his way. Even though he was reading the emails i sent but didn't sending something to him pushed him over the edge 😞 He finally responded by asking me to leave him alone 😞 I am so upset but will not bother him at all. I will respect his wishes.

    My question...especially to you you think after several months....I was thinking maybe November.....I could send him an email and apologize once more and let him know I will not contact him again unless he says it's ok?? I really miss him and wonder if....when he cools down for a few months he may feel the same deep down or am i just deluding myself and he will just go ballistic if he hears from me again?? I know once a pisces is done they are usually done for good 😞

  • Sorry but I feel he has lost all trust in you. Saying you're sorry won't convince him - he is not prepared to risk himself again with you. Contacting him ever again will just drive him further away. He is looking for someone else and will find them. Learn a hard lesson from this and move on.

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