Looking for love

  • I would like to know if I will find love ? My Birthday is Feb. 17,. I have had a rough go of it, any information would be so helpful.

    Thank you

  • There is a saddness that surrounds you. The energy you put out is fragile, fearful and half committed. The problem is not finding love but feeling loved. You have gotten caught in a seldefeating cycle of distrust and loneliness. It's like you put all your eggs in one basket and when that basket is empty you feel empty of ALL joy. There is too much of your self missing and you seek fulfillment in outside events and people. This leaves you so vulnerable because it gives too much power for someone to shatter your being. This is a tough journey that starts with self realization and soul searching. You have to learn first to be happy alone before love comes. Searching and craving will only bring you wolves who would exploit your neediness. I know you fear you are just too sensitive for love and that others find you hard to understand but this is only half true. You unfortunetly attract relationships with people who are less emotional than you--as if you crave their imagined strength in detachment and they in turn feed off of your empathy to fix everything and feel for them in ways they lack. The only way to leap this obsticle in your path is to work past the loney time and work on yourself. You have an inner child that missed spreading her wings and you must go back and bloom to be the person born to be. Who are you? Where is your bliss? What gives you joy--feelings of satisfaction and self worth. When you return to your passion for life you will attract your loving others who love you unconditionaly and you will feel safe finally to be yourself. Spirit says you must find your authentic self first before you can feel loved by others. Spend more alone time reflecting and enjoying playful things more. Surrounding yourself with strong female energy will help you learn to nurture yourself. Take a class or join a group that lifts your spirit. Mostly, avoid isolation in a sad way. Enjoy stillness in nature but also keep your body moving--play more and dance. Be conceise of your energy as it is the law of atraction what you bring to yourself. Know when others trod roughly on your boundries and be quike to set limmits on others. You can be TOO nice. Blessings

  • Awww, thank you so much. This information is enlightening, and makes me want to cry. I will surround myself with strong female energy.

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