• Hi, I've just done a simplified version of the Celtic Cross with the question:

    "Will I be Moving to a Peaceful Energy Home in the Very Near Future?"

    these are the cards:

    1. Nine of Wands.... (my experience to date)

    2. The Hermit........... (where am I now)

    3.Three of Cups.......(the near future)

    4. Death.....................(me in the environment of the future)???? oh my goodness this one scared me!!!

    5. Nine of Pentacles (best I can hope for)

    6.Six of Pentacles.....(Outcome)

    I would be SO grateful for interpretation....thank you.

    much love and joy,


  • Please look at them for me.....

    thank you


  • Hello,

    Will you be more specific with your question, please.

    I am not English and I don't understand if you are talking about energies regarding your home life(family life) or some sort of bad energies around your house.

    Thank you.

  • Hi virgitp,

    I am so grateful for your reply, I was talking more of the energies of the home and the land it is built on, it is very oppressive, the area I live in used to be a RAF camp during the world war 2....I have suffered depression in the past but always managed to pick myself up quickly and get on with my life, but since moving here 5 yrs ago things have just been so awful, I'm tired and depressed all the time, I have had many illnesses since moving here, I was told to move away from this home by two different people a couple of years ago, but I live on my own and do not have the finances to go and buy a home, I'm resisted disabled, I have been studying the laws of attraction but to no avail, I obviously do not have the right frame of mind needed to attract what my heart desires and I suppose my question would include...will I ever be able to achieve to reach the mind needed to get me out of this vicious circle....

    I hope I have managed to explain things more...once again thank you virgitp, bless you for your response to me.

    much love and joy to you.



  • Hello Denise,

    First of all I want to tell you that I have already asked my cards before that you gave me more information but I wanted to be sure that I give you the right answer.Please, excuse my English.

    I hope you'll understand the message of my cards.So, the nine of wands signifies that you are feeling something that give you some sort of insecurity and you are trying to protect yourself.

    Even if you feel that bad energies are around your house you don't want to give up. You want to fight and win.The Hermit tells you that you are trying to discover what is all about and this card ask you to look inwards and try to find out why these bad energies don't let you live in peace. Three of cups could represent that you will finally find out how to escape from these energies and you will be very happy. Maybe you will share that with your friends..Death represent a transformation, a change. Something must end, but it doesn't mean a physical death.It is a necessary end followed by a new beginning.Maybe it is a warning for you to leave the house. The Nine of Pentacles could represent you. All what you hope for is stabillity and security.The answer of your question is Yes you will be moving to a peaceful energy home only if you ask for help( six of pentacles). You can't do it by yourself even if you are strong. You are already hurt by these energies.

    I hope this was helpful for you. And my advise is to ask a priest for help if you can't afford a new home.

    Lot's of love.


  • Hi Viginia,

    THANK YOU so much for your reading, you have given me hope and comfort by explaining my cards, it's so true that I should be asking for help from others, Iv'e always tried to do everything myself, it's time for me to learn to turn to others, even though I don't have friends, (I really have lived like a Hermit for so long) I think it's time for me to ask my family for help, I really have to try and let go of being too independent....

    once again Thank You Virginia, you are a wonderful person,

    much love, joy and peace to you,



  • Hi Denise,

    I'm very happy that you realized that you have to ask for help in this problem. For sure your family will help you with some advises. Regarding your loneliness I have to tell you that you chose to be that way. Maybe you have been hurt before and you don't trust people anymore or you want to prove yourself that you don't need help or support from others, because you feel that you are an independent woman, strong enough to face all the problems.I find myself in the same position and I have to tell you that I have lost a lot in my life. Sometimes we must to be more flexible and try to listen some advises from others. It is not a shame to recognize your weakness. I wish you all the best.

    Lots of love.


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