Prosperity? No Problem

  • Captain, Thank you for your response. You make a very good point. Perhaps I don't really appreciate what I do for others sometimes. Matter of fact, most of the time I DO brush it off because that's what a good person is 'supposed to do'. So after 40+ years, how does one begin to change such a deeply ingrained belief and at the same time not 'overestimate' their value to society.

    Being a Leo, I make it a conscious effort to keep my ego under control whenever possible. A strong ego is one of the very few things I dislike about being a Lion.

    I wonder now if this has anything to do with the fact that I've recently come to a crossroads in my life. I am at a complete standstill (mainly in my career & romantic relationship) and not sure which direction to go in. Could it be that I've chosen the wrong path many years ago because of the beliefs I have? I definitely feel something is missing!

    Captain, my DOB is July 30, 1963 9:25am. Would you be so kind and take a look at this date? I would be thrilled to hear about your observations. :))

  • Ego and vanity says "I am so much better than anyone else."

    True self-value says "I recognise that I am a valuable contributor to society." Comparisons to others doesn't come into it.

  • SsPrincess, much of your karmic lifepath has to do with developing parenting skills - not necessarily as a child rearer but as someone who nurtures and supports her family, friends, and co-workers. You have executive ability but will have to temper your approach by learning to persuade rather than dominate. Same goes for relationships. Instead of imposing your strong will on others, learn the art of seduction in both your professional and personal lives. You are a healer who affects the emotional lives of those around you. Good bosses and leaders don't lead from the front where they can't see what their soldiers or employees are going through; they lead from behind where they can observe and help those who need it.

    Your lesson is to learn to relinquish control and become a compassionate persuader. Rather than trying to sway others to your viewpoint for purely personal reasons, join with them in mutually beneficial give-and-take. The ability to command respect is not the same thing as the ability to engender love. As you soften your approach, people both professionally and personally will be more receptive to you. Let your natural charisma shine through in whatever you do. This is your 'catching more flies with honey than vinegar' lifetime.

    You have the energy and creative inspiration of the inventor, the artist, the athlete, and the leader. A natural networker who enjoys many contacts, you represent the paradox of a strong individualist who is also here to serve the larger good of the community. As your energy flows, so does your abundance. Stepping forth and expressing your creativity in positive ways, you do very well financially, achieving the security that is so important to you. Money is a way of keeping tabs on how your energy is flowing. As long as you focus on creative service, you will find money flows naturally to you.

  • Captain, WOW, You amaze me!! How did you possibly get such accurate information from a single birth date?

    You have been blessed with a very talented gift! I can't thank you enough.

    Thanks to you, I now realize I was slightly off course with my career choice. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really fulfilling either. It is clear to me what my next step will be!

    Much appreciated.......and have a wonderful day!

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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