Prosperity? No Problem

  • Forget The Secret...forget The Law Of Attraction. This is the answer to all your problems of money flow and lack of abundance.

    I was doing a reading today and this message came partly through then with an expansion on the theme to follow later.

    As with all universal truth, it's very simple. You receive as much value from the Universe in the exact proportion to how you value yourself. If you want to bring more money into your life, then you have to 'value' what you are and what you do. Like any good employer, the Universe is ready to pay you what you are worth - or rather, what you feel you are worth.

    Thi is why managers of companies and big entrepeneurs attract so much more wealth to themselves than the ordinary clerks, secretaries, accountants, salesmen etc who work for them. They simply believe they are worth more. All the ordinary workers look around and see loads of other staff just like themselves doing the same work. They don't see what they do as anything special and so their thought patterns go out into the Universe that they are not deserving of anything special back. It's even worse for those who are out of a job - they value themselves even less, thereby setting themselves up to have even less abundance come back to them.

    All you have to do to bring in MORE money is to VALUE yourself higher than you do at the moment. And you will then 'be paid' what you feel you are worth. And the way to value yourself more highly is to bring something special, something unique to you, to your work. Even those who are out of work can be useful by volunteering to help others with their valuable skills or qualities.

    Whatever it is you do, make it special by adding your own unique touch. For example, you might be a hairdresser in a salon where there are lots of other hairdressers who cut hair just like you. But maybe you have a special talent for drawing people out to talk about what they've been doing or going through. So you cut people's hair, but instead of idle chitchat, you add your unique touch by really listening to their problems, maybe even suggesting a solution or alternative way to look at their situation. That way you give that little extra bit of service beyond the shampoo and set. You have added YOURSELF to the job, making both you and the client feel much better. You have raised your value to the salon and to the human race. No suprise then if you get a promotion or more tips than the other hairdressers. Not that you are doing it just for the extra money. No, you are really doing it for your own self-esteem and for the sake of your fellow human beings, and the Universe rewards you for your efforts.

    Of course, you need to know what your special talents are. If you don't know, this forum is great for helping you figure it out. Or just ask for feedback from family and friends. We all have something we can give to others and raise our own self-value and self-worth at the same time.

    So think about what you can do at work to inject that little bit of yourself into the job - and watch the Universe present you with a payload commensurate to your new worth.

    Now take an objective look at yourself. If you are suffering from money problems, then the odds are that you are vastly undervaluing yourself and your contribution to the planet.

    Time to re-evaluate!

  • Of course there are already people out there putting themselves into their work - the difference between them and the successful businessmen is that the 'ordinary' folk don't think of what they do as being anything special or different to everyone else. Show me a millionaire who is shy or modest about his accomplishments and I'll show you someone who doesn't exist! They recognise consciously their true worth.

    Most of us are invariably brought up not to be big-headed or bignote ourselves over our abilities and talents. We mustn't 'get up yourself , as we say here in OZ or people will think you are really egotistical. So we learn to underrate and undersell ourselves so as not to be thought boastful or immodest. But this is ultimately poverty consciousness. We now have to unlearn all that and see our true value.

  • This thread could make a bielever out of a lot of people feeling hopeless right now, good job Captain! I am grateful that we still have our income, I have always wondered how too put a bit more effort into finding what will make me want too get up and be ready too take it on.

  • It's interesting that when you ask people what they do for a living, you usually get a "oh I'm a ....." Not with enthusiam...not with confidence or esteem. Especially if it is just a job. I used to be that way. I frequently refer to myself as a worker bee. Hmmm....guess it is time to change that thinking. I did finally learn to accept compliments gracefully without limiting myself and just saying thank you. Now I need to work on valuing my contributions to the human race. I frequently feel that as long as I can make someone's day go better, then I've done my job. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction at my job than to remove obstacles for people. I need to build on that for my next career. Great topic Captain....another insight that I needed to see.

  • Thanks for sharing that, Captain! You should be a paid always have such good advice for everyone. 🙂

  • This idea makes sense of the fact that, despite all the Live Aid and End Poverty concerts and monetary contributions, there is still so much poverty in third world countries. But all the money raised will not make people feel any better or more useful about themselves. Receiving handouts from others will just make them feel worse about themselves - that they are too useless to shift for themselves and must depend on others for help. So the donations just have a reverse effect and make matters decline rather than improve. Same for people without jobs having to depend on unemployment benefits. People need to feel they are useful in order for their self-esteem - and thus their universal values about themselves - to rise.

  • I have heard theories before that your self-value is tied to your ability to attract money but because I've always felt pretty confident about myself I didn't understand what that meant. But now I see it's about correctly valuing what you DO for others that I realise I have been missing the point.

  • This is a very timely topic for sure!

    I had an interesting conversation with an artist that painted guardian angels. She told me we are a very $ conscious society, she eventually came to realize if she didn't put a high enough price on her paintings people would not get as much out of them as they should. It was a very enlightening topic , at the time I had several successful businesses in my resume and it made perfect sense to me, from what I personally had enountered.

    However a few years later after some troubled times in my life, still doing ok financially I bought a completely frivolous car, a little sporty convertible, after I had it for a couple of months I realized I had not told either of my parents about the car, it was wierd. I had to really think on that a bit and realized there were numerous issues going on here and one of them was the fact that I felt unworthy. I believe before that I was able to function financially well because it benefited my kids, husband, parents, etc, but to just purchase something completely for myself was a whole new eye opener.

    Years later, thinking that issue was resolved, my husband and I sold every thing and bought a nice home in a new city, larger and nicer than we wanted but it was during the housing boom and there was not much available, well there I went again with the unworthy feelings, almost apologizing about how we really wanted something a bit smaller and more plain when people would come to see it, it is so wierd, I mean the house is nice but its not that outrageous, still at 50 something I am feeling guilty about doing ok and I do think it can cause you to self sabatoge a bit. Thankfully my husband does not have any of these issues, he feels very worthy. And of course now we are having this financial meltdown and its effecting our business drastically and of course I feel responsible and I am sure to a degree I may be correct. So here I go at what feels like this late date trying to realize its ok to be comfy, and we really deserve it!

  • Good for you, GJay!

    I think the more we learn the more valuable we become to society and so should do a constant re-evaluation of our worth. I mean, how often do we ask ourselves how valuable and useful we are?

  • Of course, when you value yourself more, you will also attract better relationship material. So there are benefits all round. 🙂

  • Captain, have you ever done a topic with the names and titles of all the books you have that you feel are worthwhile for others to read?

    I would be very interested in it!!

  • Great topic...very encouraging!

    I would like to add though that purchasing my Career Report, Life Purpose Report and Personal Power Report has been an enlightening experience for me in finding my "niche" in life. These reports have opened my eyes to talents I never knew I had. If you can purchase just one, you will be well on your way to discovering your true passion!

    Good day, everyone!

  • Sable31, many of the books I recommend are listed in the threads I have posted.

  • okay good to know! I shall have to check out all your posts then.

    I love participating and reading your topics which is why I appreciate your book sense.


  • Captain,

    Thanks again for the good info, I understand what you mean and working on my "thought processes" after all my life having my esteem beaten down. I realise how much i've been limiting myself and i'm on the path to change.

  • Good-o Wenchie, I am expecting everyone who 'gets' this idea to have a massive increase in wealth. 🙂


  • I have always felt the Law of Attraction was a bit half-baked. It's all about consciously attracting what you want but it doesn't deal with the subconscious. What if you consciously want a new car but your subconscious is teeling you that you don't deserve it because of something you learned or were told in the past? One message cancels out the other. The Law of Attraction is too simplistic for my liking but it has made some people a lot of money - the ones who are selling the idea, that is. 🙂

  • Captain,

    I appreciate your insights. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I think very highly of myself. Self-esteem is not one of my issues. I have focused my entire life on helping others; my family, my friends, my co-workers and I even make it a point to give a friendly smile to any stranger that I happen to make eye contact with. Every job I've ever had, I have given it 110% effort.

    Having said this, I must say, I have never experienced financial abundance. It's a constant struggle to pay the bills of necessity on time let alone have any extra money. Clearly there's something I'm overlooking. I'm open to suggestions as to what's missing in my situation.

  • SSPrincess, I was the same way - I had plenty of self-confidence but not much money. Then I realised I valued myself but not the contribution itself that I made to others. I underestimated my value to society, having been told through my growing up years by adults and the churches etc. that it's wrong to think too highly of yourself and that modesty is a virtue. I did not place a proper value on the things I did for others, telling myself that it was just the normal ordinary thing to help others. No it is an EXTRAORDINARY thing to help others.

    Do you really apprciate what you do for others? When people thank you for your help, do you think "Wow, I made a difference" or do you just brush it off by saying to yourself "It's what anyone would do."

    But not everyone DOES do that.

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