Oh so Grateful

  • I am so grateful for the freinds that I have, incredibly blessed to have so many and so varied - man am I loved.

    I have a good job and health the sun shines and the plants grow beautiful in my world, I am grateful that I have the knowledge that I am the creator and with this knowledge have the most wonderful life, ok I cant have kids but I can be mother to the adults that still require nurturance in this world. I have a job that I am good at and am well respected for and that pays well to allow me to learn and further my journey with courses and new experiences.

    I am grateful for the challenges that my life brings me as these are the road to growth, these are the things that allow me to identify my darkness and release them to make more room for joy. I am grateful for the fact that I am a joy junkie - whatever I have to do, to release, to give to make more room for it - well that is what drives me on.

    I could go on for hours but I will end with the fact that I am grateful for a planet that has people on it that create a place like this for us to send our love and gratitude to and shine the light for anyone who is searching to guide them home to LOVE.

  • I'm grateful for my wonderful children, family and friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to go back to school and further my education. I'm most grateful for the opportunity to look deep within myself and find out who I really am.

  • I am grateful for the people in all of the many circles I have known because of thier freindship . and for the many hats I have worn,and for the self Ihave recreated over and over and then by grace rediscovered. For being blessed to be a caregiver of children and finaly I am most grateful too my Gaudian Angels.

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