What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • That's what I have figured. (for 17 yeas now) We have God and the angels to help guide us through life but, when we hit a fork in the road, that's when the guardian steps in.

  • Now I have a whole different perspective indeed. So my crossroads feels like it goes in a lot of different directions. Sure wish my guide was being a little clearer or I was being a little less dense. LOL Hoping for more insight soon. With each day of new experiences comes the fleeting thoughts of negativity to push away, I'm getting nervous and I know focusing on that can't be a good thing. Not sure why even that's the part that really makes it tough. Lots of possibilities of course but I thought things were moving pretty smoothly in spite of restrictions. It would appear that may change very soon. Any insights on that welcomed.

  • RCdreamer- are you able to meditate? I can't so I have to ask. I guess if you have a few moments a day, you should sit quietly somewhere and just envelope the silence. When you do this, your guides voice should be able to become more clear. I've just been able to close my eyes! But anyway, that's what I've been told. Hope that helps a little. TTFN

  • Syl, I do meditate. Unfortunately I have not been able to do so on a regular basis. My brother told me trying to be consistent, about the same time each day etc would work best but with a two year old in the house I'm lucky to find quiet time. It's certainly not always on schedule. Perhaps you are right though, maybe I just need to sneak a moment here in there and observe the quiet. I have had some interesting encounters in my meditation so am hoping for tremendous messages maybe that is putting too much pressure on it. At this point I'd just kind of like to feel my guide(s) are near and guiding me. The feeling of treading water gets old sometimes. I don't mean to sound negative I just get easily discouraged.

  • Well no need to get discouraged cause you have alot of strong people bahind you to get your back. Try at about 12-2. Should be a naptime in there somewhere and you don't have to wait til the child goes to sleep. Include the child. (is it a female?) That will also strengthen the bond between you two. That will also give you something positive to do. Teach the child rituals and everything. Candle colrs, teach it to charge a protective stone, etc... Start with the small stuff and while they are still quite young, it will easier than you think. Make games out of it. That what they did for nursery rhymes. If you ever actually listen to them, they are quits creepy. LOL Anyway, try hat. I hope that helps and keep me informed on how it works. TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    I never thought of including her. I guess I'm still new to this meditation stuff and never sure it's completely safe. I do ask for the white light of protection etc but still I guess fear something else might get through. It's funny you say about teaching her now. I have been showing her my gem book and she is learning the stones by the pictures, I guess next will move on to what it can do for you. I'm trying to do the same with family pics so I can pass along my genealogy. What a grand idea. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • You're very welcome and I felt it was a girl. You will be surprised at what she can do. As long as you're surrounded by the white light and have Jesus with you, you are very protected. Start teaching her and it will help you too. Teach her all the candles and the symbolisms and rituals to go with them. Don't get upset though when she surpasses you. LOL Teach her about wicca (if you get into that) Paganism. I had one woman ask me about how you combine the two. I am not really sure. I just always have. I believe in both, the God and the Goddess. I believe in Mother Nature and Poseiden. I know that you don't want to piss off either of them LOL. There is plenty of room for all of them. Every culture has their God but it is still God. Anyways, tell me how she does. But remember, when she is 8, that's when she trades her cuteness for attitude so teach her now. lol

  • Trades her cuteness for attitude....gotta love that.....LOL I don't know how much I want to get into teaching her as much as I just want her to understand. I don't in any way claim to be an expert I consider myself very much the student. I have no doubt she will surpass me and I would bet if she could verbalize it all, she probably already has. If only we could stay as open as a child her age is now to just be so accepting it would be make this journey easier I think. I feel so bad sometimes because she sees things and will look in their direction with this look like "hello, don't you get it? It's right there!" but I see nothing. I can tell already she is frustrated by that. I do at times feel the presence she is seeing but no visual on my part so I don't know exactly how to make it easier for her to deal with. I think many times she'll say "monster" for lack of knowing what it is. Yesterday I put on a cartoon show for her about Merlin and it was really cool, it explained things to a kid of about 8 pretty well but even at 2 she was taking it all in. There were premonitions and such, dragons which I thought might scare her but didn't. She took great comfort in Merlin looking like my brother, I really think she may have thought it was him. Mind you the brother who looks like Merlin is the family skeptic.

  • I really appreciate if you tell me about my spirit guide it could help get out of a spiritual slump!!

  • RCdreamer- don't act like a teacher, just do it like you would do it as if she wasn't there. Just keep it as a part of everyday life. Blmoon- can you tell me about my spirit guide(s) I know I talked to one when I was 23. Right after my car accident.

  • Sylvannah, good point it is better to allow it to come naturally than be instructed. She is very aware and will no doubt surpass me if she doesn't close the door in any way.

    Meditation has been rough this week, a lot of peaceful waiting but not much accomplished. You mentioned you spoke to spirit guide after your accident was it visual at all? Was it all what I call telepathic conversation? did you hear it in your ear or what? I am really hoping to have a repetitive contact with my guide(s) but feel like I'm stumbling so far. If you get any good suggestions let me know.

  • I'm not sure if it was teleathic or not. I didn't look or anything, I just saw my steering wheel and the dashboard. Everybody else in the car said that they didn't see anybody. It was so long ago that I don't remember any of the specifics. I don't even remember the conversation except that I had it. I just have alot of stories. One miracle after another. The quiet peacefulness will come.

  • I believe you are right the quiet will bring a solitude that opens up to awareness, that is what I think anyway. What I wouldn't give to know the guide, any guide was coming with information. But I feel like I'm kind of out of that loop yet. Well the granddaughter is really being two today and she is trying to make crazy.

  • The terrible two's is a myth. They don't start til about 3-4 lol I thought it was perfect, I turned 21 the day before my son turned 2. He didn't start til he was 3. My middle son started by one. He was OCD. I don't remember when my daughter startd but she will drive you to drink now! LOL

  • What can you tell me about my spirit guide?

  • I also would like some imformation about my Spirit Guide as well please.

  • Blmoon if you should happen by, some of the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place. We think we may have finally understood the sea captain, foreign lands and Boston. Having read about it many moons ago, it's always interesting to see things begin to ring true. We're still hoping for answers on the sketches but allowing it to come as it will. We think of you often and your ears must burn when we hash out possibilities in our research. Have a great day.

  • I would like to know who my spirit guide is please if you can.


  • RCdreamer-ak-time traveler!

    glad to hear the story still unravels for you in true fashion--that was a lot of info given so not surprised it is ongoing with discovery.

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