What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • Thank you Blmoon...I think what you are picking up on was confusion on my part and worry that I wasn't making the right decisions, worry that I would disappoint my family because this man that I have fallen in love with is from a different culture. Although we have not met in person, my heart "knows" him. In his eyes, we talk on skype, I see love. If I am wrong about this person then I am surely a fool. I am not moving to his country only going for a visit and if everything still feels perfect, I will marry him. He then will come to the United States which is a concern for me because of his nationality and his English is not that fluent yet, but we both believe that Love Conquers All. Hopefully, you might get a better insight into my soul now, when I wrote I was allowing other people's fear to enter my mind and confuse me. Now I am going to follow my heart and what I believe to be true. If you see something different please advise me, I have always been open and usually very readable.

    Thank you again and much blessings to you!!

  • Hi, to everyone I am new to this but it caught my attention as I was reading reply's and questions an I was intrique. For the fact I have the same questions an curiosity. All my life me and my children can feel, or see things and whether it's in dreams, preminitions or when in contact with certain people I can feel the presence of evil or the person suffering or when things are about to happen . I've been told I have a gift, was approach once in the street by a strange woman as I was walking and just said to me "Do you know You Have a Gift", I was shock and Kinda scare that someone out of the blue would approach me in that matter....But believe me when I tell you that their are times when a presence makes me aware that they are there. One incident to place that shock the hell out of me was when I was in my room reading a book, all of a sudden I felt like someone was in my room, I ignored kept reading my book, an then all of a sudden my bed started to sink in and you can see the impression on my bed like someone was starting to sit next to me.....didn't know if it was good or evil ..........and I deeply believe in God and theAngels .....an I said to myself this is not happening to me, You got to be kidding me I said out loud! Ignored it once again! So, I proceeded to lay down, and just relax, then this presence laid next to me and I could feel whatever it was, pressing themselves against my body......I just out of bed, And called out To God almighty and all the angels that are in Heaven and anything that good and pure come to my aid and Bless me, and to the presence I told it and said I don't know who you are or what you are but I did not called you here or welcome you here and by the power of God leave my home....and it left......never experience that again.........So, tell me Blmoon, for the love of God if you can, do you sense anything about me or my children? Do, we have the gift and I really don't what to acknowledge it and just tune myself out. Get thing too in dreams, in set of 3 and then thats when they come true like a warning when things are about to go wrong is their anything you can tell me about myself, my surrounding?

  • aquajj, glad you've enjoyed the thread, we're all learning together, hope Blmoon can guide you too.


  • Blmoon I too would love to know more about my guides. Like all of you I too am on the journey. My empathy and intuition have grown over the past couple years and am trying to accept , cknowledge and nurture myself to help me and them grow. It is so great that we can now be more accepted that these things do exist. I remember as a kid having a few experiences and when I told someone they said I must have been dreaming. Remember a small light that would come to me when I was really sad and felt so alone. It would move around the room and I could feel the warmth and would always feel like everything would be alright. When I told about this they thought I was crazy. When I was upset (had empathy at an early age) they would say I was just so sensitive. I know I have guides and angels, I would just like to know more about them so I can know more about myself and connect. I know this is a life journey but if more of us connected it means we are all more aware and maybe the world would be better. So all of you thank you for your contributions to the forum and learning sharing opportunities that all of you give to myself and others. This forum really does give us all self awareness along with more understanding of ourselves and others. Love and light.

  • Mystekgrrl

    I know this is not what you want to hear but with the door wide open on the man in question the answer is a big loud do not go there as planned. I really think a part of you--your gut feeling--your higher self wants so much for this to be as you wish but this is not just about the man being "in-love" with you.. PLEASE keep reality in check and do not ever put yourself in a situation were you have no safety net. HE needs to come here and spend enough time with you so you can test your relationship on safe grounds. People are never just bad or good and evil can come in a package with very loving eyes. Love alone is not enough. It must pass the life test. He can say what ever he thinks about himself but it is not real until it is tested by real life. By actual courting--how he behaves in real life situations. That's how we know people not by what they say but by what they do. You need to know this man by your own eyes and see how he behaves. Spirit is so so strongly warning you about this. He must come here and date you for at least several extended visits. This is your culture and all you know and you can't jump into his culture and expect to be safe and happy. True you have a brave bold fearless spirit that makes you very special and you must guard that and let it call you to your destinany. HE is not it. Sorry. If you can not except he is not the one at least test his love by insisting he must date you here first. Or perhaps you are afraid he will burst the love bubble and say no. This is about protecting yourself. If he truelly loves you he will make the move to come to you on safe grounds and understand your concern as a woman to protect your safety. If he doesn't respect that then he is being controling. You are not testing this man enough--you are just hearing what you want to believe. The danger is real--there have been thousands of women who have been lured by wolves in sheep clothing to end up disapearing as prisoners over seas--to prostitute. If this man is honoroble let him prove it first--he must prove himself safe. Do your homework and get online and look up some of these horror stories of women who have been lured by love and golden promises into a trap they could not escape. Have you thought about what could happen if once there you are taken away to somewhere else unable to contact family?--your passport gone? It is real--it happens. Please make him pass the real test first--he must date you here first. Call on the arc angel Michael to guide you through this. It is ok to open your heart--but you must keep your head. Honor all possabilities not just the dreamy ones.

  • Blmoon please let me know anything about my spirit guides and angels.

    Do they have anything meaningful to tell me?

  • To all




  • I'm new to this thread, drawn here because lately I've been wondering about my spirit guides and angels. Am I understanding their messages? Is my late husband guiding me or our boys?

    Blessed be

  • Hi I was wondering if anyone can teach me how to contact my spirit guides.i feel them around but i can't see them. can someone teach me?

  • Hey Bimoon,

    I think my request for a spirit guide reading got overlooked in the midst of my apology to RCdreamer about jumping in on her thread!

    So, when you have the opportunity, and if the spirit moves you (lol). I would also like to know who my spirit guide(s) might be. I'm currently learning about my angels, and the spirit guide is my next step in this adventure.

    All the best to you, with thanks and blessings for your gift,



  • Hey guys this is a great topic i think my spirit guides might be animals or my spirit guide is playing on my interest in them i see images in the clouds that tell me when somthing is going kinda crazy for me like there is a dragon that appears like a chinese dragon appears in the clouds and looks at me then turns into a picture and im forced to describe the picture when i figure it out it goes away then happends later on then i see alot of hawks and when i see them it tells me to focus and use their eyes to see what in store for me then theirs a wolf inside of me that wants me to remain in touch with earth and rely on my basic instincts and to not be walked on or stepped on cause i am somone

  • WOW! Sorry to barge in but that is amazing, I have also been told numerous times that I have a gift and I just need to trust myself and pay more attention and I would realize it., Blmoon I hope you wont mind if you could tell me about my spirit guide or guides this subject is so interesting. I have recently been connected with my wonderful soulmates father in which he passed when Ja was only fifteen (youngest of five) and has never dealt with it and is still in turmoil over it 14 years later. Here as of late he has been able to make a little progress, in healing with me trying to help him .....anyways I would love to know why I haven't been able to tune in with my guides and also I would love to know who is with me. Again you have an amazing gift and I would be so humbly grateful if you could share any information with me.

    Forever in your debt,


  • Validation is a state of mind--meanng that yes you need to trust yourself more and you are always sorounded by guids and spirits and Angels--they are there and your awareness is all that's between. Energy is important for reception. Fear is heavy and not a good receiver--some forms of anger interfere. A just anger sometimes is the leap from stagnation as long as it is followed by a honorable committment. Mostly kindness is the best conductor--kindness towards ourself and others and towards nature. To be in the now--without busy thoughts most always invites something we can feel present. Usually when a spirit of someone you knew is present they will be in your head--and something will happen that makes you just know it's them because it had meaning. These are different for everyone. Say you were just thinking of that person and remembered the good time you had at your favorite resteraunt then you pull into a gas station and someone asks you if you know directions to that same restaraunt! and you get a warm tingle. Then two days later you come down to earth--busy with life and the real world and think did that really mean something? It is about self doubt--so I extend the message to you again--spirit says trust yourself. I see a spirit around you with a Spain connection--he looks dressed like a bull fighter. Handsome, graceful--valour is important to him--he has the energy of bravery and showmanship. He pushes you to pick up your chin--stand tall--you are special! He is the voice that says be brave. There is a woman around you as well--she shows me Paris----it's the 20's--she was a dancer--free spirit--never settled down--she could not do the family thing she says although she did try. She is not hard or cold though but realy childlike. She's the one that says oh go ahead give the bum a dollar or so what if it don't last go for it --follow your bliss. I pick up that she is tied to your family somewhere as well. The soulmate you mention--The energy feels like guilt. The kind that logic just can't undo. Healing is a long journey. It's his karmic choice and I see he will move towards healing and realise his purpose--it will get better---there is still repressed anger that is not spent--what he can't release he turns on himself and is in turmoil---time will lesson that energy. An older man is around you--white tee shirt --smokes a lot--pall mall reds--leaning over kitchen table--shy man--when he talks it's like he's talking to himself--introverted. He is protective of you--he says he used to drink but gave it up--he lost a lot because of hiding. He's the one who likes to tell you don't make this mistake don't make that mistake. He says he was afraid to be soft and it cost him.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Could do with the help right now. Is there anyone helping to guide me?

    Deeply grateful and sorry for the intrusion.


  • Just wanted to say hi Blmoon, I see the full moon is serving you well. Still pondering everything and finding myself feeling disconnected, stuff at home has me lacking focus. Man sometimes the clutter of others can really mess with your head. It's frustrating but I'm still open. Hoping more will come to me soon.


  • Greetings everybody! I read all the posts, i am little confused since is my first time on this forum.

    I am sorry to interrupt RCdreamer post/topic...

    If I may say i need advice of Blmoon...

    I wouldn't know how to get more information what should i do to getting know my spiritual guides... I feel like guided, but yet i need more guidance and to know more around this topic because i feel ready to learn.

    I am sorry if i bothered anyone...

    Thank you in advance, anyone's opinion is welcomed.


  • Angerona

    jump right in were ever when ever! And don't be so tiny---you belong. I'm tired at the moment so will get back later--just had to say something for now. I'm drawn to the children around you. Lucky you, to see life through a child's eyes. I pick up you are timmid, but I'm sure you are also more than just that. Blessings

  • Blmoon - I see that fear is heavy and not a good receiver. I am always trying to contact my spirit guides and angels, is it my fear that is holding me back from everything? Life and contact with my guides! I am trying to let go and just be, obviously I'm a long way. Is there anything I can do? Thank you Blmoon, I appreciate your time as ever.



  • would really like to know who my guides are and how to contact any help would be greatly appericated

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