What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • Hoping Blmoon is getting the rest she so deserves and will soon have more info for me. Have a great day everyone.

  • RCDreamer

    Am sorry I jumped into your thread.I hope you find all the answers you seek!

    love and light

  • Dear RCdreamer,

    I too jumped in on this thread and if I offended you I am truly sorry. It was not my intention. I guess what is rude really does depend on how the individual sees it. I personally would not find it rude if someone did the same to me so didn't even realise I could be offending anyone. On the other hand I have had it happen in a thread where I am offering readings and someone has asked someone else for a reading in that thread. I did find that rude and I'm sure they hadn't intended to be rude either so I do understand where you are coming from and am truly sorry and will not do it to you again.

    Love and light xx

  • Spiritualchild, I'm not offended. I started this thread so my own questions would not override someone else receiving a reading. I don't take offense. I'm just curious to hear more. My only concern would be that others jumping in my interrupt the thought process of the person reading for me. If I seemed upset or something that was not my intention. I appreciate your consideration.


  • First of all, Lots of Blessings To all of you ppl, may you all have a great day/eve. Here I am, for reasons yet to be known, but here it goes.

    I am very hypersensitive; My sense of awareness usually is greater than my understanding. I feel not only one, but many presences acting at the same time parallel with my life's framework. the thing is that when sometimes I feel in the treshold/brink of something, for some reason my goals elude me. To put it in simple words, and yes this will sound kind of funny, I feel like I am a single piece in a chess set played by many beings from the non physical world to test what happens within each diferent move.. I am very aware of the unseen realm, as a matter of fact I co/exist with it in a conscious way, but many times I feel that the more I convey into it, or the more I try to understand more, the more elusive things get.

    I can spend hours and lots of words talking about this subject, but I want another opinion about what is really happening right now with me in this physical plane regarding with those things roaming around me on the other side...

  • RCdreamer

    I just read your posts--I'm totaly detached since my rest so give me time to look at the pictures--reread your first post that got the door open and I'll see if I connect. I must tell you that yours was a challange I'm not used to! Normaly when I connect on someone's post it is because a spirit speaks up for them--either a spirit on their behalf or on occasion one of my guides speak up. So I'm hearing from one person. In your case because you are looking up relatives it was getting crowded! So many voices to sort out--it wouldn't have mattered if just a message was the purpose but you are trying to find people and places and spiritual connections. The last I connected I was feeling too much input so I prayed on it and asked spirit to help me sort this one out in a way I could help and to please send one voice to give me advice. The last connection a spirit called Samuel introduced himself and then explained to me just as I have said to you that I was dealing with two things. Family members and spirit guides and the most confusion comes when I try to make them fit. You have family members that have shared more than one life together yet your family tree is reflecting facts and time as a family tree. The two woman I first saw are around you as spirits--the one I do know is a relative and the other seems to have been but not sure the time link and I do know rhat these two woman have been spirit guides to the other at different times. So as these spirits step forward I need to let you decide if they fit into a timeline. your family members had otherlives that could pop up. Also, it's important to remember that some spirit guides are not related to your family tree but are guiding you and may have been related in another life when you yourself could have been in someone elses family tree! Do you see how complex this gets. Samuel has advised me that I must be more focused on what I'm seeking for your answers--meaning that it would help if I consider when the request is in need of being psychic more than just channeling. You are asking a specific question that so far you can't answer so this is a psychic question. The missing father seems to be the question. I have not looked at any pics yet--spirit said wait untill after I got my distance again as I already had too many voices speaking up and too many images at one time. First fresh impressions are usually the most telling. Also, if you have been trying to solve this for a long time and it takes longer despite all you do you must respect that spirit has it's reasons and doesn't always say! Psychic doesn't mean I'm all knowing. But I picked up what I did for a reason so maybe you are getting closer. Also last when I heard the great mom--it also sounded like spirit was saying Great Mon and I looked it up and that's when I said wo--getting too confused now because that took me to a different country and a culture so different from the rest of your family! Give me a chance to find your pics--get back in medium mode and I'll get back to you. Maybe if the time is right you'll get your missing piece by the fullmoon.

  • Blmoon, welcome back my friend, I've missed hearing from you. Thanks so much for all the information. I kind of understood how overwhelmed you must have felt by this experience. I didn't mean to cause that. I know I am in a kind of weird place doing the research that I do makes all these ancestors not just family to me but in a weird way very much alive in my quest. So for the average Joe a relative who died 300 years ago is just as my daughter would say "a dead guy" to me the relationship is in many ways very personal so feels much closer. Time kind of doesn't play as great a factor if that makes sense. I am grateful for any and all information you convey. The details of the well you started with brought things into perspective so I know you are getting good information. I understand you are psychic so open to receive it doesn't mean on demand and having dealt with these ancestors for a long time I understand that the answers don't always come when we want them. Sometimes it's right in front of us and we are too blind to see it or read it. I'm having a bit of a tough time differentiating some of the guides from the relatives but I think I'm sort of straight on it so far.

    So I gather that Samuel is a guide, is that the impression you get?

    What you said about the two women makes sense to me. I feel the one is my mom and I believe the other to be her mom. Them being guides to one another is not surprising to me. And I think that you may not feel the latter is a relative because I never knew her in this lifetime, she died when my mom was a child so I never got to meet her. It makes sense.

    We're hoping for further clarity on the J and Big J thing, we're working on it on our end too, trust me on that. If you discover anything on the pics that would be great. Others have chimed in with their thoughts which is great but in some ways distracting as I think they may be following a path I don't feel is correct. It may just be me trying to put so many puzzle pieces together to make it fit. I know you can't force a piece a fit! Whatever comes will be appreciated and again I am so very grateful for all you have to offer to me.

  • I see how the Great Mon would have been too much.

  • Yes I apologize too for jumping in too. Sorry 😞

  • Please everyone, I take no offense to anyone popping in to post. I'll admit I'm caught up in the process of learning what I can here and trying to keep it all straight in my head. Others posting isn't an issue to me, please please don't make it seem that way. I want to know more about the spirits around me, who they are, why they're with me, how they may be able to help me along this journey. I'm the first to admit I'm learning about the whole psychic/spirit guides thing. I have always felt extremely sensitive and aware, I consider it very much a gift, sadly a gift I can't control. A gift I want desperately to understand better and be more comfortable with, that's why I'm here to learn, to learn what others already know, to get advice when needed and when the time is right and I'm the right person to do it to help others as best I can. So please enjoy this great place, drop a line, leave your thoughts, create a post, ask a question, I'm new here too and still learning so if any way during that process I made mistakes or upset others or offended someone unknowingly please be assured I would never do that intentionally. Let's learn together please. And if those spirits around me are helping me with this, then thank you! I know that I am blessed by your presence even if I don't understand it yet. 🙂 RC

  • Blmoon

    I know you are weary of my "relatives" but I just had to post this validation for you. My research is done primarily online these days and several times a week new types of data become available. Yesterdays new data contained something called "non-population" schedules for NY. In doing a quick look up of the family name I found they did own goats. And had an great amount of Cheese as one of the valuable items listed on the property. We had no idea about the cheese business when you made the first comment in your post. I was just happily surprised to find this trinket of information and wanted to share it with you. I suppose it is all about listening to the "still small voice" it comes in tiny whispers if we just listen long enough.

    You're still the best. Have a great day!


  • Thanks so much for the validation! You were such a good sport when Spirit told me it was time to step back and to let it come to you. Giving you so much at once there had to be a balancing time of letting it all fit--like a big wave it came and now levels out. Yours was an interesting challange for me letting in so many spirits at once. I learned something from it and good for you to have the patience to trust the whole process. I do remember the goats and cheese very well--you were suprised by the cheese but kept an open mind. Keep trusting in the spirit's timetable on this journey and it will continue to reward your patience. I bet you never look at cheese the same way now! Spirit still says this family search serves you in a healing way and the life of an ancester reflects your own life purpose. You have plenty to go on for now but in the future when the time comes I'm positive an important spirit will be speaking up and a message will come again through me later. I feel July brings a change in your life--as if you put on a new pair of glasses and everything looks different. Blessings.

    PS--Samuel has nicknamed you timetraveler!

  • Blmoon If you would please take time to advise me of my spirit guide and as to if I am making the proper steps forward. My heart says yes, but could be a dangerous situation also. When the heart is involved the mind can become confused. I am to travel to a foreign country in a few months alone and I need to know this is right, so please advise if you can.

    Thank you so much for all that you do, you are truly blessed.

  • Blmoon my friend, thank you this time no tears, you make me laugh..... timetraveler, that's a riot.

    And yes you are right cheese will never mean the same. The funny thing is when I saw the census record of sorts describing it all, all I could think was no wonder our family like cheese so much. Then I had the images of your description running through my head, it was great. I want so much to know more but I am trusting you & Spirit to provide me with more information when you can and the time is right. And I am working on receiving the same kinds of information myself. I do still feel like a beginner but I have confidence my awareness will improve with time and patience. Samuel has an interesting sense of humor.

    Again, many thanks my friend. I will look forward to hearing from you again.


    I've been so on edge with daughter issues and worries about finding work that my thoughts were not focused on the info you gave me before. As always I still do my research and it is and always will be a passion for me but now things seem to come to life even more vividly thanks to you. In reading that record about how many goats, cows, pounds of cheese etc that they had suddenly it wasn't just a farm that belonged to the family, it became more three dimensional, more alive in my vision of it. What a wonderful gift that is.

  • Mystekgrrl

    I want to respond but I'm picking up a lot and can't get clarity --Yesterday I got something but then waited till now but still getting a not clear sign. I pick up something not honest--a lot of fear and spirit keeps saying you are not open about the whole story. Can't tell if you are holding back from me when asking (halfheartedly in a testing way) or you are not being honest with yourself. There is fear hanging heavy around you but it may be coming from a loved one who is in deep concern. I pick up first that the move alone is not the answer--that aside I pick up a positive image of a person--you?--a person above average--born with a knowing that they are destined for bigger things--more worldly--meant for competition--standing out--could attract some fame. This is a burdon in the beginning because of the impatient facter of having to "get there" do the work--lay the foundation. This person would or could leap ahead because it feels right yet not ready yet and ahead of themselves. Education is very very important to this person to get to where they are destined. This person senses they are meant for more and it causes a feeling of missing something. Spirit says PATIENCE. And don't confuse heart and intuition with desire and craving. Don't rush so--the journey has just begun. You are leaping ahead. Slow down and let the beginning start as it must. EDUCATION. Blessings

  • I'm sorry to intrude RC Dreamer on your thread i hope you don't mind.

    Blmoon, can you maybe tell me anything about my guides? Few months ago i went to a spiritual demonstration with a friend of mine which lasted only 5 mins. I was told my grandmother is around me but there were some other people too. I wasn't told much about them.

    I was intrigued with the spiritual world, past lives and etc. ever since i was a child but i never truly believed in ti. When the person at the demonstration told me my grandmother was behind me playing with my hair i could see her and feel her presence there. This was probably one of the most amazing experiences and now i feel like there is so much i need to learn. I'd really appreciate it if you can tell me anything more about it. 🙂

  • redgemini, I don't mind at all, we're all here to learn and communicate. You never know when your questions answered could make something in the life of another answered or more clearly understood. Congrats on the visit from Grandma. For years now I've wished for visits like that from the relatives but I now understand I probably got them just wasn't accepting it as fact. Our human minds can get in the way of such things, overcoming that is a frustrating journey but I'm learning it is one worth taking. Maybe Grandma is one of your guides.

  • This post is deleted!

  • CoffeeGem,

    Thanks for sharing your experience about the dreams and your guide conversations. Might not be a bad idea as I wrestle with the fear of missing an important message in my dreams.

    I wish I could say sure your uncle is your guide and he very well may be but I'm no expert on that. Others here may be able to tell you for sure. I can say if you felt great respect for his opinion in life that it is likely you would count on the same after his passing. I recently learned my grandfather is one of my guides. Why I didn't know it before is beyond me, it just makes so much sense. From what I've learned I'd say often times your guides are not someone you have encountered in this lifetime. However I do believe that there are times when someone who meant a lot to you could take on that guiding aspect, odds are though they are not working alone on your behalf. Perhaps when you hear your uncle mentioned it is another guide getting your attention and maybe your uncle is just staying close to watch over you in some way.

    I realize now once they pass our loved ones seem to have a very active experience elsewhere but I am a believer that love never dies and thus I think those who have passed and we miss can be and are with us. Especially in times of need or emotional distress. When you feel the most alone you probably aren't, you just may not be aware they are right there beside you, holding your hand or guiding you along the way. I for one am very glad that love lives on in all of us and spans "time" as we understand it.

    I think recently I have experienced some of what you are referring to as lucid dreams. Perhaps I need to work on that myself as I do need rest as well. Anxious to see what you learn about your guides.

  • RCdreamer, I also hope you don't mind my commenting here on your thread.

    I'm fairly new to this and have started taking steps by exploring my angels thru Miss Beth. Its been a fabulous eye-opening, emotional experience and I've been "speaking" to my angels every day now. However, I understand that we all have spirit guides & that there is a distinction between their guidance and our angels' healing & protective ways. That's why I was so excited to see your thread/question to Bimoon.

    Bimoon, I would also appreciate knowing who my spirit guide(s) are. If you are able to take the time, I'm greatly appreciative.

    Blessings to RCdreamer and yourself. You are starting me off on a new adventure in my life.



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