What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • Blmoon,

    I do not want to hijacked this thread so I started my own thread asking for you to tell me who my spirit guides are. Hope you don't mind.



  • RCdreamer

    a PS about the two brothers--for some reason I'm wondering if they are really brothers or just act like brothers and maybe that's why no father has come forward maybe the small seriouse pius one is the father but they do not act like father and son. Can't tell if it's my own thoughts, I'm getting tired! Maybe looking at the pics will bring more tomorrow.

  • Blmoon - Girl that was a mouthful of information. I'm a bit confused but I am so excited so I don't want to hinder this process. I will try to revisit each item here to see if we can clarify it.

    1. The Wells thing...so cool, buried treasure I get as this history too so it may not be literal as gold / bodies in a well as in that area. We have focused our hunt in a town just east and just south of Wells perhaps we just need to spread the perimeter a little wider. Interesting. I can almost see them grin.

    2. On the older generation coming forward to Big J, I'm a bit confused. I can't tell if they are saying the two older men are brothers OR that they are brothers of Big J OR that Big J is brother of J (a fourth man in the equation). I think it is that the two older men are brothers to Big J but that he is much younger than they(this would make sense in my tree). We sort of always suspected the older two didn't get along. I can't tell if the physical descriptions I apply to the older men or to one of them and Big J. It's a lot to digest. I hope you won't get discouraged and can and are willing to continue this process, it means a great deal to me. I am so very thankful for your efforts.

    3. The type of mother they have makes sense but I'm not sure the Gerta/greta name is hers.

    4. The fathers absence or not being shown yet makes sense as he is our roadblock in our research.

    5. I never thought of cheese being the business of the family but in that region I could see how it could definitely come into play. As you describe the thin man and his wife straining cheese I find my self over thinking it I think. I believe I am trying to associate this description with one of the two older men you described but am not sure I'm getting that straight. I wonder on the two older men if you could get an initial or name? The descriptions are fantastic but an initial might clarify who is who. I am so anxious to learn more. There is so much info I want to put out there to you and yet I want you to bring it to me in validation. I'm practically sitting on my hands trying not to divulge too much and throw off all that you are receiving.

    6. I will hope to learn more about Gerta/ Greta to better clarify her position.

    7. I'm a little confused on the german to my mom and the meek woman. The person I was describing as meek would have been my namesake, which would have had a german-ish connection. I connected the arm & arm women to being my own mother and hers. I guess I could see my mom pushing the other woman forward saying go ahead, she always put others before herself. I think it is beginning to make sense but it sure sounds like you have a packed crowd coming forward, I hope they know how truly grateful I am for that gift as well. Wow talk about being blessed....

    I have experienced that sense of love around me. Usually after a good cry which I don't do often but it is at times like that I really wish my mom were here to comfort me so that makes perfect sense in every way.

    Hoping to hear more and hoping we are all not wearing you out too badly. What a joy it is to hear what you have to offer me. Thank you so much Blmoon, you are so gracious to do this for me.

  • Blmoon that too could make sense. Our "father figure" if you will has always been a bit in the background. He seems to have hidden himself from us a bit. He disappears. Not literally I don't think, probably just died but evidence of it is a struggle. Which is why I ask who his parents were?

    Could I ask another question to try to bring this into better focus. If the small serious guy could be "the father", he would have been born elsewhere. Where was he born?

    I want to ask a lot more questions but don't want to suppress the messages you are receiving for me. I wonder what else he can tell us about himself.

    It's making more sense than it may seem with my comments. I'm letting my thoughts get in the way and confuse my gut instinct. If I follow my gut you are right and the PS that these two are father and son.....then the J mentioned before would be namesake to the father, brother to the other man. I hope my reading into it doesn't close the window of knowledge coming through. Please continue if you can.

    By the way I have another picture I wanted you to see I will post it on a separate thread addressed to you so it doesn't overwhelm this one. Anxious to hear more.....

  • That is so fascinating, and too have that many, wow you've got a help there RCdreamer!

  • I haven't looked at the pictures yet---it is early again and just revueing the blogs from last night--get most my indepth reads at night. Can say that I am sure the greta gerta is indeed wrong and what I hear is not a name I know but it it has a hard grr sound to it so it could be a foriegn name but similiar or sometimes it is a nickname that means nothing to me. like Engel--I was surprised to look that up too as it meant nothing to me! I do get the big J and little jay share a name or title--maybe it is the same last name that is long but they use the first letter--I can almost see it in very fancy caligraphy on old brown paper--it looks like two names written as one--I will look deeper tonight. Also the two brothrs thing seems like there is more to that and there is a "secret" hiding in the family --maybe a union within family members or an affair or even a rape which would not have been so taboo then but not talked about. Not sure but the word secret keeps coming up--also there is a madness theme that keeps getting mentioned--but it does not show itself as fact but more of family rumour--like people whispering "you know they have the madness on their side". I sense there was a misniterpetation to a creativeness--and melencholy that had no outlet at that time--there is an artistic aspect running through family lines that also manifested in depression and drinking. I'll see if I can pick up more on that without loosing sight of the brothers versus father son. Maybe the missing man is part of the family joke? The woman wasn't talking and the rumours were started and passed down. I did feel there was lots of talk about the two brothers who were so different. When I kept hearing were's the father but not seeing him I know that means something or spirit would not have framed the question. I'm being bombarded with the greta thing right now--it is a forghien name I think related to Greatmom" Have no idea what greatmom means unless it sounds like something else. Maybe it will come later. Also, if messages suddenly dwindles for me--I am tied to the moon and get much more when the moon is growing and not disapearing and often when there is no moon I rest so let it come as it comes.

  • BImoon

    would love to know whatever you could tell me about my guides ? i think it would help me communicate better with them if i can visualize a little, kind of "understand" who i am speaking to.

    Many thanks x

  • Hey bluecat, yes isn't this wild. I feel so blessed. I always felt I was surrounded by family watching over me but thought it was just my preconceived notion of what my mother had told me as a child. She always said she was never afraid of dying because she knew when she got there that she was going to see all the people who had passed before her and get to meet the ones who went before them, she always described as if it were a great reunion party. I guess I know now she was so right! Wow!

  • Blmoon you are getting so much good stuff I am almost afraid to interrupt it with my thoughts or interpretations. For now I'm going to leave the Grr sounding name alone and wait for further info on that one.

    I think I could explain on the Big J and Jay connection but I'll let you see how that plays out, maybe you'll tell me something I don't know. With respect to these two men I don't think you need to be concerned that the last name is long or difficult in anyway, you seem to be on the right track with the similar/same name and title connections I think you will get more on that. If we're talking about the same person we use a name and initial to refer to him, that may be what you are getting.

    I can't wait to see how the "secret" unfolds. I want to scream at you it's .... but I will wait for further info. Let's just say it's beginning to make more sense. With respect to the "madness" I agree with you I think it is more a melancholy sort of creativeness that may have been picked up as being "a little off" so to speak. I do however think you have two different families mixing their messages here, that is if I'm right. I don't need to be right I want to learn more....you are amazing.

    Now to throw a twist into your images. You said that spirit keeps saying "where's the father?" I have to say you may be getting my asking it over and over again. In our family that seems to be the joke if you will. That we know when he was in an area, what children he had, who he married, where they lived but then he disappears. We've often joked that we were dropped on this planet by aliens because his family seems to miraculously be there with no trail to follow coming in and he just seems to vanish going out. Mind you for us that is just the running joke in our research. I wonder if you could be picking that up as part of what you think is a joke on their end. Maybe they are enjoying our turmoil in the hunt. You see you said "Maybe the missing man is part of the family joke?" He is the missing man and his eluding us is the family joke to us. We've been looking for the same man for over 30 years.

    We'll bounce around some ideas on the Greatmom thing and see if we can come up with anything.

    Not too confuse things but if you can reach someone there I think you can get a more direct answer. Her name is Merle. We'd be curious to see what if anything she tells you.

    I'd like to say many of us are creative but we're not crazy.......I hope.....LOL 🙂

    Gosh I'm so afraid of overwhelming you and yet I just want to keep going. I can't wait to hear more about the two older men/ brothers / father & son....

    I don't want it to be a distraction but if you look at the pictures you may better be able to associate with the men coming at you with all this information. I must say I wouldn't have suspected a rape but I can see where it would fit with other branches of the tree that we don't know much about. A branch that is very much tied to the Wells area.

    I'll be waiting to hear more and again Blmoon, thank you so much. I can't tell you what this means to me and my family. You're awesome!

  • hey Blmoom,

    im really amazed with your readings

    they sound so accurate, i would love to know about my spirit guides

    or if i have any.... =O

    Thanks!! 😉

  • Dear Blmoom,

    Hello could you please tell me my spirit guides names and if you can a message for me from my spirit guides. I know I might be pushing this but can you ask them how they want me to communicate with them? I have been asking them to come closer to my energy field so I can feel them but nothing is happening. Not sure what you need from me for this? My name is Mary. my birthdate is 1-21-62. Thank you so much .

    Love and Light


  • You are being guided, could be a loved one, a friend or the act of god. You have spirits and angels that watch over you.

  • Blmoon you seem to already have many requests but when you have enough time, could you also tell me something about my spirit guides?

    My name's David. Birth date 24/August/1988 at 12minutes past Midday, in Lisbon, Portugal.

    (Family's from Goa, India however... I don't know if that might have any impact.)

    Also if any of them says that I'm doing something extremely wrong which I could easily change, or something that I really need to change, I'd appreciate if you could give me a heads up, even though I'm sure they're already trying to.

    Thank you very much ;D


  • I'm afraid this is RCdreamer's thread, who indeed started this thread. You are wating your time asking! It is right and just that RCdreamer gets her answers. It is rude to jump in on another's thread, something for which I have been guilty of myself, in the desperate crusade for answers!!

  • Hi Intrigued,

    Thanks for sticking up for me. I am just waiting patiently for when Blmoon has the next message. She warned me that she rested when the moon was down, after all she has told me so far she certainly deserves the rest. Can't wait to hear more.....soon I hope, until then I will trust that when the messages come they will have been worth waiting for.....

    Have a grand day. It's comforting to know how blessed we really are when we just take a moment to realize it.


  • Hello RCdreamer, you're welcome. I'm ashamed that I tried to butt into your thread in my desperate quest for answers. I am sorry. I simply couldn't help myself, so I have started a thread of my own. I think I should take a break from tarot.com soon, and come back at a later date. It will do me the power of good!

    Blmoon is very good, she's doing a stunning job for you. Thank you for wishing me a grand day, I wish the same for you and it is comforting to know how blessed we really are when we just take a moment to realise it. All the best to you and take care. I hope Blmoon comes back to you soon with the next message.

  • Intrigued,

    I've been guilty of the same "enthusiasm" before myself. We desire guidance and answers so quickly that we sometimes don't even realize we've stepped over the line of etiquette if you will. No worries here. I know that we desperately want rapid answers and I've learned the hard way that was is pressing to us today may not yet be important to those in a position of guidance. It all comes in due time, not ours....LOL

    I am anxious to hear more from Blmoon but know that she is so entitled to the rest she needs, I am grateful for all the messages I receive so I am trying to be patient in my waiting for more word.

    I hope you'll continue to pop in and post I like your take on things.


  • Oops

    Very sorry everyone !I also did not understand the etiquette of posting I am very new to this, its the first time i have used a forum!

    Apologies to RCdreamer and Bimoon xx

  • Hello RCdreamer ,

    I Just wanted to say , that I hope you receive all the answers you are searching for for .:O). I almost hopped in on your tread to ask Bloom about Spirit Guides as well and then thought better of it too . So I created my own tread for Bloom as well . Have a awesome day ! Good Luck !!

    Take care and God Bless You ^A^

  • RCdreamer - Thanking you for your graciousness. I appreciated your understanding! Thank goodness I'm not the only one who steps over the line of etiquette! In the desperation for answers, it becomes like a drug I suppose! So true, it does come to us in due time. We have to sit and be patient. Perhaps I will turn once more to meditation. It will quiet my mind!

    Fingers crossed Blmoon gets back to you soon. Take care. I get warm and kind vibes from you. Happy thoughts and peace to you. 😄

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