What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)? I'm taking baby steps if you will to this personal enlightenment but I have always considered myself sensitive. There are times I feel I am guided audibly or otherwise. I was wondering if anyone can tell me who my spirit guides are or if others are guiding me who they may be? I think I know the likely candidates to the latter portion of that question but would like your take on it. do you need any details on my birth to advise me on this?

    I'm sure whoever these guides are they are probably frustrated with me taking my time in getting to where I'm supposed to be. If only I knew where that was......

  • you seem to be on the same spiritual search as i am. i am reading a book by mary t browne called life after death it is very good. but in there she had said that not every one has a spirit guide. but you can feel what you know. i believe i do and im very excited to one day be so in touch that i am introduced. there is also another book called past life angels.. not sure of the author but you might be very interested in that one as well..

  • ShawnaKS

    I don't know that I have a "spirit guide" per se, which is why I asked the question. I do and have had for sometime a very distinct feeling others are with me. I don't know if I would say spirits, in some cases I feel they are loved ones who have passed. I may just be becoming aware of their presence, maybe they are checking up on me or trying to get me on track. Lord knows I could use that aid in this journey. I'll look into the books you mentioned. I'm kind of flying solo at this stage. Just trying to see what comes my way in this experience. Perhaps I need to read more or know more coming to this site I feel has helped me to open up and if nothing else have a place where I can share these experiences and not have people want to get me a straight jacket and ride to the funny farm. Keep at it, sounds to me like this adventure is going to be fun.

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  • Me too but can someone tell u??

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  • RCdreamer

    I pick up a strong male presence--tall slim, strong man--thick white hair cut short but thick on top--chisled features--was handsome in his day. He has an air of robust strength about him. His is a dominating presence--he protects you and is the voice that pushes you to get up when you get knocked down. There is a child around you as well--a little boy--the one that lightens you up. He tugs at your hair when you get to serious. Sometimes he does things to make you laugh at yourself. You have a lot of male energy surrounding you and you are not girly. There is an older female who has a gift for sarcasm. Strange things come out of her mouth--she hates when people are too full of themselves and she gets mischeviouse in formal settings. She is also a nurse at heart--loves giving medical advice--you often get ideas about using natural things or help with health issues from her. There is a German energy around you--either ancesters or past life. There is also a spirit who calls herself sister--she is not always around but comes close during times you are heartbroken--she holds you and when you cry--she says you did this for her last time and now it's her turn. She likes yellow flowers and the smell of vanila and leaves you a hint when she comes around.

  • Blmoon can you tell me about my spirit guide(s) please and thank you. 🙂

  • Wow Blmoon you have my head spinning again. So much detail, it's fascinating. I'm baffled a bit, as I read the description for the first time I immediately thought the white haired male was my maternal great grandfather but I'm not sure he was tall. Hmmmm, my cousin was tall but has not been gone long. I actually felt like as you described the "sister" that it was really my own mother. I'm not sure if that is right on my part but it fits sort of...

    I find I am most curious about the child. Is it possible someone who passed at 19 could be perceived as a child? We were like brother & sister from the time he was 2. Or could it be a grandchild who passed before his arrival? I realize the relationship may not be one I am even aware of or it could be someone I never knew in my lifetime but perhaps knew of instead.

    For all I know none of these people are related to me at all. I know I'm repetitive but I'm still learning and although I have gut instincts about things, I generally talk myself out of them unless the feeling is strong. I've had a very distinct feeling at times that my father was near,often smelling his cigarettes or cologne. I have wanted very much to have and feel my mothers presence but even 23 years after her death I think sometimes the loss is too fresh to know it's her. I kind of feel blocked to knowing her presence although I do get the fragrance of flowers and lavender at times both of which I associate strongly with her. It would make a lot of sense that the ancestors would be near as they consume so much of my day to day search for family history.

    All the male energies make sense. I've always felt I could better relate to men, I was a tomboy as a kid and used to tease my dad that I was the best "son" he ever had... being the only girl I managed to acquire the forte for fixing things, was drawn to sports like fishing, baseball, basketball and skateboarding. I'm definitely not a girly girl. The german influence I'll have to give some thought. Your insights are always so great, I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and guide me in my baby steps to enlightenment. You're the best!

  • The older man is an ancester and has been in other lifetimes as well--a greatgrandfather or greatuncle ---maybe both as I picked up several males come and go but he was the one who was in the lead and by tall it could mean lanky--I see lean muscle--trim and fit. He gives you strength.. The young boy as well has been around in many lifetimes. He says he has died young manytimes. The one who calls herself sister could be your mother as she has been with you before. She says sister like a term for sisterhood--a partnership through several lifetimes--she is the comforter and you do the same for her different lifetimes.I picked up the ones who I felt strongest around you. The German reference belongs to her she says. Was your mother ever drawn to that culture? If so maybe it is her. Because these people have shared other lifetimes in different roles it's hard for me to pick up roles in this life. I do pick up another male who suddenly stepped forward--he's more quiet--soft spoken--deep thinker. A bit nervouse on the inside but seems calm on the outside. He brings out the healer in you--comes to you when you lack patience--he reminds you to be compassionate and not lose patience with the weaker ones. He was related to you once in a parent role but you ended up parenting him.He gives me the letter J. If you do do a history search it will probable bring many spirits to light. People would be surprised to know how many spirits cross their paths everday.

  • truetoyourheart

    The spirits I pick up who show themselves are mostly female. An older woman--very proper--high society--she says she helps you with diplomacy. She has a royal air about her. Maybe she represents that energy about you that does not accept mediocraty.There are two young adolecent girls--twins they say--they are dressed more like turn of the century. They like to choose your friends They giggle a lot and say they keep you from retreating into your shell when you like hiding. There is usually a lot of noise when they are around. A loud clanging noise in the kitchen is usually them. There is a man who says he was a doctor--he likes food and loved to cook--He mentions he lived in Italy. Someone who passed in the military--world war two--handsome youg man. He reminds you of honor--dedication to a cause--being of service. There are more but I'm ready for bed-- this is all I can give for now--Blessings

  • Hello Blmoon!

    I don't want to bother you but if you have any time can you please tell me about my guides too. I am extremely curious about them. I would love to know their names if possible. Thank you so much, plz if you're busy don't bother ok 😉

    peace and love!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me anything about my spirit guides.

    Love and light xx

  • Blmoon,

    I'd be interested to know about my spirit guides too. could you tell me please who they are?

  • I would LOVE to know who my spirit guides are! I'd really like to know their names if that's possible so I can address them directly. I am a hit or miss psychic. Sometimes I have it, and sometimes I don't. I am what you call a "sender". Right now, I have 2 people I can "send" info to. One of them is very accepting of it, and the other one is really afraid of it. It's really interesting when you can connect with someone without speaking.

  • Blmoon does every one have a spirit guide?Do I ?Can you sense anything?Thanks !

  • Blmoon - I know that I shouldn't jump in on someone else's thread, it's so rude but I just can't help myself. Is there any chance to see if I have a spirit guide? Thank you kindly 😄

  • Me too! If you don't mind and have time. Someone told me once they saw a older White woman? Just thought of that this morning before I came on this site. I heard the name Andrew the other day from somewhere maybe my active imagination. Many Blessings to you, do u need anything special? Peace, Love n Light! 🙂

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