What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    for many years I have felt that something or someone has guided me or pulled into a path.If I had disappointed them. because i was reluctant to go that appropriate path and went my way and instead the outcome was always in my favor .May not always be what that spiritual guide wanted me to chose but it seem to come puf fairly well. Choices that i made in the past , I felt that was necesary for the well being of my children.It was never about me during those thirty five years. But this month , very soon, I will be making choices for myself.Tho other family members may not appreicate what I am planning to do, These changes are above all , important to me, but I want to know who or if there is a spiritual guide around me , to advise me if they think my new choices is a good step for me.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me anything about my spirit guides.

    Thank you

  • Blmoon, my thoughts are racing. I have been diligently do family genealogy research for several decades. It is by far something I consider a true legacy I am destined to pass on. In the past say two years or so maybe a little more my "successes" in my research have been astronomical. I have often commented to others that I am not doing this ALONE. After years of struggling to find info I always feel so blessed when I discover something new. I feel I have a real relationship of sorts with those I have been "hunting" for so long. So the idea that I could be sort of attracting my ancestors is not only probable but brings me such a great sense of love that they are honoring my efforts in a way.

    After I wrote you the first time about the white haired male, almost immediately I said to myself no it's Grandpop (my mothers father) and almost instantaneously I felt no it's Uncle Bill, both the aforementioned grandpop and my uncle shared the same name and description. Your response that it could be a great grandfather or uncle lines right up. I am so thrilled at the prospect that these many ancestors are surrounding me. That brings me a real sense of satisfaction and honor that they come to me, to be with me and to help. I am humbled by that.

    I am perplexed by the statement that said the strong male had a letter J connection. If it's who I think it is then obviously my gut instincts above are incorrect. The J would fit with my gggreat grandfather who has been my most difficult search on this genealogy journey, he sort of disappears and we can't pick up a trail to go further in either direction toward birth or death. That has been frustrating but intriguing.

    The sisterhood makes sense about my mom in fact many of her siblings and cousins called her "Sis" but I didn't think there was a german connection for her. On my fathers maternal side there is so perhaps it is his mother, my namesake in fact.

    This may not relate exactly in this thread but can you tell me who I was in past lives? You really have me curious now. Any idea how many past lives I've experienced? I have other comments on your last post but can't see it so will re-read it and pick up where I left off. I know I'm a bit long winded but I am truly grateful for your kind assistance.

  • Perhaps I should have asked what I was or for a description of myself in past lives rather than who exactly.

  • Hi RC, the Soapmaker does past life readings, you have to post your picture look for her thread. "SoapMaker."

  • Blmoon you asked if my mother was drawn to the German culture. I'd have to say no I don't think so. She was definitely drawn to the Irish culture. There could have been a connection of German descent on her paternal grandmothers side though so maybe I just never knew of her interest in it. Is it possible for you to give me any physical description of this woman?

    It makes sense that ancestors or spirits of other lifetimes would cross our paths time & time again on almost daily basis. Perhaps I am realizing I am more aware than I even suspected. You are bringing to light things I always thought but sort of talked myself out of or put aside as "yeah right" kind of thinking. Your insight is fascinating.

    I wonder with respect to the "J" could you ask him a question for me? I know I'm stretching here but what were your parents names? I get the sense as I'm writing this he is almost giggling at me, like yeah kid nothing like asking for the answers..... Somehow I think he may not answer you just to make me work for it myself. But hey a girl has to try doesn't she?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of this to me. You are so generous to do so and I am truly grateful. You are what I consider an angel here on earth. Thanks!

  • Hey poetic, thanks for the tip. I'll try to approach soapmaker on that. But I was wondering, I tried to post a picture of some sketches I found, pics of ancestors if you will who we are trying to figure out who they are. But after 7 tries I still can't seem to get the pics to a small enough size to be accepted. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Then I can post to soapmaker and add a pic of me. Does the pic have to be recent?

  • RCdreamer

    I'm just finishing my coffee--not a morning person and glad to see my connections last night hit some marks--you do have a crowd about you and sometimes as things come at me it is like a puzzle to put together as I only quikly write key words--glad the great grandfather great uncle made sense as my logical mind wanted to question that but as you can see it often does make sense--the problem comes when I try to make sense or question it--I am sure they are who you suspect and the J they say big J is with them as well--they empasize the word well and I see an actual wishing well! They are laughing.. Glad you made sense of the sister reference--she was adament about me using that word though again my brain wanted to jump in and ask why. The German on her side is ancesteral by marriage. Another female I see them real close she is holding her hand in hers--close together arm in arm--she was a guide to her when on earth. I hear a word like auntie or anna--could almost be a German word of endearment. I will reach deeper later and see what I get on big J. I'm going to work in the yard for awhile to start with a clean slate. This takes energy and yardwork and nature energizes me.

    As I scrolled to your blog I had Spirits jumping in from all sides.! All other requests will be given a look later today and I'll let you all know when and if spirits come through for you--if you get no response don't take it personal--it's best not to force these things.

  • PS--the German ancester is shouting Austria--made me sit back down and add that! Boy--she's a strong presence!

  • PS ps--she calls her "Engel" (the endearment name I couldn't understand before). now she says she'll leave me alone.

  • Blmoon may I say, bless you. I hope I can call you my friend because you are so treasured by me right now. I know I was meant to meet you for this guidance. Wow! It's so funny as I was typing my responses to your earlier messages I could just picture being surrounded by a crowd only I thought it was going to be them surrounding you to shout out what they have to say. This is really kind of funny but oh so cool! When my father was alive he was the biggest skeptic about all of this and swore we were all nuts, then after he passed I had a psychic reading done and he just kept bothering the poor lady time & time again, I said to myself well dad you believe me now don't you...LOL

    I too am afraid if I question my gut response to something that I'll get it all screwed up. For now I'll expect that the white haired man is who I thought, although I do have another ancestor in mind, one whom I've seen a photo of but didn't know, the lanky part so fits this guy. Maybe somehow it will all come into clearer focus.

    With respect to the sister connection, it has to be my mom. The German/Austrian connection would be by marriage to her and the arm in arm link of Auntie or Anna, my aunt was Ann and well mom's mother was Anna. I guess they couldn't have done a better job of getting that across if they had written it on a chalkboard in front of you. I am just grinning at the astonishment of what you can perceive. I hope one day to be as successful. I think I often get feelings like this where something just comes to mind but I often fight it and try to rationalize or read into it where I should really be just accepting what I receive and expecting that with luck one day it will make sense.

    With respect to the German/Austria woman. May I ask is it possible while she was here that she was not a strong person or perhaps not perceived as being strong? Just trying to get clear on who I think it is. If it's my namesake I was told she was frail, sort of weak, sickly, died young but I sort of want to believe this is her standing up and saying hey listen to me, pay attention!

    Anxious to hear more about J and Big J. I have a feeling you are about to give me a gift I never thought possible or didn't think I'd live long enough to see it come about. About the wishing "well" I take that two fold....jokingly be careful what you wish for.....LOL and also the family or extended parts of the family were known to have lived in "Wells" in NY. Am I blowing the concept of what you are seeing or does that help to make it more clear? It's funny, my family and I often joke when McDonalds holds those Monopoly type games with the pieces you have to collect that we have three of four pieces you need and the other one is probably in Guam, I bet you are seeing stuff like pieces of those puzzles and I may be holding the missing piece in my mind/ research / history, etc....I'm loving this Blmoon, you are the best, can't wait to hear more.

  • The german to english dictionary translates engel as

    Engel Engel m , -s, - (lit, fig) angel

    ein rettender Engel (fig) a saviour (Brit) or savior (US)

    ein guter Engel (fig) a guardian angel


  • Really sorry, I was rude. I will bow out of this one gracefully.

  • Blmoon, I just wanted to mention I also have a thread called sketches of family, would love it if you'd take a look at the pics only took me forever to get them to upload, had to keep shrinking them. They are pixelated but visible. Your thoughts would be appreciated on that one too. Thanks.

  • No any pic will do, it's better if she sees your eyes. What I did with my pics is that I copied them to word shrunk them and then saved them in one of the pic formats r extensions, it took a few tries, I'm going to look at your pictures of ancestor's! I love history and I too went through the whole ancestor thing last year it was very emotional and thrilling. I had a dream one night that I was cooking dinner for a dinner party with my mom and heard a knock at the door and over 100 people were there and they said they were my Bahamian Ancestor's pretty cool! Good Luck with the pics again 🙂

  • thank you for the spirit guides reading, I look forward to the rest of the spirit guides I have around me. I have always been curious about this. 🙂 thank you. I'll keep checking back for the rest of them. Thank you SO much blmoon 🙂

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  • Can you tell me who is looking over me? Bless you.


  • RCdreamer

    I have some more thoughts since this morning want to get down before looking at your blog with pics. Trying not to get too much at once. First--The Wells! So funny--yes you are right about it being a place--thank you for validating because it stuck in my head--and I had to remind myself that thinking too much was not good but I was so curiouse why they were laughing and what did it mean. I have no refference for Wells as a place so wouldn't see it like that--for those of you listening in this is exactly why sometimes a reading seems wrong because the psychic is getting names and events and places that may not mean anything to them. Also it has been added that the Wells reference is both a place and a family joke--lots of Well stories--falling in wells--hidden gold in wells missing bodies in wells. I see the men chuckle with well stories. I see two more male figures that seem to be on top of the two already introduced--these older generation two come as brothers and I think they are tied to the big J--the J is somehow tied to both either by name or title they share and the younger brother is actually called big J and there is much friction between these two yet they are very close--never live far from each other--very tied to mother figure--she is the strong bond that holds family together. The two brothers are very different one is described as dry--idealistic--edwardian--scholarly The other--big J is Brawny and silly--crazy they say but likable. These two fight constantly but never split or harm the other as the family is very held together by the mother--I do not see her husband yet so not sure if he is missing or seperated. The mother is a strong hefty woman--light skin reddesh hair--not bright more brownish and wavy. Round facfe--large strong hands--wearing long dress--apron--braids wrapped around head.I don't understand the name but it sounds like gretta or gerta--sounds similiar to that. This family was well liked by others in the village. I see goats. Big J is showing me goats. The family owns a buisness--cheese I think--I see the woman with cloths straining cheese and the seriouse brother is looking at books and I see test tubes. He is small for a man and is pale with dark hair--looks very different from other brother--big muscular and light hair. Again don't see yet yet the father. Going back to your mom and her guide--what you said about her really being meek it might explain how I saw them and why it took me so long to pick her up completely--first I got the german sense but no person came forward but felt it came from the other woman who I see now was standing in front of her and then the two holding hands and then the one holding the others arm in hers--she was pushing her forward, lovingly of course but urging her to show herself--I wasn't sure why she was holding on to her like that but it makes sense you telling me she was reserved and meek. So it must be your mom (sister) who had the presense and was speaking up for "Engel"--they love each other very deeply and want you to know that they spend time with you often. You may have in your solitude suddenenly felt this surge of love around you--they bring that energy of feeling loved. I will look up your pics and see what that brings. Blessings. .

  • truetoyourheart

    there is a lawyer or someone tied to legal around you--male--sweet man--childlike heart--glasses thin hair. Gentle bear--calls you sweet thing. I see him in a big building like library or courthouse--sorounded by marble. He keeps your heart shiney he says. I see institutions--college. You have a lot of drive and strength behind you urging you along. You two are like blood brothers--I see you two pinky wrapped. Stromg pressence. This spirit achors you. I also see a female--name sounds like Millie--dark hair--thick and wavy. She's tall and lean--long fingers. I'm shown Elis Island and Italy. She has strong features--full lips--exotic looking. She has a presence--men are put in there place by her. She helps you be brave specialy when you feel you are up against a man's world.

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