What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • I keep seeing the numbers 666. My balance in my bank account, the balance due on my security deposit for new home. I am a little superstitious so this hit me off gaurd and I definitely noticed. When I Googled, I found an article about numbers often being messages from the spirit world. Do you think it could be?


  • Blmoon,Rcdreamer, gypsyexpress or Maryspage if any of you could help me know if I have any spirits or guides and how I can talk to them,who they are?

  • Hi Blmoon, Could I please find out about my spirit guide/s..Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Hey Blmoon, if you have some spare time, can you please help me out too? Thank you ! And god bless !

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  • I am back! I lost internet for a month and could not ge on here via my phone but, I can access Facebook and Myspace!. If you want, you can find me there. The name is the same their as here. Sylvannah! Anyways, I have talked to my spirit guide but never saw him. I was told that he was my father from my 1st life and his name is Alfred. (Which I thought was cool as that is Batman's butlers name lol) I talked to him when I had my accident. I believe that they are there after bad things happen. To help you live or help you when you die! I could have died several times but I think, I am supposed to do something. I just don't know what it is. I have my miracle child . I don't think it is him though. I got pregnant with him when I never should have. He just should not exist! He saved my life. I was going downhill pretty fast when I found out I was pregnant. I straighened out the moment I found out. His father didn't want nothing to do with him until he was 3 and I had to take him to a child support hearing. He straightened out. He was actually overpaid on his chid support. I don't get support for my 2 others. The oldest one (who is now 20) His father has been deceased sinced 2000 and my daughters father, hasn't given a dime. He lived off of me for 10 yrs! I am all alone. I have no friends and my family is dead. I was adopted and I have to open those records but Idon't have avehicle and I hve to go to the court house in downtown Tampa. Story of my life was I was too young for anything but now, not so much! I think my father is dead already. I think he came here for a while. Which I hope that one day I will still meet him. Anyways, I gotta go. I got someone coming over to take my daughter to school so HRS doesn't take her away today. ttfn

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