What can you tell me about my spirit guide(s)?

  • Blmoon it is indeed! Each day it seems we uncover something new. I feel we are on the bring of an opportunity to our oldest known relative to his parents at long last. We've speculated about it in the past and it just seems to reappear time and time again in front of us. Kind of like a not so subtle hint. I said to my family recently these ancestors are all huddled around just waiting for me to finally get it. I bet you'll be able to hear them when it all comes together for me. They must think I'm pretty dense. LOL It is interesting to feel as if someone always has my back and is there for me even if I cannot see them with my eyes. The knowing is becoming more clear but probably not fast enough to suit those patient souls trying to guide me. Thanks as always.

  • Boy I sounded like a mush mouth, we are on the "brink of an opportunity to link our oldest known relative to his parents" I hope anyway. Sorry brain works faster than fingers.

  • Well mush-mouth (I hope you don't sound like the one on Fat Albert lol ooops. Time to get on the way back machine lol) Tell r. Podyto move over. o you remember... LOL Anyway, I was adopted d don't know my biological family. So I don't know aything about my acestors. What I know about my spirit guide, his name is Alfred and he was supposed to be my father from my 1st life. The only thing I have to say about that is at least he shares a name with Batman's butler. lol Other than that, I am clueless. He has a very calming voice as I have spoken to him. I want to know, you are supposed to talk to your angels, how many does each person have? And how do they decide who becomes a guardian? TTFN

  • Syl, You got me on that I'd forgotten about that show. Man now my age is really showing. Anyway, I was just referencing a topic Blmoon and I have been discussing over the last couple months it wasn't directed at you. I was not aware of your adoption not that it would matter to me. I can't imagine not knowing my own biological family but must admit there were times in my life I wondered if I hadn't been adopted. I guess we all have those moments. You have me beat you know your spirit guide, apparently there is one who has been communicating through blmoon but I don't know if he is mine exactly, think he was just helping out but I don't really know. I haven't discovered who my guides are yet, no real experiences with angels either but I don't doubt either is there for us. I think the quantity can differ from person to person you may have one or more guides I think it depends a lot on what you are going through in life. I don't know about them deciding to become a guardian that is a question someone else will have to answer. I'm still struggling with the concept we all chose the lives we're living to learn the lessons in our lives. If I chose this......it makes me wonder.

    Anyway, surely some one will pipe in with a response to better answer your question.

  • I can't imagine choosing THIS life. I don't really need to know my bio-logical parents. I had parnts already I would like to know a medical history and I am a little curious on my heratage. I think my father is dead already cause I believe he was here. I have never had an angel experience. Everybody has their preconsception on what they look like but how do you know? We all might have seen them but don't know. I can remember everyting from my past (well most) I know that all of our toys can kill so our kids can't have them lol like lawn darts But I also remember it snowing in Florida. It hasn't snowed here since 1978! I was 12 when VCR's came out. They were $200 then and I remember saying that I was going to save my allowance so I could get one, and now you can buy a DVD player for $25! Kids today are so damn spoiled they have no idea. My mom used to beat the crap out of me and I am not a serial killer. She was allowed to then. Now, you can only hit your child on the butt with an open hand and leave a mark that will last an hour. You can't even put your child in time out unless they are facing a window! They take all the fun out of being a parent LOL You almost looked forward to it. TTFN

  • Sylvannah - have you ever read the book How to Heal your Own Life by Louise Hay? I have found almost all of my copies at GoodWill for a couple bucks. (Gotta love that place for books huh?). According to this book, you chose your life, your parents, your circumstances for learning lessons. This book was what started me on my path about 18 years ago. It was something that provided great insight to me about why I was the way I was. I always felt I had to be adopted too since I was so different and still am, from the rest of my family.

    RC, been a while since I've chatted with you. I've been waiting for you and Sylvannah to head over to the other forum...we've missed you over there. I'd love to send both of you over to the other place to meet up with us there....if you are interested, please drop me a note. You can find me at the gmail place. I'm known as skinnyjack3 there. I think there have been a few people trying to get messages to you both to come join us there.

    As far as spirit guides...I'm still trying to contact mine. I think I did meet one named Laura. I haven't seen her since my first contact so I'm not sure she is one but I'm still working on trying to get there. Starting doing Reiki and it has helped balance me and has opened up my mind. I have been able to see several past life persons which has been really interesting. I got to go into more detail with one of them last week during a hypnosis session. Pretty cool experience.

    Sylvannia - I don't know what thread we were talking about this one but remember my bald a** cat? I remember you saying that something changed in the environment that could cause her balding problem. I literally reflected on this for days....and the answer came to me I think. Late last year, I started smoking again. I really kicked in after I came back from my trip to Malaysia in January which is when the balding started to get really bad. Even though I smoke outside, I think the smell might have bugged her. I am happy to report, now that I am Reiki attuned, I have been providing healings for her....she is now well on her way to having a full body of hair again. Reiki is so cool! :0)

    Anyway, hope to hear from both of you soon!

  • AuntBuck, hey there, wasn't ignoring you just kind of got bogged down with other things lately. My mind has been racing with changes which you may have read. Congrats on Reiki would like to learn more about it for sure myself but one thing at a time. I'll try to touch base when I can. Been busy with the granddaughter and such.

    Syl, I just re-read the last post I put here for you. Girl I don't what field I was coming from but I hope you didn't take offense to what I said, Aunt Buck seemed to understand it was something I had read before about us choosing this life. Believe me if someone asked me if I chose mine I'd say are you nuts???? and then some. Anyway, just wanted to say sorry if I spoke inappropriately. Sometimes I get on a tangent and don't realize how things come out. But hey look at the bright side you may have saved a balding cat from great humiliation. Way to go on that one.

    I'm not sure I am looking at the right place but if I am you'll see me soon enough.

  • Good, I'm glad to help. I have heard that when you physically see your guardians that they go away. I haven't read that book. Actually, I haven't read any books for a while. I get all my vynil LPs from Goodwill. I've gotten alot of records from them. I don't know where I put it but I thnk I chose this life to help others. I knew I could handle it. Most people would have ended this life by now but I am strong. Maybe I posted it here. That would only make sense. (being the subject matter) That might be it as well concerning the cat or it might have been the time you spent on it. Time you were taking away from your cat.. Cats react to that kind of thing. My cats are getting bald spots. They are pulling their own hair out. But that is always a behavioral issue. Cats lose their hair as dogs just destroy stuff. Anyway, let me know if I can help you anymore. TTFN

  • Well....I will admit my mind is only picking up bits and pieces today and I saw that "Chosing this Life" and well, with doing the Reiki, I swear Louise's book has cropped up in my reading on Reiki so many times in the last couple weeks I think it is a message for me to start sharing the book again with others!

    RC - you found me! Yea!!!!

  • RCDreamer- you didn't offend me. You can't offend me no matter how hwrd you try but I don't remember even thinking it. But anyways, thanks. 🙂 I know that everybody has good days and bad days. For example, this guy was talking to me quoting his undying love and then got confused on who he was talking to. I told him he sounded drunk. To just go to bed and I'll talk to him tomorrow. I didn't get mad. I don't get mad at people that are under the influence. He got mad at me. Started cussing me out. I just ignored him after I came to that realization, So anything e said, didn't bother me at all. I don't think you are capable of really being mean but know that you will never offend me. And that cat can come here. That way all of the cats could be humiliated together lol TTFN

  • Thanks Syl.

  • Hello RCdreamer its been a lil while since we talked. Just wanted to know if you had any recent connections. I haven't made any attempts recently since the last one scared me. I really felt like my spirit was leaving my body and very heavy. I had the same experience twice in one night. I was meditating very well that night ,more than I ever did before.

    I was thinking of meditating tonite since I feel a lil restless about not being able to find a job. I feel all this negative energy around me...Maybe you can give some insight as what to expect if I'm making a connection with my guides without getting scared again.

    Thanks MCPeace

  • MC I'd love to say it's easy but I can tell you from my own experience it isn't always that. I can understand your being afraid, been there, done that. I think it is just something within ourselves we must overcome. Either you trust there really is something to fear like you opened up to something evil in some way or you trust that you are protected and will just enjoy the experience of it all. For me I always ask for protection before meditating. I'm learning that saying an intention before I begin has helped, kind of a what are you looking to learn or know today. I certainly don't claim to be any kind of an expert.

    I'd say you are getting it! It sounds to me like you were in the process of doing some OBE. Out of body experience, kind of like astral travel. I believe I've done it before but don't recollect what I encountered. I do however recall very vividly the feeling that I was being dropped back onto the bed. Not exactly a gentle experience. Kind of like falling off the ceiling impact.

    Again I recommend you use some sort of protection. Cover yourself with the white light of protection, say a prayer, whatever suits you best but I would not go into a meditation unprotected as you don't know what you are opening yourself up for. I haven't had the luxury of meeting my guide yet or at least not that I am aware of so far. I have encountered loved ones who have passed very vividly. The only thing I could say there is you'll know, trust that, that's how it works for me anyway. I can say I want to see so and so but not have that happen and yet in my first successful meditation I saw my uncle it was the most awesome experience. He literally glistened. Your mind may want to doubt what you envision but you must reach a point where you trust that you are seeing what is meant for you. I may want to know the winning lottery numbers but what I have seen is the "I'm ok" smile of a deceased loved one I was concerned about. I can't tell you how much relief that brought to me. My uncle died at his own hand and I worried terribly about what his fate was because of that. So for him to come through and be the first person I knowingly encountered was a powerful message indeed for me.

    For what it's worth I share your frustration with the job market but I have found that for some odd reason I am feeling peaceful during this time even with the concerns of unemployment. That to me says it is not in my control and some one else is guiding the direction I am to go. No matter how hard a train engineer wants to make a hard right turn, that is beyond his control, he must follow the tracks, the path set before him whether he wants to go in another direction or not. If not the train would derail, trust me making choices in my past against the grain of my path I can look back now and see where I derailed out of human stubbornness. My only suggestion is ride the rail a little further and see where it leads you, you might be surprised where you end up. Good luck and let me know how you do with your meditations.

  • By the way, MC, forgot to answer your question, my most recent encounter was literally a talk with my mom. It was telepathic during a meditation but it was really cool. I had tried holding an object that belonged to her to see if I'd get through and I did, the funny thing is at the end of the communication she said "By the way, the purse isn't mine, it was Aunt _____'s. " That was so my mom, she went with the whole experience and even though I know it to be her purse which she had used several times on special occasions, it was just a little beaded chain purse, in the end she had to set me straight and state it had originally belonged to my aunt. That was so her!

  • yeah, I would like to my spirit guide too. I think I saw it in a dream a few days ago but it was alien. 😉

  • RCDreamer: That's a good idea about holding on to one of their belongings. I have a pair of glasses my mother use to wear. I miss her so much and wish she was hear to comfort me during the this trial period. I miss our coffee times together. Well thank you for the insights.


  • MC Try the glasses, it may help you connect. Just remember even if you are not tuned in to receive their messages, they hear you so if you want to express something to your mom I've been doing it for years. I may not hear an answer but I feel better for having shared it.

  • RCdreamer ,

    I am inquiring about my spirit guides also, for some reason I feel my fiances fathers presence about alot even though I never was blessed with knowing him when he was alive. I even have dreamed about him could he possibly be one of my spirit guides? Thank you for your time and insight.


  • Gosh red35 I wish I had the answers you seek. In reading your post I can tell you this, a very serene feeling came over me when you mentioned your fiance's father's presence so I would say that your feeling he is around you is most certainly correct, he does come to you in your dreams it is his way of reaching you. I would think it is his way of helping you into the family. I almost feel as if he is taking his arm around your shoulder to guide you deeper within their circle. I'm not sure if he could be a spirit guide. I'd like to give you a solid answer on that but I myself am not there yet I hope you understand that. Please understand like you I am here to seek guidance and although things are opening up for me I don't claim in any way to be an expert. The things I have shared with you here have just come to me so I hope you will accept them with the intention with which they are given to help you as I can. There are others here who will check in on this thread and may be able to answer your spirit guide question, if not post a new thread yourself. I would just say the feeling I get from this man is very comforting, nurturing, gentle, he is pleased with your presence in his son's life.

  • Does anybody have a clue? What is my spirit guide?

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