Can anyone share some insight on where I should go in my life?

  • To ellaborate, I mean What vibe do you get on what steps to take from this point on, to grow as an individual, what my angels,spirit mediators, and ancestors have to tell me on where I need to be?

    Thank you


  • I am being told you are a healer of minds.

  • what exactly does that mean?

  • It means you have the ability to heal people who are in any sort of mental distress either with your words or energies. You have always done this, whether you know it or not.

  • There is a "coolness" about you. You are gracefull. Slow reacting. You keep a cool head. Dry sense of humour. Quik witted-sharp-very cerebrial. Studious. A good learner--hard working. Gentle yet strong. When you fall down you pick yourself up and then pick others up. You would make a good doctor--scientist--researcher or advocate. You have never felt you were meant to be mediocer. You think big--worldly. Your greatest flaw--bouts of impatience--boredom during down times--you hate the lull. Sometimes you don't give yourself credit where credit is do--you downplay your successes. Right now you are exactly where you are meant to be. Last two years--housecleaning and yucky stuff--time dragged for you. Felt out of your element at times--like things weren't right--wondered if you were changing in the right direction when life moved too slow. You worried you were being held back. Impatience clouds your intuitions on some days but lately you feel better--feel like the door has been opened finally. It is true--you will be more active by summer. I see two new friends who will bring career changes. There will be more socializing around the holiday--I see influencial people around you--like committies and board members--you will be drawn to a group setting--this apeals to you--and just that fast another group calls to you and you will find yourself in this choice. I see a lot of self discovery and growth for the next 4 years and I see an important father figure enter your life--tied to education. This will be an up and down union--will inspire you to grow and heal. Expect some pain with the joy but in the end all good. I really see many good things your way--Blessings!

  • Where should i go in life and how do i get what steps should i take to get there?

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