How to say goodbye!

  • j ust curious how we say goodbye to a comfort zone and take that leap of faith with who you "think" is the right one finally!

  • Hi

    I think it´s the what have i got to loose if i dont take the leap? that useally does it for me. too many are scared of change. status quo never remains status quo for long. also i find one can take the leap of change freely or kicking n screaming. the latter is the most painful one.

  • Barbidol626,

    It is hard to say goodbye to a comfort zone especially when you are in it for a long time. I am still trying to get out of it, taking baby steps.

    I am not afraid of changes, I take that as a challenge but what makes it hard for me to leave my comfort zone is because of me not wanting to hurt other people's feelings ( there are people involve, in my case).

    I have learn a lot from this forum. Listen to my intuition, follow my heart, talk to my angels.... I am so grateful for all the advices and guidance given. It makes the baby steps easier to take each day.

    I wish you all the best in saying goodbye to your comfort zone. Do not rush yourself, do it at your own pace and be comfortable with it. Take the advice from others in here, you won't regret it. They have certainly help me in so many ways!

    Good luck!

  • thankyou for the insight! What the heck I definatley have nothing to loose!

  • barbidol, there is a saying I heard a long time ago, and I try to remember it whenever I want to get out of a comfort zone and change my life:

    "If nothing changes, nothing changes"


  • Well things have gotten a little "hairy" since I last posted. I have a strong intuition that my taures has another life that I don't have any clue about! Either I am not capable of trusting again or I am right ! I just don't know anymore. Someone give me some feed back on this scenario please! So I have been seeing my taures for appr.8 months but only during the day and can't spend the night with him as,according to him he has rented out his house for 6 months and is "rooming with a friend. We have gone down to montserrat for 10 days and had a great time always with each other and obviously sleeping with each other for the first time. He likes to go to swingers clubs and has taking me there 2 times a week, although I will not share myself and niether has he except some soft play. When i question him on that, via e-mail I have never gotten a responce. We are suppose to go back in the first week of May (origionally 3rd wk. of april)for approx.2 to 3 weeks. I have been giving him some money to help defray the cost of the trip. Now since Easter, after spending every DAY with me last week, I did not see him for 2 days. He has hance been grumpy, and trying to pick a fight with me! We went today to our "hideaway" and did not even make love to me!! That is a first! He says he wants to marry me yet I really don't trust him, feeling like a fool now! Any insight anyone?

  • barbi - I responded to your other thread. I hope you are able to get some facts.

  • Darkness Angel - how very true. If nothing changes...nothing changes. Simply but definitely hits home. Getting outside your comfort zone is scary and a lot of people don't do it until it is pushed upon them. Once they take the leap...most find that it was the best leap they could have ever taken. Change is good. Terrifying at times...but very very good.

  • You have the answer, you just don't want to see it, because you are too afraid to lose him. Well the truth is, this is one guy you should lose. I don't know where to start, the worst is the swingers club, any man who truly loves you would not be taking you there, and of course he has someone else, that is why he is not sleeping over

    If you ever feel that you can't trust someone, listen!! It is not because of your past, it is your warning system. This man will only hurt you, never listen to his words, just watch his actions

  • Barbidol626,

    I am in love with a Taurus too and from what I can relate, I have to agree with pinkandmint. Trust your intuition and don't let the fear of losing him stop you from walking away.

    My Taurus and I broke up a few months ago but we are still in good contact with each other. I tried many ways to make him go away, I even resort to being mean and unfriendly. I wanted to cut off all ties with him. Not that he is a bad person. He is the nicest thing that happened in my life for a long time but he unfortunately let his fear of commitment destroyed our relationship.

    I cannot get rid of him. He is persistent on being my friend. He is there whenever I need him. He is being overly patience with all my tantrums. He never fails to answer my emails, my text and my messages. In short, he is acting the opposite of your Taurus.

    He don't open his house for any friends, to stay over whenever he is out of town but he did it all with me. I stayed in his apartment while he was at work, with free access to all of his stuff. Taurus people are afraid of change and intrusion. They won't trust anyone with their properties that easily.

    So in a way, I still believe my Taurus has feelings for me but we are not meant to be in a relationship for now. Anyway, the point is, can you see the difference between my Taurus and yours?

    One thing I have learned about Taurus, they are bullheaded. When they are not into you, that's final. They will find ways to ignore you and keep a distance. They can be cruel in doing that too. They don't care if they hurt your feelings by not replying to your messages, answer your calls etc.. Are these traits familiar to you? These are signs maybe? Listen to your intuition....

    Let's not talk about zodiac signs, I believe if any guy, from any zodiac signs treated me the way your Taurus treated you, I will walk away. I have my Self Worth and I know when it is time to say enough is enough. I am not a doormat.

    I wish you all the best. Good luck in finding the truth. No matter what, you will have our support here but please, put yourself first. Listen to your inner feelings and do what you feel right.

    Lots of love

  • I am crying as I write this because I know you all are right. I just didn't want to see the truth. I truly believe he is living another life outside of me. I can't believe I was so stupid to listen to all the lies. I really thought he was sincere and the one. I was so desperate for attention and love and I guess he saw that. If he was living with a room mate that I assumed a male why can't I spend the night with him? I ask myself over and over again yet can't find the answer! And even he won't answer that one!!! I am so devastated but very much appreciative to the reality check!!

  • barbidol626,

    I am so sorry if the comparison I made between my Taurus and yours are making your cry but deep in my heart, I just want you to know follow your intuition and be safe. It pains me to see someone feeling so miserable and not being appreciated by the person she loves.

    I am not a psychic and that was just my experience with my Taurus. I can be wrong in judging your situation but my guts is telling me to share my story with you. Also, after being with a Taurus, I kinda know his traits. After being in a few relationships, I kinda know how I want to be treated in a relationship. Anyway I am still learning too and intuition is the best tool for me right now.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world. Chin up and stop crying. You have your Self Worth. Do not let him take that away from you.

    Lots of love, hugs and comfort to you.

  • his actions were so sincere or so I thought but he is slipping and really stressing out as it must be getting harder for him to live 2 lives! I never really question him as if I do he gets defensive and never replies directly to my questions. I am so confused either I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT OR MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE BY LETTING GO!! I can't seem to find the right answer. He has baught me black pearls, emerald and diamond ring and for christmas(although I didn't see him as he said he had to fly to new jersey to see his daughter) GOLD AND DIAMOND EARINGS( NOW WONDERING IF THIS STUFF IS REAL)!!!!!!!!

  • what a wonderfull person you are! My son is a taures also and they are both so stubborn and so cruel at times. I know something else is going on but what if I am wrong? I could make the mistake of my life. How do we know? I am so lost and so confused. But deep down I guess I always knew something was not right! I just can't figure out how to find the truth! Maybe in GOD!!!

  • barbidol626,

    You are so full of emotions right now. I suggest you take a good rest and calm yourself. If you are looking for answers now, mind chatters will only clouded your intuition. You won't be thinking straight. You need a clear mind. Don't do anything hasty for now. Shut him off for a while, take your "ME" time. When you are at peace, think of your situation. Ask yourself if you are happy with the way things are right now? Ask yourself what you want? Are you willing to settle for this kind of life or do you think you deserve to be treated better?

    Have you rest now, girlfriend. Go and find your peace.

    Lots of love

  • you are right again , I am a mess right now. THANKYOU FOR YOUR INSIGHT. Like I said before you are a very gifted and intelligent person. I am just stupid when it comes to relationships( I was a nurse and x-ray tech for many years, so not book stupid) I am so confused right now. I also live with a man that I have taken care of for the past 4 years and have it made,now he was diagnosed with liver cancer last week. Feel like my world is crumbling around me and can't see wich way to turn!!

  • by the way the man I take care of and truly thinks he is in love with me is 74. He is also an alcoholic and ruined my life when I fell in love with a 47 yo man in wisconsin and drove 1700 miles to get out of this and be with him. So now here I sit in my side of the condo and want a dirrerent life I thought my taurus(Bob) was the answer. Guess not huh?

  • barbidol626,

    you already know the answer. listen to your inner voice. what do you hear? anyway, this is not the right time to be looking for answer, as I have said in my previous reply. Go and get some chamomile tea, take some time for yourself. Get away from the computer. Go and enjoy the peace, the quiet. The answer will be clearer and clearer.

    lots of love.

  • ok talk to you manana, ok?

  • I will be here later..

    going about my daily rituals right now...

    meditating and talk to angels..

    go and give it a your hearts out to the angels..

    go and find some comfort and peace.

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