• Im Desiree McPherson 12.06.79 , a sag , would like to know where my marriage is headed , would like to know more about my brother in laws feelings towards me , and would LOVE to know all that , so so appreciated and reciprocated..... Also, gotta know how mom will be now that she took off to another state , and left my dad ,and all of us , yet we are grown-ups , and who is around me , angels , spirit guides name and what does it mean when they blow on your neck? oh , and do you see anyone alive or dead that loves me and adores me besides god , a human ?? I will love this to be answered and will reciprocate , i love you thank you .

  • this is me and hubby w/ hat and this is brother in law

  • As far as your marriage is concerned I got the such fabulous cards i got knocked over. So much abundance heading your way, however reading your question I felt like you wanted out and were looking for love in all the wrong places. Such a contradiction.

    You have in-depth questions that you probably need a professional reading so you can get to the bottom of why you are not seeing the potential with what you already have.

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