Will history repeat itself?

  • Delbert,

    It is kind of fun to hear our words come out of their mouths isn't it? I guess it doesn't all go unheard.


  • RC i would like you to think i had all the right answers shhhh but i did not i did the best i could with what i had and i see a lot of the negative to but i hope they will know the difference i am not perfect and i never will be but i am a whole lot better than what i use to be .You know i have two sisters and they were always real pretty and popular the oldest one i watched her get to where her shhhh didn't stink and she always looked down on me today she is sitting in jail 3rd DWI and will probably go to prison she has gotten divorced and my brother in law told me she had 6 affairs while they were married and the last one he said i couldn't take it anymore and i never knew any of this i think they were married over 25 years how sad and all she had to do was ask for help i would of done what ever i could to help her and its the same with my brother just younger than me he is in the same jail to for drugs and alcohol 4 time he served 5 years he did sober up a year then he decided he could handle it didn't handle it to good did he Thats why i am so grateful for the grace that has been given me and thank God i didn't kill someone or go to prison i could of very ea sealy when i was drinking and being a parent i know whats out there and it is scary. Have A Great Day DelbertC

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  • Interesting concept Laurieann, life is really about choices and accepting the little things in nature that come our way and learning to appreciate them. It wasn't until recently I ever thought much about rain but you are right, what a life giving force it can be whether it's a sprinkle or a downpour. May God's love shower us and may that rain bring with love, compassion, rejuvenation, forgiveness, an ability to grow....something to think about indeed.

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  • You all Just amaze me whit the great things you share here it just makes my day got grand son duties just wanted to say You All have a great weekend DelbertC

  • Poetic I was so taken by the information you conveyed on what inspires you that I wanted to thank you here for the reminder as well. I am hoping this helps re-direct the energy that has been so heavy and horrible.


    Thanks for the reminder that no matter what the circumstances we face may be, we need to find the positive in them to continue forward. I've been bogged down by worries about things at home for some time now, the job situation and the ongoing need for money I don't have right now. But I think I've sabotaged myself because by allowing myself to focus on the lack, that which I need, I took my thoughts away from being grateful for what I do have. You all know I've been guilty of wanting to rid my daughters life of someone, I still do but I know now I can't concentrate on that negativity. I ask you to help me to do that.

    So today you are my inspiration, my reminder of what really matters and better ways to achieve them. Thanks for helping me re-focus my intentions.


  • We need each other, I'm not strong all the time RC. If I get a blessing before you do I'll share some of it! Your kind words did so much to lift my spirit! 🙂

  • Thanks Delbert, Laurieann, and RC!

  • Hang in there Poetic we're here if you need to vent. Best wishes for a great day.

  • Hi Everyone, Well I almost hate to put this out there as if I'm giving the universe permission or something but trust me I'm not. It appears in her mind anyway, that this "relationship" is moving forward. It is such a huge mistake in my mind there is no way for me to see it from a new and clear perspective. I fear History is definitely going to repeat itself in many and worse ways. But I would like your thoughts on that? She seems so determined and I'll be the first to admit I believe upsetting me is more of a factor than "loving" this guy. I totally feel it is a manipulative move. What amazes me most is that she seems oblivious to that and doesn't see it that way at all.

    I worry about what this could do to my granddaughter. In their eyes and dreams for her parents to be together is a dream come true and can only be wonderful. But I already see signs of the reality of their needs coming before hers and her being cast aside while they do for themselves. Are my concerns unjust? Can anyone get a read of sorts on this situation? I am trying very hard to not let negativity swallow me up and press on in a forward motion but this just bothers me. Is it just me?

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