Will history repeat itself?

  • Oh RC i forgot to tell you them grand daughters are 13 an 16 now they have came a long way.Delbert

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  • Poetic,

    Dear Joel always seems to just be speaking right to us when his messages come through doesn't he?

    Thanks for sharing todays message with me, it hits home.


  • Laurieann & Delbert I sure appreciate your sharing your experiences with me. And I know we get upset about the fussing and fighting we go through with our kids. We want them to see things our way. I know enough to know that isn't always going to happen, probably hardly ever. Every now & then we get through and that feels great. It's not so much I want to change my daughter. She is who she is, she has her own dreams in life and she like all of us has her own mistakes to make in the process. I just would hate to see her hurt physically or otherwise again by this person. Believe me I even have a hard time using the term "person" it's too good for him really. I will keep on praying and in the meantime work on healing myself and trying not to let the stress of it all come between me & my family. I've let it go and put it in Gods hands but the worry is still lingering, the feeling of helplessness looms overhead. It's tough! But as my mom would have said "that's ok, cause I'm tougher......" my mom didn't take guff from anyone and I'd like to think I have some of her in me. Thanks to you both and everyone for reaching out to me, I do so appreciate the good thoughts and realization that I'm not alone in feeling this way.


  • Hopeternal, don't worry about how long a post is, it's always good to get your feelings out and I appreciate you sharing your story with me as well. I am sorry to hear that your daughter & grandchild had so much to endure. Praise be that she is healthy now and doing well. Nothing worse than seeing a child suffer and facing the unknown. I so appreciate that you all come together and help me realize it's not just me. Not that I believed only my family has struggles like this but it's just nice to hear that others have gone through it and come out the other side and that their families are still in tact. Well pretty much most of the time. I worry a lot about the hurt between my daughter and me not going away, like the forgiveness won't be there and the stupid stuff will fester. I've seen that happen in years past with other family members and others families too and that is just so sad. We only have a short period of time on this earth and we most definitely should be sharing our love and caring with others during that time. This life is too short to spend it hating and mistrusting and in despair. My aunt sent us a cross-stitched reminder years ago that said simply "Love One Another" she was so right.

    But the mama bear instincts are there and so we let the fur on the back of our necks stand at attention and we poise for battle when really I just want to throw my arms around my little girl whisk her away and say "mommy's got you, you're safe now." We're way past all that but man that would feel good right about now. I guess I need to take my aunts advice a little more seriously and when things stress me out remember to breathe. It's amazing what the simple act of taking a human breath can do for us, our bodies, minds and blood pressure. It's something that comes without thought and yet if we'd bother to think about it once in awhile we'd realize that too is a precious gift. I know, I know there goes the philosopher again, sorry, call me mushy. I think I'm just realizing very clearly aside from the challenges life and people throw our way that we really are given so much that we take for granted every day. Once in awhile we need to stop, and just be thankful. I'm thankful everyday for my daughter. I told her from the very beginning she was the greatest gift anyone ever gave me and is always a blessing in my life, that won't change because of this guy. I only hope one day she might stop, breathe and realize how much I love her and that I would do and do everything I possibly can for her. Thanks to all of you for listening to me rant and gush from time to time. I really appreciate that you care enough to allow me that freedom. Thanks for listening.


  • I have to go now, but we will talk tomorrow, we have a lot in common, Denise I had a child with a Skull tumor who is now fine and I was molested as a child. Wow! We'll talk later. Everything will be fine! Hope your Interview went well RC and Delbert keep being strong. šŸ™‚

  • RC, POETIC, DELBERTC, LAURIEANN....YOU ARE ALL SO PRECIOUS!!...I really love your energies!! we have SO much healing we can share with each other,..I have to go to bed now, and I will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers, I just know what wonderful beautiful energies you are, I know none of us are perfect, no human is... but I do know what beautiful hearts and souls you have, I can feel them...

    SO much love,joy and peace to you!!



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  • laurieann what a warm message you shared. You are so right it is good to remind ourselves that without our parents we wouldn't be here planned or not. I often say if it were not for our grandparents, our ancestors we would not exist so to them we owe a thank you, even on the darkest of days.

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  • Hello all, I agree with everything. I think because of the trials and tribulations we endure or maybe in spite of them, we survive and live and learn and grow. And we grow stronger and we choose not to stop living and loving and sharing. I miss my Grandparents so, there was so much love and unity with the family when they were here that fell apart when my Grandma died exspecially. I'm trying to keep us together. Laurie Ann & RC we all have so much in common and we are different generations I'm sure, times and timelines change but the core of Humanity is the same. No matter the color of our skin, the lineage of our ancestry or the class of our status in this life, just people. "Aint that Grand." šŸ™‚

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  • Me too! I actually stared using this site about 5 years ago I think, didn't know there were folks posting in here until last year! šŸ™‚

  • Wonderful sentiments again, you are so right. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ladyies i dont know what i would of done with out the guidance of my mother and other women when i was raising my girls by my self i got them when they were 9 & 10 at first i could not afford to call my mother every time i needed something so other ladies helped i did not know when girls started or what to do but i learned and i am still learning even tho they are 37 & 39 now what a trip and now most of my grand kids are girls 6 grand daughters and one great grand daughter and one own the way blessed or cursed No i am very blessed just lost some times .Life is a journey from the beginning it can be a adventure or a endurance i have had some tell me to suck it up get over it and i have lived that way and its no way to live today i rather feel love ,hurt,pain and all that go with it .I remember very well of not being able to feel and i hope i never go there again hlll would be a welcome place over that and i think i know women are stronger in those areas and women can handle pain more to so do not ever think you ladies do not have a purpose what would man be with out a women he would be running around the garden of Eden with his thumb up his aaaa and wondering now what and i know you will get a good laugh out of that I wonder if Adam and Eve last name was Eden ? I need to get to work on my garden ,Ladies have a great day DelbertC

  • Delbert that is sweet. The suck it up and get on with it doesn't work for me either. I'm determined perhaps to a fault to make the light shine through. It is just so darn obvious to me that I find it hard to believe my kid cannot open her eyes to see it. I think she is getting a taste of the past and God willing not liking what she is getting.

  • Funny Delbert.

  • I responded to another message on the soul groups post that I think sums up how I feel about this whole mess. Sometimes I feel like a helpless spectator. It's like watching a movie or a sporting event and hollering at the tv "watch out", they don't hear you, they don't listen, the inevitable unfolds and they should have listened. Will your support be enough to pick up the pieces when it's all said and done and will just being there for them help because they are going to do what they are going to do and you (me) are not in control and cannot stop the preverbial train wreck from occurring.

  • RC do you remember how when every thing is based on feeling or emotion reality goes out the window common since is not existent and you can not tell them anything they have all the answers .One of the best things i ever did was told the kids there is times you will get caught up in the moment and do things you know is not right like drinking getting drunk and finding your self in a situation you did not want to be in call me and i will come get you and you want be in trouble do not try to drive just call me .I can not stop what my kids chose to do but i can leave and give a way out if they chose and that is all i can do.Condemnation and ridicule drives them further away love ,understanding and remembering that love of giving of ones self with out expecting any think in return they know what they have done they want the same thing as we do to be loved and to love and to be happy my kids would say jokingly whoa daddy is preaching again and i would say i just want you to be OK and today i see more and more of them teachings coming into play by them and it proves to me they did hear a little .Its a great day to be a Dad. Delbert C

  • Poetic555 I say this with love your thinking your self nuts ( Act yourself into Right Thinking ) ask for right direction and guidance and start doing and it will come and remember you are not doing it alone follow the light what is the light its Truth. Love Yea Delbert C

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