Will history repeat itself?

  • I am afraid that my daughter is becoming re-involved with a former beau who was abusive in many ways. Just when she was turning her life around I see her slipping back in to old mannerisms and feel that she is revisiting what she thought was security with this person. Can anyone give me a read on this situation? She is an Aires 17 Apr 1987 10:11am born Vero Bch, FL, he is a Taurus born 5 May 1987 Newark, DE, not sure of time. Any thoughts?

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  • URGENT can anyone review this for me......

  • Would really appreciate your input.

  • She will think of getting re-involved with him when venus turns retrograde that is 2010 october/november.

    But for the time it is just rekindling of old patterns because of mercury retrograde. She might appear she is involved with him but not really (I guess).

    Mercury is going retrograde in her 2nd house i.e., her immediate surroundings So she might be missing HIM till mercury turns direct.


    This is based on my research on venus/mars/mercury retrograde over google.

  • interestingly, venus turns retrograde in her 7th house i.e., her partner's/marriage/conflict zone.

    I am sorry for you to say retrograde effects cannot be stopped and it will happen as people say "it is written".

  • Abirame so you see her repeating history and the same mistakes again? Am I understanding your post correctly?

    That is bad if it's in the stars so to speak but a good heads up on what to expect. Sad news indeed.

  • Pray RC. I don't care what the Stars say, What does the Lord say? Have Faith.

  • No disrespect to you Abirame. 🙂 I just know prayer changes things.

  • RC....I so want to back up what Poetic says!!! she is one eke of a intuitive!!....we truly can change EVERYTHING....we really do have the ability to change things....

    SO much love and blessings to you....do you know, you have helped me SO much today?!! with your thoughts and feelings of love and compassion you have spread, you have so much power to change peoples thoughts and feelings!! you changed MY thoughts about "issues" with what you spread today!!....so please KNOW if you can do that for a complete stranger....Just know your power to change things for your beautiful family ....I love your energy RC...and I love to come across your posts...



  • 🙂 We are all we have, each one teach one! Or we learn together.

  • As usual Poetic...you are so right!!!...do you know I love to see posts from you, you really are like a breath of fresh air!!...at times you feel like a beautiful little child I just want to comfort So much, then...you feel like the most STRONG person I have ever known....you are one beautiful energy that I have the privilege to have come across....I NEED to say how much I love your energy...without freaking you out...LOL...but I truly know you are one wonderful person....:) and I feel blessed to be in contact...


  • I am humbled, I just want to help where I can, I'm not perfect either, just have lots of experience. I'm happy that you are happy and I sense you have a beautiful personality. Sometimes I'm strong and sometimes I'm weak. I feel blessed everyday that I have met such wonderful people here, including you! I think were here for a purpose greater than ourselves and isn't this just a wonderful way to give back? Bless you Denise!

  • And to learn, and to open our eyes to the possibilities that are out there! Wow! My daughter and my husband laugh when I tell them all the things I've learned. But they will have to learn for themselves, this knowledge probably happens just when we need it and our ready for it. Not before. Everybody won't drink the Kool -Aide. I feel sorry for them. But Alas, we will do our part. Your cards with the daily thoughts are always right on time!

  • poetic, I guarantee you I pray, and I will keep praying, it's not a good thing written in the stars or not, Wrong is just wrong and I'm hoping God knows that well enough to do something about it. I see no good reason for lessons like that to be learned. Thanks for the suggestion your prayers too would be appreciated.

  • Denise,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. Your prayers too will be appreciated. I'm determined as my pals here say like a mother grizzly protecting her cub I will do everything in my power to protect my family from this person and the deception they live by.

    I'm glad my comments are helpful to you. I sure appreciate that. I speak from the heart and often times I worry after hitting submit post if I have overstepped any boundaries or said anything out of turn. But all of you here are such a treasure to me, you have helped me more than you will ever know in this journey and I am truly grateful to know each one of you. Your continued good thoughts mean a lot to me. I thank you and praise each of you for taking the time to reach out to another. What a gift that is in society today.


  • RC, This is from Joel's Daily Word for today believe it or not. Just Sharing.

    Above All


    "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers…"

    (I Peter 4:8, NIV)

    TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

    So often, people try to make others fit into their mold and be just like them. We think, "If they would just change, then I wouldn't get upset. If they would just do it the way I want, then they wouldn't get on my nerves." But really, we need to give people room to be who God created them to be. Life is too short to spend it trying to fix everybody. Sure, we should encourage people and help them grow and come up higher. But we have to come to the point where we step back and say, "All right, this is who God made them to be, and I'm going to accept them the way they are. Just because they don't have my same strengths, I'm not going to let that frustrate me." We have to choose love every day because love covers over our differences and offenses. Love is what allows us to appreciate what others bring into our lives, and it brings us together in unity.

    Today, above all, choose love. Choose to focus on the things that make your relationships stronger because in the end, love is all that remains.

  • Hi RC,

    I'm with you all the way on the... "mother grizzly protecting her cub I will do everything in my power to protect my family from this person and the deception they live by"...

    I know this feeling so much, I have four grown up children ages from 32- 41, I would be doing exactly as you!!...I have spent many agonising hours in the past, I just didn't know how to cope with what felt like someone sticking a knife into my heart when bad stuff happened to my family, my granddaughter at the age of 7 lay in a hospital bed after having a brain tumour removed, obviously we were all beside ourselves with worry, but, her "daddy" decided he was to take a job he had been offered that involved moving to live in London and just come back when he could!!....if he had been in dire straights to have to accept this job because of need I may have understood....but, he already have a very good paid job at the time.....how could anyone want to leave a very sick child and his partner (my Daughter) at a time like that?...it was all beyond me, the pain and anguish my daughter had to face, trying to explain why "daddy" wasn't there much was almost too much to bare, all he said to excuse himself of that disgusting act was "I want to earn more money to give them a better life"...for all he knew at that time she could have died at any time, she even had to go through the same surgery again a few short weeks later.....I thought I was going out of my mind with worry over them, thankfully my beautiful granddaughter is out of remission now, she has regular check ups and is ok, she' now 18 and goes to University, I'm so proud of her!! ... but, I felt so much hatred for him!!...

    Then not long after this had all happened, one of my other daughters had been going through some tough times too, and it finally came to a head, and the devastating news came out, she was 28 at the time, she had never told a single soul of what happened to her when she was a child, she was abused by our next door neighbour, this is something I find extremely difficult to talk about as you can imagine, I was so devastated, that vile sick, I won't call him a man or an animal, that would be insulting most men and animals....but I wont go into that one any more at moment, but she tried to commit suicide a few times, she couldn't cope with the fact we all knew of what happened to her as a child, and as all the sick paedophiles cause the poor children to think its there fault and make them feel dirty!! they then carry this feeling most of their lives, the first time she tried to end it she overdosed on her sister's insulin, she took a massive dose, I never left her side in the hospital, slept on a chair for a whole two weeks she was in, they tried to make me go home...but I wouldn't, I just couldn't leave her side, they couldn't watch her 24hrs a day, what if she tried it again??....

    but thankfully, many years have past I have found my way to finding and learning my spiritual path, because only the letting go of those feelings of hate were only hurting one person...Me! and I just was not prepared to carry on hurting myself, ...don't get me wrong, it took a lot of time and praying and soul searching for me to let go, I now try to react a little better nowadays when I hear if things are going bad for my children or grandchildren , I have to try and view things in a different light so to speak, of course it's still painful when things happen, I wouldn't be a mother if I didn't still have those emotions, I just pray for strength to not go to pieces!! cos what good would I be to them if I let myself go down into despair again as I did in the past....I am grateful now I can gather my resources and am capable of controlling extreme emotions.

    I'm sorry for the very long post RC, but I truly wanted you to know how much I understand what you are going through,...I will be praying with you! x x x

    Much love, peace and blessings to you RC



  • Some times RC we just have to let them go and God is there for her but he gives her what he has given all of us free will and he will not over ride it .If you have read some of things i have wrote that one daughter that i am living in her yard in my trailer is the one who went threw so much hhh with my 2 grand daughters .The youngest he even stole her from her mother and she was breast feeding ,he run her off the road busted the back window were the baby was ,he broke into her house over and over stealing her mail all the time and she would always go back to him i even whooped his aaaa i wanted to do more than that finally after 4or5 years she met some one else and married he cut the tires own their cars 4 times but the guy she married was a player as you ladies call them i call it some thing else . You do not know how many times i wanted to beat that kids head aganist the wall asking what is the matter with you why do you keep going back and back we moved her i do not know how many times .She married again a diffrent one he is a player two this time she gets rid of him in less than two years but i got a new grand son he is the youngest of my grand kids today she has a new 3 bedroom brick she had built she gets child support on that grand son the 2 girls from the syco he gave up perental rights to keep from paying today he is out here every week he takes the girls shopping and the movies and is always given them money and he even gives my daughter money once in awhile not much but some and i do talk to him out of respect for my grand daughters and i am nice kinda ha ha .What i am saying RC is i prayed and beged God to help her and me and guide me and you know what he did .But back then i thought he wasent .To day that grand sons dad has not even seen that boy since he was 6 months old he is now 3 and he is my little helper he came up to me yesterday i was putting fittings own a air hose course he was helping me and out of no where he says paw paw i want a kiss so i reached down and gave him a kiss and he gave me a big hug.You know that daughter when she was born me and her mother had split up and when she was born she weighed 3 lb 13 oz she was in the hospital for a month i went up nearly ever night and held her .Her mother hardly ever came and i made one of the best decisions i ever made i would not be responsible for bringing any more children into this world by me and them go threw what these kids did i was a drunk i was mean i was a lousy husband and father.Today i am very grateful my kids never gave up on me and they still haven't me and that daughter have a special bond .Just love them and support the truth and ask God and his angles to guide and protect her and and him its amazing what love and truth changes how do you bring some one out of darkness? You share the light i do not know you daughter but i know your pain may God bless you and yours and guide you threw these times DelbertC

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