Negative recycling thread

  • I can always find sunshine on a cloudy day...I am many things, but negative is not one.

    Deposit it here and and leave with the positive..

    Negativity sucks away energy. If part of the negativity stems from your attitude or perspective, commit yourself at the beginning of each day and each activity to find something positive in yourself and in others around you. If the people around you are negative and you can't change that, either remove yourself from the situation or view it simply as one obstacle you face in pursuing your own potential. Stay focused on your own goals and make the best of the situation.

    TERRY ORLICK, Embracing Your Potential

  • GemTwin52 - I like your thread, we all need positivity, and positivity breeds hope. It is so easy for people to suck away at your energy, some people can be so draining that it's very difficult to get away from. I don't like it when people explode with anger, I find that harder to deal with. I have never liked angry people, there is no place to hide from them. I sometimes get angry with their anger and I am then just as bad as they are. Attitude and perspective. Perspective is a biggy, everyone sees things differently. You have to learn to change your perspective. Make the best out of every situation, we have to, we only have one life. Attitude is so important too. Why, thank you for your thought provoking message. Take care and happy thoughts to you GemTwin52. 😄

  • Thank you intriqued, thought I would spark more interest, but nonetheless I am surrounded by enormous amounts of negativity in my work. I deal with it the best I can and generally do whatever it takes to accentuate positive thoughts or solutions and turn it around.

    My best to you...

  • GemTwin52,

    Great thread! I was unaware that aside from the people I give advice to, and the people on that particular thread, that anyone would read what I post, but it looks like I have fans and haters. LOL Who knew? So, perhaps if I post here, this thread will pick up, it is a great topic.

    I would like to leave any negative thoughts or energies I may have here, so I can continue to help others find their direction.

    Blessings Carol

  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for using the depository thread and don't worry about the haters, they bring there own misery upon themselves.

    Every community has haters. Online we call them trolls, an apt name because they lurk around reading comments or chats waiting in the shadows to jump on others for no other reason than they can. Keyboard courage, using a computer’s anonymity to empower one in a negative manner, abounds in all online communities. If there’s a chat room or forum close by, chances are there’s a troll hiding under a bridge.

    Trolls make things difficult, for sure, but that’s what they’re going for. They live to give others a hard time. Fortunately, there are ways to handle trolls without making the environment negative for all who visit.

    Fortunately they draw the same like tact.

    Just remember, don't feed the trolls! LOL

    My Best to you

  • GemTwin52,

    Aren't you a clever one, with humorous and solid advice. Like it! LOL

  • What happens to this thread once it's all filled up with negative thoughts? Where will they go? Right now I'm thinking I will never have peace and quiet. I just need to clear my mind and THINK. There's too much noise, too many things, too many people, and I can't concentrate. I'm behind on everything. So I'm leaving it here, on the dump thread, so it can... what? Be here instead of in my brain? Will this effectively remove the obstacle? Diminish it? Oh, I sure hope so. NOW STAY THERE. And hey, do we come back here? To see how it's doing? Or just leave it and go, never to return to it? Thank you for the positive message. Noted.

  • I also leave here all my fears and negative thoughts that sometimes don't let me focus on my work... stay here!! [in this box]


  • I leave here my insecurities, fears & negative thoughts which slow me down while I strive to reach my goals. I'm on a positive roll now baby!!!

  • Good idea! I will gladly dump all my negative energy off here! I have been so confused, weighed down by it, and then of course it starts too pass too everyone, everything around me, so I will drop off all the guilt for that here too, and fear, drama and nonsense I allowed myself too be drawn into. I'll leave my lack of hope,impatience and anxieties here as well, and any negative thoughts or anger I'm not proud of. GemTwin52, thanks, this was nice, too me, this is exactly why the world needs geminis, creative, witty, lovely way too get rid of the negatives and leave lighter! I always feel guilty for feeding into my own problems, so this is a nice way too let them go a bit instead of doing the emotionally draining vampire thing, (one of the reasons I don't answer the phone sometimes, everybody has atleast one)

  • Ok, this is strange, but it seems to be working. At least I'm getting some stuff done. Thanks again!

  • Negative Positive Filing

    Whatever you focus on expands.

    If you have repetitive negative thoughts, you may like to try a simple technique of noticing your thoughts as they come and filing them in imaginary in-trays labeled negative and positive.

    Perhaps even imagine the negative in-tray as bottomless; you can file negative thoughts and let go instantly – the thoughts disappear through the tray and drift off into the distant universe. Your positive thoughts can be stored, revisited and built upon.

    Awareness of your thinking gives you the power to make positive change both within and without.

    By noticing your thoughts you will be able to develop the ability to take charge of your own thinking and moods.

    The process doesn’t require too much hard work or effort; go easy on yourself and simply try raising your awareness of your thinking

    If you are aware that negative or repetitive thoughts have arisen you can more quickly discard them – the awareness also lessens the impact of any negativity by helping to prevent a spiral of even more erroneous thoughts gathering.

    Picture your thoughts as clouds – the darker ones being negative and trying to gather together to create a storm. Your positive thoughts are lighter, fluffy and harmless.

    Welcome the positive and sift carefully yet gently.


  • Thank you GemTwin52, very good point on keeping the positive thoughts going, and just in the knick of time for some us I think!

  • Wow, wonderful thread! I LOVE it.

    I don't do negativity or overtly depressed situations either, I have lost a lot of friends due to the negative atmosphere they brought to me... too much drama - seekign advise, being in abusive and wrong situations- it SUCKS away life from a positive and optimistic person as myself. Everytime I have been around such individuals, my energy literally drains, it such a weird experience to feel; my mood gets salty, temperature rises a bit, I'm angry because I can't fix their situation - its rather sad and hard to explain. So I HAVE to be around positive people. With experience and age comes the right life's path.

  • If you capture every negative thought, and play the 'what if' game, it helps. As in, 'I will never get this done', but 'what if' I do? What if I get it done in plenty of time? And have time to spare? Or 'there's no way I can pay these bills', but 'what if' I find a way? What if I am so resourceful, or persuasive, that I can spread it out and pay partial payments, and can talk someone into accepting that? Or, 'my cat is dying', but 'what if' I call the vet and research the symptoms on the net, and try a combo of things that makes her better? (This last one has actually happened TWICE now! The vet is 'baffled'.) One huge one, 'the economy is so bad, I'll never find a job', but 'what if' I just apply one more time? What if I'm the exact person they are looking for out of hundreds? (Actually happened to 2 friends in the last month, really good, full-time jobs, with full benefits, in a very competitive field, in a very depressed local market! Both had been looking for over a year, and had almost given up.)

  • That spammer is getting on my last nerve. So I've flagged it and I'm leaving it here.

  • LOL This is how we do it...don't sweat the small stuff and remember>>>

    "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up"

    Fairy Dust > Fairy Dust..

  • Yep, I got knocked down today a bit, but I'll just leave all that here, and get right back up agian! Almondee, I understand what you mean, about negative people, it can be sooo crazy! Ever met anyone who's whole purpose is too explain one horrible event after the other, and then you express your sympathy, and they have more too tell you dating back from 20 years or so, and if thats not bad enough, they say thats not even the half of it, and you really just met them? I have this happen, as I am a rather patient person, but perpetual worriers seem too be drawn too me as if I have a sign on my forhead, reading "will listen for hours and hours, will not judge". Not that the problems or events aren't truly awful, they are, I guess I just don't see the purpose of being so weighed down by it all the time, of course I want too be able too help, or say the magic words, thats what I try too do, one awful event, hardluck story at a time! I know one, who actually tells me I'm more like them then I know, and I should express it! I'm thinking, um, nooo, not even happening.

  • Gemtwin

    Thanks for thinking of this thread.It will help to be sure.I will gladly lighten my load by leaving all the anxiety and fears of my circumstance,the anger or resentment I may be harboring and the unhealthy stress of accummalated frustrations.My life is good.It just needs a good housecleaning once in a while.Thanks

    Blessings and Hugs

  • Why thank you blueyedervish/bluecat.. while we all have our share of "housework" within ourselves, its nice to know we can often find help to tidy up and put it in order.

    ((( (Hugs back at ya ))))

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