A True Story

  • If you go to " A Gift For You offered by twinsoul,, page 32 I was given an answer to a question about my grandaughter by twinsoul that was so accurate I felt I needed to share the story .hope you don,t mind going to that site to check it out and I hope I haven,t broken any rules here. Will appreciate any feed back. twinsoul is very good at what she does. leonida

  • Hi Leonida, I checked out your page and.... wow! I have heard all about the "can this pickle....." fan page and have a lot of friends who even joined! What a zany and cool idea! I hope she is not upset by the attention or embarrassed. It was a lighthearted and fun idea and shows what a creative mind she has. It also brought a lot of entertainment to so many. I'm sorry. I can't remember your relation to her...daughter or niece? Anway, what a creative spirit she has. I expect she will come up with some other amazing ideas in the future and will wow us all again.

  • Hello Stonyeye , Well I am happy to see someone checked it out, thank you for that, it has been a little crazy in our family since this started She wrote a letter to try and calm things down& I think that has helped,, You can read that letter by going to the pickel site and at the top it say,s notes if you go to the site it also say,s on the left side CREATOR and there,s going to pop-up her picture. she is my Grandaughter , She is very talented and I am sure she will achieve her goals as a novelist , she has written short plays and she is very artistic musically , she does poetry, and lyrics for songwriting, and her art work is fantastic. I am truly very proud of her & love her dearly. YES I think she is going to WOW us again only next time it will have more substance. But I told her I think you will always be known as THE PICKEL GIRL. LOL LOL ............ Leonida

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