Want 2nd chance

  • Captain

    we hve been together for 13 years, the pst 4 years, i kept pushing him away (I think I a sex anorexic) he found someone else who inturn treated him not only bad but broke his heart. I still love him he tells me he loves me but not in love wirth me then tells me he doesnt love me to get out of his life he doesnt need me and the next he is calling me up to help him with favors (not sexual.So I told him I found someone else, 2 hours later he calls me up nd tells me he met this girl at the gas station and she is taking him out for coffee. 2 days later he tells me this girl he met (not the same girl) took him out for coffee and he met her parents they love him. Well I havent tlaked to him in acouple of days and I refuse to call him. He calls to tell me about all the people who are trying to set him up but hes not interested. He wont make plans with me, wont be seen in public with me ,will constantly talk on the phone with me but wont make time for me. I m very confused

  • he is a Libra I am an Aquarius

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