Tarot and Astrology Investment Club

  • Hi everyone,

    If you are already wealthy please read no further because this club is not for you.

    Members at Tarot.com community already know me as an occasional tarot reader and I believe my reputation is impecable.

    I recently came up with Tarot and Astrology Investment Club that will benefit to all versus just few people generally running a site.

    Under my model- all club members will join in as members and will pay a small monthly fee- $6 if they will contribute with articles, readings ,etc to the site and $11 if they are passive members.

    Then we will do monthly drawings of lump-sums from the contribution and advertising funds on our site. Every month someone will receive 50- 60% of our collective income by lottery and the rest of the money will be split between management, operation and development fees and bi-annually equal distributions / "dividends" to all club members.

    As you can see under Tarot and Astrology Investment Club we could all share our wealth and everyone wins..

    If you are interested in participation to this Club or have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Many Blessings..

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