Please help realy worried

  • Can anyone help me interpet this Celtic Cross what is the Tower in relation to?

    1 Heiphorant

    2 Seven of Cups

    3 Strength

    4 King of pentacles

    5 Ace of Wands

    6 8 of swords

    7 7 of wands

    8 page of swords

    9 Page of cups

    10 The tower

  • I asked whats ahead in the next 11 month for me

  • Can anyone help?

  • You seem to be an knowledgeable, spiritual person and this will always be good for you. Is that, marriage is on ur mind or u r getting married soon? But right now you seem to be in a situation where you cant make up your mind, you just require to be strong mentally, keep your willpower and you should be able to make the correct decision. Is there a man in your life, who is strong & dependable, respected and disciplined? He gets a lot of excitement in your life or getting a new opportunity for you. Assuming all these cards were upright, trust in yourself and your feelings. Dont feel stuck or bound, you can take the right decisions, you ca stand up against others,at home or outside, you stand by. There is probably a new opening coming your way dont be scared if its a love opportunity. Yes, u see the tower but it will be for your better only. The changes that come into your life be it be leaving a relation or getting into one it will benefit you.

    All in all, you yourself are a very knowledgeable mature person and you can fight it all out. Keep your eyes open do not be disheartened or feel stuck you can. Just trust yourself, be strong.

    Let me know if this helps you.

  • Thank you so much yes it has calmed me down I just got married, pregnant and bought a new flat.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • 1 obstacles that stand in your way Hermit

    2 Issue surrounding

    3 an approaching influence

    4 the foundation on which the situation is based

    5 your goal

    6 a passing influence

    7 your role or attitude

    8 your environment

    9 your hopes and fears

    10 outcome

    This was the position meannings it does help I am trying to concentrate on the positive just got really scared of the Tower Thank you again

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