Need advice on getting a roomate to rent a room in my home

  • Okay - I am pitiful. I know it. You all don't have to tell me. I need to rent a room in my home soon in order to be able to pay all of the expenses after my divorce is settled in the next couple of months. Currenly, my 9 yr old little girl who is developmentally delayed lives with me and my au pair (shes actually a student on a J-1 VISA now) live with me. My 14 yr old daughter lives with her father in his condominium but visits occassionally. I have interviewed a habdful of women and a couple of men. One guy was really nice and wants to move in very soon and will pay rent. However, I have found a reitred guy who is waiting on a lawsuit settlement who just needs a place to stay for about 3 months. Instead of paying rent he is going to do some tile setting, repair a bathroom floor and do some other jobs at my house that desperately need to be done. In August, a friend of a friend may be interested in moving in when his lease expires. Of course, I am leery of letting anyone share my home and was hioing to find a woman. But I am leaning towards the older guy who is willing to do some work on the house. I will be out 3 or 4 months cash but will get some things fixed in my house plus I won't have to pay the yard guy to mow the grass and stuff for 4 months. I will get my bathroom floor replaced. When he mopves out I will have to start looking for a roomate again if the other guy doesn't move in. On the other hand, I was hoping to find a female roomate. I am really confused. If possibel can someone thake a look and see if I am on the right track to finding a good roomate to rent my room. I was actually trying to hold out in case my good friend sold his house, broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to live. I guess if it really happened and he really he needed a place to live, I could kick out whoever happened to be living here so he could move in. I can't believe that I am having a dilemma over such a simple thing. thannks! TD

  • How about an older woman who doesn't mind kids or a college student?If they are working and going to school they won't be around much and will have to study. Run and ad and post something at the local Junior College.

  • You need to do some more background checking. This 'handy' man might not be so handy at all and you could end up having to pay more for any mistakes he might make. Cheap labour can turn out to be costly. Just because he says he's a Mr. Fix-it might not mean that he is efficient.

  • Dear turtledust,

    This is a precarious situation needing your mind to take a back burner and let your angels in to smooth the way for you. In reading your needs, my hair rose up on the back of my neck when I see you have a daughter living with you and bringing in a stranger to live there. That's just my Mom instincts! Female or male doesn't matter -- it's that you (as Captain mentioned) haven't checked the backgrounds of these possible people.

    Immediately, as with any of life's decisions, I advise you to do two things:

    1. Ask Archangel Michael to be right there, at your home, with you, to be sure you are safe always; and

    2. Ask him and your angels to find the right tenant for you.

    That's it. Then, wait. The ones who are NOT right will have all kinds of issues, stumbling blocks if you will. The ONE who is RIGHT for you will be smooth. You will meet this person and feel like you have known each other. You will "fit" together easily and their situation will be compatible with your desires for a tenant.

    So, right now, ask your angels to intervene. By the time you finish your thoughts/sentence, Michael will be by your side protecting you, your daughter, your family and your home.

    Be specific with what you are wanting. Do you want someone to work on your home in exchange for the rent? Or do you want the cash instead, and you will spend it on fixing up your home, etc.?

    Tell your angels what you desire in this situation. And tell them when you need the tenant to move in. Let them find this person for you. It may even be an angel in human form who comes to your assistance. Don't "dictate" WHO you want...just that you need a nice loving tenant who will respect you and your family and your house and who can afford to pay for your room for so many months.

    As God tells me all the time..."It is done." Meaning, your desired outcome will happen. Just be sure you ask!

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Thanks all . I have been posting for a student at the local school AND I have been hoping for an older woman. So far, no student takers ( I live too far from the college for the "college scene") Also, students are not very careful with stuff. Today my aupair (who is actually now a J-1 foreign student) cooked some stuff in the microwave and made a mess and I had to tell her to clean it up. I just can't imagine having 2 pigs living with me. Most of the people I have interviewed have been losers. The either don't have jobs, don't have cars, don't have lives, etc. I interviewed a couple of women. One I like but she works really odd hours and there could be difficulty with sleeping arrangements. The other was 64 years old and might have worked out okay except she was way too opinionated for me and I knew she would start to try to control things in my life. I have a friend of a friend who's lease is up in August. I am hoping he will come by and check out my place as I think he is a fairly kind person with a 3 year old son that he loves and shared custody. I just don't know. I do have to get background checks. Meanwhile, I am paying the retired cabinetry /counter top guy to fix up my vathrooms so that at least when I do get a roomate, I will have 2 functioning bathrooms. My husband (exhusband) thought he was a "nice guy" but that's also because he's willing to do work for ceaper than my friend the contractor. My husband is of the opinion that the attorneys, the therapists and the contractos are all in it for the money and will take whatever thay can soak out of you. He doesn't really go by the addage of "you get what yo pay for."

    I will ask my angels again for guidance. I am trying to stall my husband from dumping any nore bills on me - once we come to a settlement I absolutely have to have a paying roomate. I should have to have a roomate at my age and this is just unnerving me to no end.

    Thanks so much for your advice!.

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