Would anyone like a tarot reading.......

  • KAYCITA hey there i see you are around so i will skip a few and do your reading besides i feel you are really wanting to know.... this holds heavy on your heart...

    okay i feel you maybe a bit confused and a decision is needed take a closer look into you situation and do some logicl thinking along with trying a new approach to it all there is always something that can be done...(nothing is written in stone) overall your efforts and achivements will soon be recognized with good news heading your way with a change of energy as well....pay close attentionto those around you someone maybe putting on an act as to be genuine but really not maybe after something of yours at this time if you have projects going on and ideas you want to share this is not the time to do so hold on a little while as someone is waiting for the right time to take something which belongs to you.....(untrustworthy person lerks be cautious)...keep a calm head at this time and follow your intuition do not make desicions based on emotions this will NOT work at this time you need to go on FACTS...please look at matters with a clear head and do not let your emotions take you on another ride...(you know what is needed) .....I see rest after struggles....take time to replenish recharge your batteries so to speak ...you maybe feeling like outside events are just not your thing at the moment this is manily due to your needing to replenish thy self...once this period passes yu will be anew again ready to take on whatever comes your way but keep on mind you must not let your emotions rule you at times this is what may make you weak....recharge those batteries and come out strong knowing what you want as well as knowing you are worhty of it.....see well all must realize our very own worth if we do not than no one else will.....love light

    hope this helped....feel free if you have any questions

  • oK

  • MOONRAIZ Thank you so so much for good news šŸ™‚

    wishing the best for you as well šŸ™‚

  • Hello MOONRAIZ,

    Thank you for the offer, My DOB 09/21/59 initials cyw


  • Intriqued has her reading already, she was just before me.

    Wow, my reading will be next šŸ™‚

    Will wait patiently for it.

    Thanks in advance!


    Thank you for taking the time to help me!

    Yes, I do feel tired... I have been struggling with a situation at work and with my personal life and therefore my balance has been somewhat shattered. Andres, my partner has been my rock, and now the problems thatwe have been going through have definitely unsettled me.

    What you say regarding someone untrustworthy also rings a bell. Can you tell if this is in my professional life?

    I always tend to give more importance to my personal life over my professional life. Last year, when I tended to my work struggles and took for granted my relationship, it suffered the damages that I am working so hard to repair.

    Thank you so much for giving me hope.

    His initials are JAB, his date of birth is 03-23-1974.

    We are planning to go away together for Easter week, and I sincerely hope that during this time I can replenish those batteries and perceive a change of energy in Andres's heart.

    Can you see us overcoming our difficulties? I don't mean to pry or to be obsessive, and I am trying to be as "carpe diem"with him as I can... It's just thatI miss my relationship so much... I miss the solid bond that we had...

    Thank you so much for telling me that good news and good energy is coming!!!

    Many blessings and love and light to you!!!

  • moonraiz,

    would love one.thank you for doing these. T.D.C. Dob 10-22-69 and the other is C.R.M DOB 11-02-71 . Was does the future hold for me, us,all in general

  • thanks i totally need advice about job and love dob. 10/06/1988 intials S.N.S

  • Dear Moonraiz,

    I am in a really, really , really bad spot right now. my dob is 12/02/79 initials are kl and I am in pain over something that is consuming my thoughts and I don't understand what is going on or their behavior. please help me.

  • I love readings. I want to practice my readings more but I don't know enought about them. DOB is 7/16/64 and initials are JED - Thanks very much for the offer!

  • thank you for the offer...

    love reading.. DOB is 2-23-62....intials are SLP

  • hi card reader if you can my dob is 12 -20- 1989 initials G.A.R, i want to understand myself, sometimes fighting our own thoughts is the hardest thing to do on a daily basis šŸ˜ž email is id appretiate anything

  • This post is deleted!

  • EMERGENCE i really do apologize for for passing over you but KC really neede some hlp i hope you understand...

    okay your turn lol

    Alrighty i see for you finacial and family stability so if it is not stable as of yet look forward to it being stable maybe some money passed down through your family might be through trusts or wills somewhere in that nature may have to sighn some papers to get it...or maybe an increase in pay at work but your finances should be looking up up up...you will see success and victory at the end of the road as well as along your way but you must out forth the neccessary hard work and dedication it takes to accomplish your very own dreams(your very own) dreams nothing happens within a blink of an eye so just because you may not see victories at the moment know that everything you do from here out is preparing you for your outcome(victory)....not sure but i see a male energy very good with money, patient, this man when he knows what he wants nothing will stop or persuede him(he is a real go getter)and hard worker generous with money but never stupid...this man may own property or good with finances.....minor squabbiling maybe going on around or may even deal with you as long as you keep your cool or do not get involved at all this should blow over sooner than later...squabbling can for sure drain a person's energy trust me you want all of your energy for up coming months ....I see alot of power struggles going on around (everyone wants to be cheif no one wants to be indian) if you catch my drift..so keep all good proposals to yourself for a while so no one trys to run off with your good ideas...you should be getting some good news soon maybe by a phone call or letter this news may also be work related but whatever it is it will be GREAT..

    I hope this help any questions please feel free......love light

    sorry for anymistakes i am typing fast so i can send this before my pc start acting up lol...dang pc...thanks for everthing and i might take u up on your offer i cud sure use a kind person to talk to..HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!

  • I'd like a reading. My birthdate is: 6/7/71 initials are: RML

    Thank you.

  • I would love a reading please. My birthday is March 12, 1965 and my initials are LG.

    Thank you in anticipation. šŸ™‚


    Thank you for your generosity in doing these, my DOB 2nd December 1951

    my Birth initials were D M.... but I now use D F, ( the F is my ex Husbands initial)

    thanks again for this offer :0)



  • Good Morning Moonraiz -

    Sorry to hear you're having troubles, I always find it helpful to help others when things just aren't going well. It's a way to keep your spirits up!

    I would love to have a reading done, when you have time. Initials are JMM and DOB 3-20-61. Thank you in advance for your time & Keep your chin up.


  • Moonraiz,

    thank you for the reading! And please, you don't need to apologize for skipping me. I understand that you have something very important to tell KC. I would appreciate it too if someone will get to me ASAP if the need arises. You are already being very helpful in offering all of us readings, although you have so much going on in your life right now and busy with the kids. ( and pc that is giving problems LOL)

    The reading really gives me goosebumps. All the readings I have asked recently mentioned will, trust, inheritance, unexpected source etc..(when it comes to financial). Not that I don't need it, it would be great to have help for my financial right now but the source of it got me thinking and worried a little. I just lost my little brother about almost 2 months ago due to kidney failure, I am not sure if I am able to handle anymore bad news of people close to me ( which links to inheritance).. But of course, I appreciate you telling me and not sugarcoating it. I rather know what I have to expect.

    as for the male energy - ( very good with money, patient, this man when he knows what he wants nothing will stop or persuade him(he is a real go getter)and hard worker generous with money but never stupid...this man may own property or good with finances.) - you are describing my ex. Whether I wish to acknowledge it or not, I have to admit that description fits him totally. He is a Taurus (May 06,1976). We broke up a few months ago ( he initiated it) but we are still friends. He won't cut off the ties and this is making it hard for me to let go.

    I am learning to meditate and talk to angel whenever life gets too tough. It helps me a lot. I am more patient and more in control. Life is really tough now - financial, loss of a brother, lost of love..lol....they do come in at once hey? šŸ™‚


    Whenever you got the time and if you see anything about me relocating or family, kids....I would appreciate it very much. Do not hurry, please take the time you need.

    Yes, for sure you can count on me to rely on and be your shoulder, if you need to talk to someone. I sucks on solving my own issues but friends told me that I am a good listener and practical in giving advices. Feel free to bring it on šŸ™‚ If you want to email me, it is okay too -

    Thank you again, Moonraiz. You are a kind soul. Bless you and all the best with your daily life šŸ™‚

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