Would anyone like a tarot reading.......

  • Hello trying to stay linked with my tarot cards in the mist of all that is going on in my life right now and I love to help people so why not .....please fell free...i wud need initals and d.o.b...

  • Hello Moonraiz

  • Thanks, i need advice in my love life... LC initials 05/19/1978

    Hope things get better in your life 🙂

  • Hi there Moonraiz, I would love to have a reading thank you muchly! my initials are MLH and my date of birth is 28 Nov 1967.

  • Sorry Moonraiz, sorry to hear that you have a lot going on in your life right now. I have drawn an Angel card for you:-


    No, conditions aren't favourable

    right now,. Wait, or look into

    other options; and ask the Angels

    to help, guide and comfort you.

    There is a reason why you asked for Heaven's opinion about this situation. In your heart, you knew that something was amiss. I am here to help you trust this wisdom within your heart. Although it may seem romantic to jump in without looking, this situation warrants otherwise. Since I am one of your Guardian Angels, your happiness is my central mission. This situation, as it currently stands, won't being you the joy that you seek.

    There are options available to you. One is to wait. This will certainly improve your outlook, either because you will learn more information, or because something better will come along. The second option is to go ahead with the current situation. You certainly have the free will to do so. Be assured that I will stay with you whether you heed my caution or not. If you fall into a situation where you need my rescue, I will be there with my unconditional love! Each time that you listen to me-and also each time that you ignore me - you grow and learn.

    I wish you well, hoping that this card helps you. Happy thoughts to you. 😄

  • Hi Moonraiz,

    Thank you for offering this 🙂

    I would love to have a reading, if you don't mind.

    Hope you can tell me about my career, love, financial etc...

    Anything else is fine too 🙂

    My date of birth Dec 11,1976, Initial NBY

    Thanks! Have a great day!

  • Moonraiz,

    Ooh, about everything that is going on in your life....sorry to hear that.

    Hope things will get better for you soon.

    I am no psychic but if you need to share your problems, thoughts...feel free.

    I can be a good listener 🙂

    All the best, hang in there.

  • Olá Moonraiz 🙂

    Eu gostaria de conselhos na minha vida amorosa. Será que vou ter um relacionamento sério brevemente? Nada parece dar certo para mim...

    Espero que as coisas melhorem para você.

    Obrigada 🙂

  • hey moonraiz i would like a reading thanks jp 2-5-1978 thanks and have a great day

  • Moonraiz,

    i would love a reading. 08-24-82 initals SAG. thank you so much for offering.

  • Dear Moonraiz, I would love to have a reading CMM 2/26/61. Thank you so much for the generous offer of sharing your reading gift with us. Love and light.

  • Good Morning, Moonraiz!

    I am looking forward to the reading you offer. My initials are CMH and date of birth 9/15/62

    Thank you so much for your generous offering. Many Blessings will come your way!

  • Good Morning & Happy St. Patrick's Day,

    I hope things improve for you very soon.

    I would certainly love a tarot reading.

    My life has been crazy for more than a year.

    I am thinking of making huge changes and find it overwhelming

    and a bit scary.

    D.O.B. Jan. 1, 1957 and initials K.R.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Happy St. Paddy's Day!!! I would love a reading: March 2nd, 1978 ~ Thanks a bunch!!! CC

  • Hi Moonraiz,

    Thank you for the offer. I would love a general reading concerning love and romance

    DD 02/01/70.

  • Moonraiz, thanks for the offer ,im looking for a new job the office im in now is very negative(too o much drama!) and my future romantic life also needs to be looked at 5/12/48 initials dmw take care and many thanks! all the best to you!

  • Hello Moonraiz,

    I would love a reading concerning my employment timing.

    AD 7/25/57

    Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks for your offer, we are gluttons! 11/20/65 CT. May you get many karmic blessings back!

  • Would love a tarot reading: my DOB is 07/02/62 - BMY

    thank you and blessings

  • I would love a reading also, my date of birth is 08/05/1963 GCG. Thank you very much

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