Would anyone like a tarot reading.......

  • Moonraiz I apologize for my impatience. I see how dedicated u are, so I will try to wait patiently not being one of my best qualities. I uploaded a pic. of JMK & SJE when we were "happily together" do not know if u will see the pic. I am seriously tormented by emotional pain, recurring dreams leave me drained. Want the man I love in my life, he does not belong where he is, keep feeling this & my dreams feel like a connection with him??? Soon I hope to do my reading.

    Feel you gift, you're truly a blessing to all of us.

    Much Peace Susan

  • Dear moonraiz,

    I posted my question on pg. 5. I was wondering how far along you are and if you are any closer to mine? I have been troubled by some things. my initials again are kl and dob 120279. thanks

  • Hello moonraiz i would love for you to do a reading or me my intials are YDW and dob is 4/19/90 and the person i am wondering about is JAA dob 7/26/88 thank you in advance

  • Hi dear moonraiz, I would really appreciate a reading, my birth day is April 16 1965 6:30am. I am wondering about the best course of action to take with work. Thankyou for your energy and time.

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  • Hi Moonraiz,

    If you aren’t overwhelmed with requests, I would love to have a reading. My dob is June 01, 1971 and my initials MLC.


  • Moonraiz, I hope all is well with you and yours this earth holiday weekend. May you be well with all you do.

    With your busy schedule and family life, I am wondering are you doing the reading requests as the come or are you picking them at random ?

    Also, if possible, could you let those of us who have requested readings what page you are on, provided you are going in sequence.

    I posted on page 7, March 13th.

    DOB is May 2, 1947. Initials = JLA . With my birthday within one month's time, I am wondering what the UNIVERSE is willing to reveal for me this coming year.

    Blessings beyond measure for this service. May your guides and angels be with you as you do your readings.


  • Hi Moonraiz & everyone~

    I'm a newby to these posts & reading these threads have been helpful to me. Thanks to all the wise people who post.

    I have had alot going on & I would love a reading if you you please my DOB is 5/8/68 initials MEP

    Thanks again & everyone have a nice holiday weekend..

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  • Hi moonraiz,

    i would love a reading about my love life if you have anytime. I was born 6-22-79 and i was wondering when will i ever get married and how many kids will i have ? i also want to know do i already know my need boyfriend and if i dont then when will i meet him? thanks for your time and advice in advance . have a safe easter.


  • Hi Moonraiz! I would love a reading...about my marriage and what is going to happen...whether it will last...if you can please. My dob is May 3rd 1975 and my initials are NR.

    L&L xx

  • Dear MOONRAIZ,

    Thanks for your offer. My Initials are TDA and my DOB is 12/21/1973

    XOXOXO 333Tanya

  • luvslife , i am 6-1-61 and would luv to find if we share common personalities.

  • Hi Moonraiz,

    Just a general reading on my love life and health my dob is 09Jul59.

    Thanks very much!!

  • Sorry, My initials are TLL.

    Thanks again.

  • I would love a reading regarding advice on my love life.

    Thanks so much,


    Oct 18, 1972

  • Hi MoonRaiz,

    If you are still offering readings, I would love one also. My d.o.b. is April 11th, 1980 and initials are L.J.C.

    Thank you in advance,

    hobbles76 🙂

  • Hi Hobbles76,

    Good to see you are still on here. I have been away after the birth of my daughter. She is a beautiful, peaceful and happy little girl. My other two daughters are adjusting well. As for my significant other, he has stopped some of his mysterious activity and not spending as much money so we are getting along better for now. I am trying to give him a chance because of our family but the scales are easy to tilt and in the back of my mind, I remember about your situation. I appreciate all you have offered me in the past and hope that life is treating you well.


  • earthwindandfire,

    I love the music group by the way. I am curious also to see if we are similar. I will start by posting a little later today some of my characteristics-self acknowledged.


  • Earthwindandfire,

    I think in some respects I do have two personalities as so commonly describes a Gemini. Sometimes I am very social and outgoing and at other times I am withdrawn and avoid the world. I am very easy going. Not a lot upsets me in life. I tend to be a good problem solver. My love relationships tend to be long term. When I met a man to whom I am attracted, I usually fall head over heals. I am learning that this is not the best thing as I usually don’t know the man well enough before I am fully involved. I tend to see the good qualities in others and not the bad. I enjoy being around my family. I can be self centered and oblivious sometimes to other people’s problems. I get caught up in my own life. I enjoy music and listen to all different genres. I also enjoy art and in my youth would draw and paint. I am not very athletic but enjoy running. I am in good health but I love to eat. I tend to gain weight easily and must exercise and watch what I eat. Others describe me as intelligent. I was a good student and love to learn about new things. I enjoy doing research. My significant other calls me “Detective Quinby”. I enjoy reading. I like to travel but not alone. I don’t like change very well and will sometimes I will stay in a bad situation such as a job or relationship just because I fear the change.


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