The most complicated sign/hardest to figure out what's going on in their head.

  • I'm a Piscean and my opposite sign is Virgo, so I find them to be by far the most complicated sign.

  • to the aquarius,

    no im not saying that water buckets (inside joke) are self centered, because i think that, like stubbornness, is a general thing that anyone is capable of, even the signs least likely to do so. i am saying that aquarius's are opportunists. they use their socialism to get what they want. I'll give some examples.

    i have one auquarius friend in my latin class that i know only talks to me because i am a better artist than she is;i can produce more, better and faster. she doesnt know i catch these things. she thinks that if she does something for me like say give me chips, that i owe her. and if i dont give her what she wants then she gets pissy, but doesnt say much about it. i am alot stronger than my other friend, sagitarius, who she tries to use as a mop, by entertaining her so that my sage(shes a really good friend) will do what she wants easily. when challenged, she tries to laugh it off and get us to forget why she has been called out. it really doesnt work. the bucket is a histrionic spoiled brat (no biasism, seriously) but she still takes whatever opportunities she can.

    two aquarius's in my piscenean boyfriend's band, well one is quite shallow, and the other is smarter indeed. but both use their connection to my pisces as a way to make themselves look good. the stupider one isnt so good at covering it. but he tried to be on good terms with me because he used to go out with my friend, and i know to him, if i approve, then maybe she will. the smarter one, who can be fun banter, wanted to start another band but he cant because he doesnt know as many other musicians in the area. pisces does. tho it didnt end up helping him much. he used soemone else to find info on me to blackmail pisces. i know thats confusing, but for that, he will pay... ^,^

    third example (as three is the number) another chick bucket (still gets me hahaha the IJ) "talked" to me about something, involving a few ppl i know a little better than she does, and the situation she told me "to vent" was something i had power in changing. and really these kind of situations are the only real time she in particular calls on me. not only that, but she , last year, became friends with me and my close friend(libra) so she could get closer to my friends boyfriend, who has a bad habbit of infidelity. and he is also a friend of mine, which was a plus for the bucket. (lol)

    I'm not saying all buckets of water are that way, but a good chunk are. those are just three examples.

    (please dont be offended by my terminology, aquarius is kinda a trip for the fingers. especially when taking latin)....^,^

    p.s. gemini's are interesting, and the games they play are a duality themselves.

  • I am a leo, and I have become friends with an aquarius and we've become tight. To me she's really easy to understand. We have this great relationship friendship wise and we used to work together and we worked wonders when we were a team.

    I have a friend that is a Gemini and I find her exausting. She's constantly got this drama surrounding her that just boggles my mind. I don't see her as the drama queen. It's as if she invites it into her life and then sits back and becomes the adult in any given situtation.. It's like the gal is a drama magnet or something. But I've also come to realize that she is not what she seems. LOL. She's just really good at getting away with no good and not getting caught. I wonder how much she does that no one knows about. See how she confuses me? Is she the drama queen inviting this into her life? Or is she the innocent bystander that she plays, that gets dragged into it???

    Another one is a Capricorn with a Leo moon. I never know his true intentions and he can change his mind on a dime. He might not speak for a week, month then he comes on to me, then he backs off and talks about how precious our friendship is to him....... ACK!!!!!!!!!! Then he totally trashes the entire thing and pretends like it never happened and one day, eventually, he'll come around and start picking and pretend like nothing happened. Doube ACK!!!!

    I've had a Piscean friend sense grade school. The girl hasn't changed in the 20+ years that I've known her. In her younger days, me and our Leo friends used to call her the liar. LMAO! We never got mad at her or never fought with her. We just let her lie and laughed about it later. Not once did we ever take offense.

    I've known a Scorpio (or two) and it didn't mesh well with me. I couldn't read him, and never knew what he was up to.

    For me, it's the signs that hold back confuse me the most. Those are the ones that are hard to read. But they do present more of a challenge, which gets my interest. ~double edge sword~ HaHa

  • hahaha i know a pisces girl in my class... like 2 years ago when she transitioned into high school, and the summer before that, she told everyone that she went out with nick jonas. from the jonas brothers (hurl). there were many things wrong with that:

    1. there is no lying, she is butt-a s s ugly. i am talkin oogleh.

    2)he is somewhere in california, we are many states away. distance is a bit costly.

    3)she always talks about these relationships with guys that NO ONE has ever seen. imaginary? once she wrote a list of "boyfriends" and i noticed 'nick' wasnt on there.

    1. even tho he is just a prepubescent droid, you would think he would have better taste.

    after telling everyone that, she told everyone that she didnt know what anyone was talking about. i still have an urge to say "so, how's nick jonas been?"

    if i was more talkative in class, oh man.

  • To be quite honest, I find my own sign to be rather frustrating. Virgo can be BY FAR the most irritating sign to me. So back and fourth with their emotions and a lot of them try to play headgames to "test" you. Also our need for constant reassurance gets on my nerves as well. I am guilty of it myself.

    Second most - Cancer. Moody and emotional and always in need for constant attention.

    Tied for 3rd - Scoprio and Taurus. Although in my eyes, two opposite ends of the spectrum as far as personality goes, most Taurens I have come across are not only bossy, but also think that they have done nothing wrong in any situation and tend to be rather rude. They put blame on everyone but themselves for their own issues. Scoprio is great if they trust you and they are capable of opening up, but they havea lot of skeletons in the closet. A lot of which have to do with hurting you personally if you're romantically involved. My best guy friend is a Scorpio and as wonderful as he is to talk to when I have an issue, I always feel like something is missing in our conversations.

    My favorites - Aries and Pices. My fiance is an Aries, and we're total opposites. He is outgoing and always hapy, ready to take on new adventures. We have never once had an arguement and he keeps my grounded. Pices are great listeners, and also very sensitive which is a plus. I love having conversations with all of my friends that are Pices, even if we are opposite signs!

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