The most complicated sign/hardest to figure out what's going on in their head.

  • This is just a curioisty post. What sun sign and or ascendant do you think is the most complicated to figure out. I suspect it varies based on the sign of the one trying to do "the figuring out part", but I curious to see if people under one particular sign are generally more difficult to figure out. I have it narrowed down to the top three (for me anyway)

    #1.) Geminii - you never know if the evil twin or the good twin is " on" for the day. They are their own best friend. They are flightly and you never know if what comes out of their mouths is the truth or not.

    #2.) Scorpio - because they harbor secrets - some may be good - some may be bad.They seem to be intent on figuring out other people but don't like other people figuring them out.

    #.3.) Pisces - just because they seem to have a little of every other sign rolled into them. Because they seem very old and wise but with this childlike imagination. Are what we seeing, hearing, feeling from this person real or just an illusion they have conjured up?

  • Hi Turtledust,

    I think it is definately Scorpio. My love is a scorpio and you need to know what question to ask. If you don't ask the right question you don't get the answer. It can be about the simplest thing. On the flip side I think I frustrate him with too much information.

    I find Gemini pretty easy. Even when they lie it's pretty easy to tell whereas scorpio can look you in the eye and keep you guessing. When the "evil twin" comes out I find it is usually when they feel wronged and quite justified.

    Love and light xx

  • Hi Spiritualchild. - the Scorpio doesn't lie. Thye just don't say naything period. The analyze the situation and never tell you what they really think until its "done" I guess. My Geminii husband is the one who could lie. But if I caught him in the lie, he would just tell another lie to cover up the lie. AFter a while, I got so confused, I didn't know what the truth was. He kept saying I was crazy when in fact, he had driven me crazy. My Scorpio friend, on the other hand, says nothing about certain things. Makes you keep guessing. What if I guess wrong? How do you ask a question of a Scorpio that doesnt want to give you an answer? Both of these signs drive me nuts a little but at least with me bring a Pisces, I am somewhat tuned into the Scorpio - I can at least sort of "read his mind." and I don't think he would purposefully lie to me. I need to find some nice earthy Taurus friends. My oldest daughter is a Libra. AUGHHHH - can't deal with her. She's living with my husband and she even drives him nuts.

  • Hi Turtledust,

    Scorpio's for me are the most difficult. I have an on again off again flirtatious relationship with one, he does not give answeres to specific questions, he keeps certain things secrete. When I think I have him figured out he shuts down and I do not hear from him for a while. he wants to know what I am doing, when I ask him it is simple to the point. It is very frustrating and confussing at the same time. I can say he is a work addict, and likes to be appreciated, has a lot of compassion. I myself am a Pisces, yes I have that childlike playful way and I think of other before myself and I do not like to hurt others feelings, that can be good and bad.

  • I'd say Pisces. They are so sensitive it's like living in a mine field and you just don't understand their reasoning as they seem to make up the rules as they go along. How could you possible figure that out.

    I had an arguement with my pisces partner one day who screamed at me as he wanted to always have yummy things in the fridge. Since it's my job to do the shopping I constantly ask him what he would like.

    His reply is always I don't know.

    So when he gets upset that there isn't a fridge full of yummy things.. (yet there is a fridge full of fantastic foods as I'm a food freak) I ask him again what would you like to see in the fridge then that is yummy.

    He responds "i don't know - scotched eggs".

    So next shop i buy scotched eggs and when I ask him one day would he like scotched eggs for lunch he says "what are scotched eggs". I've never heard of them.


  • This is a funny thread. Especially like TarotReadings4U reply. I've followed for couple years but have only come to understand or see the generalizations of the zodiac signs. I have found it amazing how true to their nature they are. From my own experiences, as one brother & I are both Leos, we do have the ego problem. His ego was more intact than mine as in HS he would ask me how he looked all the time & may have had the school record for streaking. My husband and son are Aries & they can look you in the eye and lie without blinking. Luckily I've not caught them in a big one yet. My daughter and some friends are Gemini & they are the most talkative people, very bright but undecisive. My youngest brother is a Pisces, very sensitive & a dreamer. I have to feel sorry for Pisces because if you don't have enough love or guidance, you're doomed. For me I find it difficult to understand a Taurus. My best childhood friend, a neighbor & a Taurus, was so moody, bossy, impossible but kind and giving at the same time. She drove me crazy.

  • Hi - I have to laugh TarotReadings4U --heh heh heh - becuas ethat's always my answer - I DON't KNOW. Because really - I don't know what I want until I see it and if it isn't there I can't see it. THe other things is - like for food - there are 2 or 3 things you can always do right for me - buy me diet soda pop, sheese, carrots and dried aprictos and occassionally chocolate.

    I love fresh apricots and berries. But yo uknow what - my Geminii husband rarely got that. I would ask him to go to the sotre and he would ask - what do we need (empty refrigerator) He would come back with eberything BUT soda pop, carrots or cheese. I would ask him at night if he would go get me something and he would through up a big fit. But if he wanted beer - he would go and get it. the other things was that he would go get coffee inthe morning and never bring me any. He would give me his "leftovers." That's how I felt after a while. Only deserving of leftovers. Ans yes - if a Pisces isn't loved, they feel doomed. That's how I feel a lot lately.

    THe other problem was, with my Scorpio friend, he would dream up these things to do, things to build and we would discuss them for hours. We had a whole plan that didn't seem to involve anyone else except maybe a few other investors. He never ever mentioned the GF that lives with him so I figured she was not that important. I think she figured out he was talking to another woman for hours at night, called him on it and now he's not calling me and discussing all these castles in the sky anymore. I bought too deeply into the fantasy and the dream. He fed it because, I guess Scorpios are like that too. I will never figure out what he was doing talking to me all those hours and asking me how to bake cookies for his kids when he had a GF.

    Scorpio secrecy is irritating, but for me, as a Pisces, the few ScropsI have had for friends - I would never have to tell them what I wanted to have in the refrigerator for snacks - they would know. But my Geminii husband - no - it was always he, himself and himself. Too narcisisitc.

    I should start a new thread. What sun sign is most apt to be a narcisistic pathological liar, which one is most likely to be bipolar, which one is most likely to be schizophrenic. Are there any psychiatrist/psychologists out there who might know the answer to this one.

    I have a friend who is a Leo. His answer to me was -- dear c.... so sad about your divorce, but I thought you knew that ALL MEN were narcisistic pathological liars. I will give Leos the prize for Ego. Geminii the prize for pathological liars and most likely to be bipolar (or maybe Pisces) Pisces would top the list for bipolar and schizophrenic because they are most likely to "talk to God" or some other entitiy that is not "normal" for humans to talk to. I also give Pisces the award for most likely to have left over alien or Atlantean genes. This is so funny. I am not meaning to be sarcastic. I am just having fun. I am a nince hundred year old alien and I look pretty good. Tata for tonight. 🙂

  • Cancer!! need I say more ladies?

  • i would say gemini for sure

  • Hahaha...Im going to say that for me, I have issues with Earth signs. The biggest reason is because I am Gemini female and where I like to be flexible and change plans they are so set in their ways. I find that we end up butting heads. This goes for family, friends, and relationships.

  • I would say Scorpios are hard to understand because they are very quiet and secretive about their lives, and maybe that's a good thing. Some things should be kept secret. I've been around a lot of gemini's, my father was a gemini and my sister was a gemini, and I had several friends that are geminis, and I think, by far, they are the smartest, most sociable, moody, yes, but so is everyone....

    I think the most difficult, in my life experiences would have to be Aries, only because I am one. Aries people are a mass of contradictions, power struggles, temper tantrums, cold feet, cold heart. People like to think they've got us figured out, but see, that's the game we play. We want people to think one way about us, our public face. In private, it's a whole different story.

    Many will say Aries people are ful of courage and initiative, but that's only when our backs are up against the wall. In our youth, we want to take charge because our primal nature tells us to. Waiting for Godot is not in our vocabulary, sort of speak. As we get older, and the world beats us down, we lose that inititive and are more sheepish when it comes to life in general. Aries, of all of the signs are true Loners of the zodiac. We want everything, and yet are masters at nothing.

  • TurtkleDust

    Just a little something to know about geminis... they are very nervous people... also they do NOT have two sides or an evil and a good... they are the twins because their personalities are reflective... they are gifted with seeing both sides of ANY situation. people get that twisted alot... but over all i believe them to be very passionate smart people... but we all have our personal issues ya feel... ;0) any who... i dont really have a specific sign i think is hard to figure out,... i look at all themall like puzzles and i enjoy putting energy into figuring them all out haha

  • i hear ya tmoe, i have kept others scratching theirs heads from me changing things up all the time. its not a bad thing, its just i see a better or faster way and am not afraid to change it up. some others have to stick to the plan whether its the best way or not. i guess the gemini in me keeps me thinking about it even after the plans are made.

  • Gemini women here...Two Gemini's are the best! It states that in any research. As, you said others give us a bad name. We not all the same. I finish more than I start. I am grounded.

  • The three most unknown signs are

    Gemini-Omg, these people seem to get under everyones skin, Yes people fall for

    them and thier childlike nature since they love exploring things and places and can

    chat up a storm But try living with one, these are not signs you can move off to a

    country home and settle down with No! they get way too bored fast and love freedom and

    meeting people Plus they also have two sides So you'll never know who youre dealing

    with and when you are lol, however they can be extremely smart if they choose a hobby or

    subject to consume knowledge of otherwise these people change too frequently & not many

    like unexpected change at least not every other day!

    Scorpio-This sign, whenever i meet them, they often give me chills!

    Thier eyes are so mysterious and i get the feeling when they look at people

    People are wondering what is this person thinking, Their very over-protecting of lovers

    and anyone Family,Friends ect trust i've seen friends loose practically all friends for these

    guys. & Yes they love intimicy but see it as a big part of nature, However the girls can be the same way very Jealous, sneaky, and sexual most scorpio women are big gossipers

    and although you might not see them with the most popular friends they still have that friend

    that they chat everyones business to...and you will never know it.

    Virgo-Now these folks are totally different Male & Female... But both have great organizational

    skills and tend to be very neat and neatly dressed, soem would say Virgos are conservative

    But thats the trick they all trick people with Virgos can be very outgoing Once they meet the right

    people to do so with, these people hold back alot of things such as the way they feel You may never know how a virgo feel about something or someone because they look at feelings to

    be weaknesses and unexplainable and nothing bothers Virgos more than unexplainable

    aspects to most Virgos they tend to be emotionally withdrawn but when you take a problem

    to Virgo they dont wanna sit there and sob all day No way! the wanna get down to the problem

    and fix it! However Virgos are very intelligent people that sometimes examine everything and

    everyone so feel as a open book when your around these people! and dont try lieing to one,

    especially the MALES they wont trust you Believe tit

  • YOu are so right about Virgos - my brother is so compulsive - all his clothes all arranged by color and he only wears nice clothes. - polo shirts etc. And he doesn't like a whole lot of people. HIs GF who lives with him has her own room because he doesn't like "the mess". When I went to visit him, I had my bathroom stuff on the bathroom counter. He went to the sotre and brought me back a duffle bag to put my stuff in and carry it back and forth to the bathroom. He did not want my stuff on the counter. I counldn't put my keys down on his kitchen counter.

    His house is totally neat as a pin and no extra "junk" in site. Of course - he doesn't have kids either which helps. When he comes to visit me, he wants to help me take stuff to the dump but it takes so long for me to sort through all the "good stuff" I have collected. He's really smart too.

  • TurtleDust - I have to laugh and admit I'm slightly embarrassed. I'm virgo ascendant, and like your brother - my closet is organized by color. I can't relate to the rest, but my closet is a long standing joke and source of envy amongst my friends. 😉

  • i'd say sagitarius, aquarius and aries. probably because i dont know many. and the few that i did know were more confusing to me than a Scorpio or

    true, Scorpio women DO have that one friend they tell everything to and even unknowingly have a natural tendency to gossip. but it's needed. otherwise, they keep everything bottled so tight it makes them sick or even worse....other people end up paying the price. thats funny someone brought this up. but yeah, they sure do care a lot more than they let on. or want you to know. and they are loyal to you when it comes to protecting you from outsiders.

    for Pisces.....i have always loved being one and meeting others under the same sign. but in the past few years, after meeting so many, they all seemed very, very easy to get along with and easy to understand at first. but as time progressed, their true colors started to show...and unfortunately so did mine. we did things to each other that i didn't see coming. things i never thought they could do. and in retaliation, i did things i never thought i would do. so...i can see what you mean about trying to figure us out....i'm still learning things about myself and others that shock T H E H E L L outta me. i guess its true what they say....a Pisces is a paradox.

    Geminis, i agree with mother is a Gemini. and you just described her perfectly. and how i see her. she is the wisest person i know and the most misunderstood and feared by many. but i'm one of few who seem to get her....might be because my moon is in Gemini? lol

    anyway, always nice chattin. God blessings!

  • Hi TaurusChicky: WIll you come and clean out my closet and organize it for me? I am not sure if this is true of all Pisces but I am rather hopeless. I used to be so good at organizing but everything is out of hand now. Getting rid of stuff helps. I also don't know if this is a Pisces trait also - I am kind of like a racoon - drawn to "bright shinny objest" except they are not always bright and shiny. Just "cool" things. I have to unload many "cool" things. Once it would have broken my heart but now I am on a roll and it is just "stuff." Hopefully, I will not regret getting rid of my treasures.

  • I would definitely say, scorpio's. They are control seekers, and they like it like that! depending on how they were raised as a child, whatever principles or morals imay have been, will manifest themselves in obsessive degree. Yes, very secretive on their part, and come off deceiving. If they figure you don't need to know about something,they can be evasive and shut down on you. they are the most deliberately slow moving on matters, when it not what they want or thought of first. One thing I have observed about scorpio, when they are angry or feel fear, cause, the root of them is fear, thats why the have that sting about them,they want to kill it and rid themselves of the problem and don't look back! Can come off as selfish, if you aren't top of their priority list. loving people most of the time , love to talk, play, when they are ready, hard workers, perfectionist's, even if some of them are slobs to some degree, but I just can't get past that shut down, when faced head on with issues of the heart!!!!!

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