The most complicated sign/hardest to figure out what's going on in their head.

  • Hi, I would say Gemini's are the most complicated out of all the signs. I have dealt with my Gemini for years. But I can't help but love him. I do know that they treat you the same way you may treat them, they are tic for tac. Inmature wouldn't you say? Gemini's can also be so sweet and very talkative and hold very good conversation.. My final comment is you have to be ready for this type of sign. Love them.

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  • I am cvonfused and I truly do not like to make decisions when I can not think straight. I can not make changes in my life as fast as you all want me to. I can not be challeged to do something I am unaware of doing. I am not a computer wiz. I get confused when someone challeges me on the other side and I do not like being bullied around and I will buck at any thing of that nature. I came to find love and what I experinced Thursday was not love I can not challenge some one on a computer i am not smart enough. The rules were unfair for I am not a fair contender. I can not rize above some wanting to make me fail.I want you all to help me make me win. I believe with a family unit I am willing to share my power if you are willing to help make me win. Not tricking my moves I do in school work. I flunked out at being a student in in the past and that makes me hesitant to keep trying. Who would not want to be a scientist. Fro goodness sake I am gifted and I may be a fool or in a hanged postionion but I have been all my life. I went to a meeting last nite and I need some serious help in my recovery because only when one is confused can they find recovery. well if i csannot become a phoenix at this time are you going to rule me out. I think that is just a one sided street. I am stuck in my life and I have have been here many times before and I also have mental problems and i need just to keep that head on my shoulders cuz when one don't want to live anymore I am seriously stuck. And I need a friends tangible ones who can relate to me. so I need till monday till figure my head out and go to twomore meetings to see if I can get back on trcack. so don't give up on me yet. I just need space. I never knew I needed space till I chave just now confessed it. I will write more when my is more clear Monday, one can work from the outside and pear on the in side I don't have any ideas of moving as a phoenix that all is way to confusing for me at this time today. But Hey space so I feel the power again and don't cut me off be faitr and let this chick think . so that is all for now reply me and give me feed back about the phoenix thing. cuz I c an work from the outside on compromise so till then....

  • BlacbnBlonde, what is the most complicated sign to you?

  • i'd have to agree with most for me is Gemini too although i am one myself. Not only i cannot figure myself out but other gems confuse me. It's all true that we are talkative, witty, imaginative and etc. but also moody and we do tell lies...Gem men absolutely confuse the hell out of me. I've been seeing one on/off for 3 years and it's hot and cold all the time. I always thought i talk a lot but boy this guy he never stops and mostly about himself thankfully he is quite funny and easy on the eye ;). When i get together with other gem females it's dangerous we won't stop talking! Once me and my cancer brother's fellow gem wife nearly brought him into tears because we didn't stop talking for 8 hours straight. In between we laughed hysterically, had few fights, made up and laughed again and managed to cover all topics from latest fashion to politics, healthy food and etc.

    Mentioning my brother i find cancer quite difficult to understand and get along with both male and female. Although i do admire their mind.

    Someone said about virgos that they don't go out a lot and are very tidy. I have three virgo male friends including my ex and they are all party monsters, attention seekers, very sociable and are not so tidy at all although i could see some signs (my ex loved being new mops and cleanings stuff he was truly excited to clean with them after) so maybe it comes to them later in life? One of my best friends is a Virgo female and she is quite introverted a bit kooky and very creative person who doesn't like socializing with people too much usually is quite happy with few close people around her. But i agree that they are quite smart always have a plan for something and are restless people. And also in my opinion if they have an agenda (which they usually do) they would lie through their teeth to reach their goals.

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  • For me Libra is the most difficult. They will smile on the outside and act as if eveything is good and then instanstaneoulsy poof they are gone to another women. Does anyone have the same experience

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  • Turtledust - Sure! 😉 I'm good at de-cluttering - especially when it's not mine...

  • Leo and Aquarius. Seriously, what is their deal lol.

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  • A Scorpio for me is the WORST. Someone I knew was a secretive, sneaky, lying, conniving, backstabbing, stalking weirdo. Pretending constantly and I could see right through that little charade. This person also talked aloud to themselves (telling the truth) then turn and lie to your face after you know what they are feeling because of their discussion with their own . They snoop....which is putting it nicely. They are really downright intrusive...not above board at all.

    Speaking as a Gemini (5/26/68), we have our issues certainly (who doesn't). But we are not liars or evil generally. We don't have a split personality either. What you see is what you get and we don't hide who we are. We just happen to bring alot to the table some of which is contradictory to others who don't understand. We don't see things as black and white usually. We see the duality in any circumstance (right and wrong or good and evil). We can see something or someone as both right and wrong at the same time. It's never black and white. So we come off as a liar, embracing double standards, flighty, indecisive, playing both sides and lacking the courage of conviction. Even in our own actions, we see the right and wrong. Even while others just see the wrong. We also see right and wrong in everyone it works both ways. As my fellow Gemini, Walt Whitman, once wrote of himself, "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large and contain multitudes." That sums it up perfectly. We like everything thrown in the a big old stew of life. Even if the ingredients seem not to go together. It's our own cooking experiment. You can try it and you just might like it or you can be closed-minded and think it's crap. Gemini's see it both So we don't mind if you don't like our cooking...giggle. Hope this helps with all the misconceptions!!!

  • medicate

  • Okay TaurusChicky - you don't happen to live in the N.CALIF area do you. If you saw my house you would run away. Okay - one thing I think I might be correct about is being a Pisces - I would really like things to be tidy and organized but I often get drawn away into more ephemeral things or other projects so at least certain areas of my home have perpetual "piles" of stuff. Usually I can find what I need, unfortunately, this is not currently the case. When my Virgo borther comes, the first thing he usually does is to clean or tidy something. My father was a Virgo and his barn and workshed and garage were always tidied and organized. My Mom is a Pisces and she is very clean and tidy. If I had been brought up by less than tidy or organized parents - god knows what kind of piles of stuff I would be buried under today.

    I have this particular view of Geminiis and Scorpios and their "lies". If a Scorpio lies, I think it is more of a purposeful lie - to cover up the truth. WHereas the Geminii may not even think of it as a lie - it is an different reality to them - OR what they do is that THEY DON"T OUTRIGHT LIE - they just leave out pertininent information so that your interpretation of the truth is not exactly what really happened - but to them it is not a lie. For example, say they are not supposed to go and see UNCLE JACK. SO they tell you that on Easter they are going to see PAPA. Later that day you call them on their cell phone and they say that they are in Smallville. But PAPA lives in Metroncity. You ask why they are in Smallville ( you suspect they are visiting Uncle Jack.) They tell yout they stopped to get a bite to eat. You know if you accused them of visiting UNcle Jaci, they would deny it anyway. Later in the week you hear someone say to him :"It was nice to see you at Uncle Jacks at dinner last week." When you tell them that they lied - they will never admit that they lied. Because they did "stop for a bite to eat." To them it was not a lie.

    On the other hand, the Scorpio will lie and most of the time, you will never catch them in the lie until it is way too late to do anything about it.

    Now if a Pisces lies - it more like they strach the truth into a fantasy or fairy tale. The truth gets

    bigger or smaller as it were (The fish is twice the size it was when it came out of water, or in some instances, the fish becomes a mermaid).

    That's my take on the liars I know. TATA for now

  • Nope I'm in the Midwest. But it would take a lot for me to run away in fear. My dad's a Libra and doesn't get rid of any of his treasures. That would require a decision.

    As for liars, the only one I know is my ex - and he's a double capricorn. He lied about a lot of things - poorly. I caught him rather quickly. He's very arrogant and image driven. In his quest for image, he lost his reputation, children, family, job/career, house -every thing in such a way that he'll never be able to reclaim it. He can't let go of the image, the fantasy - and lives his life as if it were reality. So in a sad way - he doesn't lie, he just tells it as he wishes it to be, as it should be in his special little world.

    And he refuses to medicate - which is rather unfortunate, as it would probably make life much easier for all who know him.

  • geminii (men at least) are (usually)pathological liars(which some grow out of), or as it was said earlier, they indirectly lie.... until you find their tell. ..they never reveal themselves unless they are so backed into a corner they have to call on their "other halves" or take another approach. thats what my ex tried, even tho i had a suspicion that he was up to something, until i got proof,i busted him and not only did i turn his plans on himself, but i made it drag out his pain for a year.....aquarius's go for whatever benefits them... which is utterly irritating. my observations conclude that they are group kind of ppl because they know that if they get on ppl's good side they may get benefits. ever notice how aquarians tend to joke it off and use humor to get out of their folly? but the oportunities they seek from you can easily be turned on them.... i know a few very stubborn tauruses who feel they have to justify themselves when challenged, in anything..... scorpios are fun, make things interesting... emotionally unstabel when they actually ARE sociopaths, one in particular should be punished, and will....other than that they are fine. i tend to really get along with water signs. my pisces love can be quite confusing, but i like that about him sometimes, hes not boring.

    and he does the "i dont know/i dont care" thing.its rather cute.

    libra's, oy. they will ask your advice, they will need to talk, but they dont listen to a word you say if its not a happy ending. very indecisive. their socialism sets them up for romantic tangles.....

    virgo's are only a lil difficult, but they make sense. thei logic is well...

    leo's are strange. they can be funny, andpuff themselves up and poke their own bubble for laughs. tho i notice that male leos act like male lions, and female leos act like female lions. woman leos usually get their stuff in order, the men are leisurely and expectant of the stroking of their ego.good for killing bordom....

    sagitarius, the only thing that really are annoying about them is their inconsistency. .. the promises they make arent always kept.... my mother is a sagitarius, enough said. because of this inconsistancey, i am the mother,and she is the child. but sagitarius's are so positive and really hard to get mad at sometimes. cnat explain it.....

    what else....cancers, easily understandable, even if they dont speak a word. they are easy.

    capricorns, theres no denying, that what you see is like a leash on themselves. they are the most difficult- to themselves.

    thus concluding my sleep deprived rambling and loss of the off botton.

    gute nacht.

  • I think it's Scorpio. I've dated a Scorpio man for nearly three years and although he is honest, I KNOW he doesn't tell me everything! As soon as one veil is lifted, another is right behind it. A little frustrating yes, but being a Virgo I consider it a challenge to pursue!

  • Curiousity I liked your break down on each sign. I am with a Gemini and I am an Aqua. We are just fine together. Are you saying that Aqua are self centered? And yes I can knw see pretty much what your talking about and it is sad. He really knows how to push my botton.

  • OK ladies, since you are all women talking about the most confusing sign (and mainly you are talking about men signs) and since im a Sag guy with virgo moon and gemini rising sign, ill try to talk about some of the different signs that i deal with on a constant basis (men and women)

    my mom 57 (VIRGO)- we understand each other and we think alot alike (my moon is virgo) but she will act like everything is ok on the surface but when it really isnt ok, if she has a problem with me or anyone else she will not confront them herself, she will get others to do it for her.

    my dad 57 (LIBRA)- i dont understand libras both male and female,( i wont even get started on libra girl i knew,you should know what im talking about lol) my dad is obessed with his car and neglects his family, and/or uses people to only get what he wants out of you, my dad is very two faced, he acts like your best friend and then will talk about the things you do that he doesnt like and calls people names, even his best friends.

    My sister 32 (TAURUS)- well im the youngest at only 22 years old and she is 32, she is very honest and thats gets her in alot of trouble with her friends and it causes drama between her friends cause she is so honest, she speaks her mind, she is also two faced( but i geuss everyone is really) she likes to live life to the fullest and drinks and hangs out with her friends all the time, going boating, etc... its like she doesnt care that she smokes and drinks and is just asking to die early, and she even said that she doesnt care but she is still very responsible and not out of control.

    my brother- 35 (SCORPIO) i understand him we think alot alike, (i got two planets in scorpio) he is very honest and trustworthy and he is a great parent and good husband and a very hard worker, he has no patience for stupid people that dont understand what he is talking about. he doesnt like helping out other people that much cause his family etc... is his number one, not really a friend that you can count on.

    my friend Vince- ( CAPRICORN) I understand him. a really good to be around and can be childish, it took him a while to get a job and start being mature but he has even surpassed me now with his own apartment with his Capricorn girlfriend. his friends could always count on him to be there.

    OK NOW the (SAGS) that i know (my other brother, my girlfriend, my friends chris and stacy(married) and others) Us sags are quite alike male and female, both honest, talkative, can act childish at times and be the life of the party, we are both really positive and optimistic, we fall for someone very hard and fast, the male sags(some of them) tend to be lazy and not do very much, (i think it depends on how you were brought up) i myself could be a lazy sag but i have alot of factors that play into it. sags are great people to be around and they tend to have this......power over you you cant help but like them and it is very hard to get mad at them. sags are also very good friends, but people may not like how honest we can be and speak our mind sometimes,(i hold back alot) but at least we are honest instead of lying all the time ( we tell the truth to people we trust and really care about, BUT on the other hand we can lie our butts off if we need too)

    OK sorry i rambled on lol my bottom line is, LIBRA is the one i think that is the most confusing, the libra girl that i liked a while ago was very weird, very secretive, liked to be in control of everything, fearful of getting out there and getting to know new people, not very talkative unless it was something that was about her.........just very....... withdrawn from people, didnt like people that figured her out and knew more about her than she even told them. im sure not all libras arent like this, im just saying what i have seen. alright take care lol

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