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  • Witch Woman, I wonder about Soul mates too, hmm.

  • I can relate to your girlsfriend; I used to be Terrified of hearing or seeing something and prayed to God to please not let that happen, because I thought it would be demons fooling around.

    Too much watching Amitivile Horror etc as a teen!

    Had I have seen an angel, OMG! I would have gone into shock, I'm sure. I have never seen as angel or heard anything externally or even a voice in my head,; I'm sure I shut this down, iron clad because of fear, and I'm sure God would never force me to see or hear anything that would terrify me.

    When I was 17 (nearly 22 yrs ago), I did see a plasic doll moving like a little baby in my brother's creepy house. I really don't know what that was all about, but I was so beside myself, I was cryncalmg and shaking and couldn't talk - I was hoarse! My sister in law sent me to the shop to calm down, & when I got back, she told me she had seen it too while I was gone!

    Due to always having a strong inclination to spirituality & also my fear of Sata/demons, I joined a strict religion and completely shut down any chance of seeing or hearing anything of a spirit nature. I have since dramatically changed my thoughts on the matter, however some remnant of fear still remains. My xboyfriend saw an angel behind me with it's wings outspread a few years ago, in the bush at night. At the time, I was grateful I hadn't seen it because I was pretty sure I would have reacted badly.

    The next though, (in daylight!), I started to to feel a little sorry that I hadn't seen it too, although I knew it was best. I think I am at the point where I could cope with seeing something. My friend was walking across the road the other week at night, and as I was watching I said a silent prayer for God to keep him safe. In my minds eye, I immediately saw him flanked by 2 massive spirit beings which felt masculine, walking just behind him on either side. I was so taken aback, never expecting to 'see' anything, but felt very blessed and privilged that I had. I think maybe this is the beginning of easing me in to seeing things without being scared, or maybe I will just see them in my mind so I don't freakout.

    As for hearing - I often hear sounds when getting an insight, like for example, hearing horses hooves on cobblestone paths when I got a picture of Stonyeye as a fine English lady, but I hear it like I'm remebering the sound, not like it's external. Since childhood, sometimes if I wonder about something in my head, I have gotten a reply in a different voice, but just like if your thinking something in words in your head, if that makes any sense.

    Point being Poetic555, the way I have gotten over my fear of spooky things and freaking out is by not just believing, but knowing without a doubt, that God and his angels are with me and never let anything hurt me - like a 'bad spirit' or demon - and I certainly don't go courting trouble by watching horrors or hanging out in creepy places. I spent my first few years in a funeral parlor - I wonder if anything frightening happened to me as a toddler that I can't remember?

    I now believe any abilities we have are God given gifts to be developed and embraced, and our guides and angels are with us. This is not to be feared - I don't even give spooky things a thought now, they're just not part of my thought patterns, only light & love is allowed! That's what I tell my daughter too when she's a bit scared. Also, if I happen to be somewhere that has that goosebumpy feeling, I quickly pray for protection and that only beings for the highest good of all concerened are permitted to stay. I'm always so relieved when the feeling of calm and protection decsends LOL!

    If your friend considers this logically - if angels are there for us and we call on them, can ghosts hurt us? - then over time this may help her too, to overcome her fear.

    Hope my experience can help your friend overcome her fears of the spirit realm,

    Warm friendship & blessingsXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Oh my. WitchWoman, that moving doll at your brother's house would have scared the beejezus out of me! Did you ever enter that house again? I don't think I could have done so. Also pretty amazing that your ex saw an angel behind you. That bit completely gives me goosebumps. Was your ex inclined to spirituality or was that a totally new experience for him?

    I told you before that I often read your posts and can totally relate. I could have written the above post in fact.....well, minus the moving doll and seeing angels...... but I also was petrified of ever seeing or hearing anything that shouldn't have been there according to the physical world. I remember this awareness starting when I must have been only 3 or 4 years old. Funny what we remember from childhood but this was so terrifying to me that I never could forget it. I woke up and knew that something was in the room with me. I immediately turned the lights on and willed whatever "it" was that it never made its presence known to me again. To this day I sleep with a light blazing in my room. Very inconvenient for significant others and I know many a boyfriend has thought I was crazy but I absolutely flip out if forced to be in a dark room. Up into my late teens I felt that presence now and again and every time I would beg it to never let me see or hear it. I just didn't understand what it was and the thought of seeing something terrified me. After reading about your experiences WW and also your friend's fear Poetic, I see now that others felt the same way. Also, I never could talk about this with anyone because it seemed so....CRAZY. My parents never exposed us to organized religion so eventually started looking for answers as a teenager and got involved in metaphysical stuff. It took a long time for things to start clicking in place and to develop my own belief system but I now really do wish I had been more welcoming to my "friend". After a lot of searching for answers and reading, I don't believe anymore that anything evil like demons or bad spirits exist. I know that what I felt was a spirit guide but I think they listened to me when I told them to get lost all those years growing up. I know they are still around. I have always felt their presence to a less overwhelming degree....kind of like knowing you have your very own cheerleader way off in the sidelines...and also thoughts and pictures will appear in my mind as if someone placed them there all the time. Physically however, it's almost as if they started taking steps further and further away....from being my rejected bosom buddy and stepping further away to be that sideline cheerleader a safe distance so as not to be so overwhelming and scare me.

    The point of my long story is that I believe the spirit world will only expose you to what you can handle and are open to. If your friend is scared Poetic, maybe she can start off asking for just small signs or messages and work her way up to feeling less fear and receiving more. No need to start off with anything overwhelming like actually seeing something or hearing. I think that is why so many people receive messages when dreaming or they receive thoughts almost like someone has placed them in your head. I think those types of messages are much less intimidating than seeing a glowing figure in your room or hearing a voice.

    By the way.... it is so wonderful to be able to share all this stuff with others of like mind. Blessings to you both and Poetic, maybe your friend would want to hop on these forums one day. Might be helpful for her too. It's been such a haven of non judgement for so many!

    XX SE

  • Hey SE, there you are girlfriend:-)

    The demon thing doesn't ring true for me anymore, not sure if I was clear about that. I think there may be unsavoury spirits about (that Aren't sweet lol) that cause mischief & mayhem & scare the bejeezus outa some folk , as you so eloquantly put it:-) Stories abound of scary activity (eg dolls moving), bad smells, obscenities & other horrid stuff. Do you think it's possibly souls that have physically died, acting out for whatever reason? Dunno.

    I remember those goosebumpy feelings too when I was little, laying there terrified in bed, certain there were others present that I couldn't see, and definately didn't want to. I would have gone into shock I'm sure, if I had seen a glowing figure or heard voices.

    Sounds like your guides did back off so as not to freak you out, keeping a safe distance; handy but adhering to personal space, boundaries & social conventions:-)

    The dark room thing still freaks me out, but in my home I have convinced myself that there only spirits here concerned with our highest good, and nothing scary can ever happen here.

    Having said that, the Shane guy I was a mess over earlier this year, was staying one night at my house. We were laying there tentatively talking about spiritual stuff, when he said that he could feel presences in my house. Then he told me he could see in his minds eye a bitter, skinny old woman who had a hatred of men due to being hurt. That freaked me, I was surprised how quick I was to whack that lamp on! Now I believe that perhaps she was attatched to him not my house, but because I had done a lot of saging and spiritual work on myself in my home, he was in an environment where he had more access to the spiritual world, but he put it down to the bitter woman being in my home, rather than her being attached to him. Does that make sense?

    My exs (different ex) mum had had a number of premonitions and other interesting things happen, so he was probably more open than me at the time to accepting psychic phenonema Aug '06). Although, he wasn't terribly respectful of others' experiences, ready to mock. Perhaps thats why he actually saw the angel, so as to give him a point of reference .

    I can so relate to what you were saying SE, and the bit about ideas being put in your head. You explained it much more suscinctly than my ramblings. We are so fortunate to have this forum to share our ideas & experiences, free of the fear of judgement with likeminded others.

    Thank you everyone for sharing, we've gone off track a little, but I spose that's how these 'conversations' evolve:-)


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  • Stonyeye your thoughts on the matter hit home so much. Isn't it amazing how those of us learning or dealing with the process of living with these gifts have a need to leave the lights on. Our electric bills could vouch for that over the years. I can remember after the fire I suffered I was at a loss for where I was going to live, how to get my belongings and salvage what I could, find a place for the dogs etc. So many real worries to deal with but my greatest fear that I prayed on often was please god don't leave me in the dark.

  • I too have been fearful of what I was opening myself up to see or hear or experience. But I think the only way I can move forward fully with my life is to accept the gifts given to me and learn to process the information provided. That means learning to accept when someone speaks in my ear or notice when a light flickers or a shadow crosses my path. The process of accepting it so I can better hear what messages are coming my way is to me where I'm being lead. For a long time I felt like if I was meant to really know and accept something that it would be clear to me. I realize now Clarity is a relevant term. I guess what I'm seeing is knowing something is coming our way in terms of messages doesn't necessarily mean it's supposed to be black & white in how we understand it all. I feel forced to analyze it to look for the underlying messages. Perhaps that is my mistake, maybe I'm supposed to just take it at face value but it feels more cryptic to me. It's nice to hear that others are learning too and how we each choose to handle what comes our way, kind of nice knowing we are not crazy eh?

  • Hi RC you are exactly right, I notice some folks see it as a gift and others as a curse. The thing is "it" can be used to help others. Many are called but few are chosen, consider yourself blessed! 🙂

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  • Hey WitchWoman, Yes, i agree to that there could be some souls who, for whatever reason, have not decided to go back "home" I've read a few books by mediums discussing the way these souls are either confused or they are hanging around for sentimental reasons. Thus, the naughty ghosts who play scary little tricks.. At least that is my understanding. These souls do eventually find their way back home but it takes some longer than others if they are overly attached to their earth life or possessions. Is that kind of what you think too? I can't believe that anything truly dark and evil exists here. I don't know why I believe that. It is just a gut feeling and I can't believe that our spirit guides or angels would allow those demon spirits to be even close to us if they do exist.

    Aha, you are nervous in the dark too? I have tried to tell myself the same, that nothing bad will happen if I am surrounded only by love and light but I still have some big issues with the dark. I was camping with my ex boyfriend one time. He has a cabin up in the mountains but inside the cabin there is no electricity. The bedroom was pitch dark at night. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face and I flipped out and had to go sleep outside under the stars where there was at least a little bit of light. He thought I was such a big baby! Anyway, I also read that phobias like being in the dark can relate back to a past life. Maybe I died in a dark dungeon or something in a past life. Also, I can NOT stand it if any one puts their hands around my throat. You know when you go in for a checkup, doctors often check your thyroid and have to press into your throat area? Well, I passed out once when my doctor did that because I can't STAND that sensation. I warn all doctors now about this phobia so although they may think I am slightly nuts they are more careful. I always suspected I died by hanging or strangling at some point in a past life. Do you have any weird phobias like that?

    Yes, it makes sense about the bitter old lady your boyfriend saw. I think she is probably attached to him in some way too. Especially as you did a lot of cleansing in your house and if you don't ever feel her around then it must be someone who is following him.

    Oh, off the track again, but I have also played with Runes. I bought a set from bookstore when I was a teenager in hopes they could tell me if some guy I liked also like me! haha...not much changes. Anyway, I did find that they were very straight forward and easy to use compared to tarot. A little guide also came with the book that helped describe the various meanings. Let me know if you end up buying some and how you feel about them.

    Lots of love,

    xx SE

  • Hi RC Dreamer, Another who is scared of the dark! Nobody else has ever appreciated my terror of being a dark room before! I feel better now. 🙂 Yes, the electricity bills could be a lot less expensive if it weren't for my little fear. I totally would have been worried too if I thought my electricity would be shut off. I'm so sorry about the fire by the way. What a horrible experience. You were all able to get out I assume? How long ago did this happen?

    Yes, I tend to analyze messaged too. Sometimes I think that they are a lot more obvious than I am making them out to be. Like you, I read into them and expect them to be more cryptic than they really are. Next time you get a massage like that, you ought to post it. It might be easier for someone else to read as they are not involved. Does that make sense? I mean, I can read some messages a billion different ways but if I tell someone else, the message is simple and obvious to them.

    Anyway, so glad you are here to join in! xx SE

  • Hey guys, my husband sees sprits too and is scared of the dark. Must be something to it. Dark is the opposite of light, I have to walk thru my dark garage in the mornings and I say "Walk by Faith not by Sight." Give me courage. 🙂

  • Hey Poetic, Does your husband make you sleep with a light on? Oh yes...dark garages are very unpleasant. I like what you said...."Walk by Faith and not by Sight". I will remember that.

    Take care. xx SE

  • Tv is on all night! U take care too. My grammer is horrible. I type too fast. 🙂

  • Stonyeye, Definitely you are not alone with the darkness thing. I can deal with a lot and consider myself a very strong person but when it comes to stuff like being in the dark, forget it, it's like I'm 7 all over again. Probably some 7 year olds are more brave about it LOL. And I can't believe you said the thing around your neck. Thought that was just me too. So getting the feeling we are meeting some acquaintances from past lives here on this forum.

    Thanks for your kind comments. The fire was 3 years ago. I was home with my nephew luckily or the whole place would have been gone completely. Talk about missing the messages. The day of the fire, when my nephew woke up I asked him if he would help me move my entertainment center so I could replace the surge protector, I couldn't reach it being short. He was tired and unknowingly I said to him, it's not a big deal we can get to it later but I'd like to replace it today. That surge protector was the cause of the fire. If only I hadn't let my head get in the way of my instinct we might have avoided the tragedy altogether. But as they say hind sight is 20/20. I even had said to him something doesn't smell right, like it's hot. We both thought I was just being weird.

    By the way, I don't mean to speak of the fire as if it were yesterday it is just very much that it was a defining moment in my life. So as you might imagine now things are thought of as BEFORE the fire or AFTER.

  • Stonyeye, just on a side message regarding the fire, electric etc. Can't stand to have no light in room. I have to fall asleep to the tv, thank god for sleep timers. And since the fire occurred during semi-winter weather in March there were a lot of days I was there sifting through the soot that things were pretty dark. Naturally they turned off all power to the place the day it occurred, it was cold there were holes in the roof from the fireman's axe that let in little streams of light, not always real comforting. But somewhere in the midst of it all it struck me that I should take pictures so I did. What amazed me the most was that there were tons of orbs in the pictures. I mean I was not alone in dealing with the aftermath. Just to tell you how there is definitely someone looking out for us. When the fire spread to my study, that is where I kept my genealogy stuff, my files, pictures all sorts of documents and my great great grandfathers bible. The bible was in a cardboard box resting on top of my computer. The computer caught fire literally but the bible was unharmed. The papers in the file cabinet beneath the computer, also unharmed well except for a little smoke damage. I was really lucky. Somehow, someone watched out for what was most important to me - our lives, our pets, irreplaceable photos and information. You can buy a new couch, get a new shirt, replace a rug, bed, dresser but that stuff, wow when I look back on this event I am amazed that I was blessed in such a personal way for me. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy don't get me wrong but it has indeed been a learning experience. I feel I was driven from my home, my sanctuary to force me to deal with other matters that were important. Truth be told if I had not been forced out of my home life may have unfolded very differently and it would have affected relationships in my life possibly forever. So in some odd way I think I was just supposed to go through what I did. I am desperate to believe that the changes we've dealt with since then were meant to be a positive change for us as a family. I'd hate to believe my loss was all in vain, you know what I mean?

  • Amazing story R.C.- Thats an example of following your intuituion first. We need to pay attention to our first thought. Good Lesson. 🙂

  • Seems you are right thought that we are not given or shown more than we can handle. I often experience fragrances and get the very real awareness others are near but only glimpses throughout my lifetime have I ever seen things. My brother sees stuff all the time, apparitions, angels, beings, full on or otherwise as a teenager I would get discouraged that he could see what I couldn't. Lately though I think I am on the brink of that ability being opened up for me and yet I also feel I may not quite be ready. Time will tell I guess. It wasn't until I got on this site that it occurred to me over the years I knew when someone was going to die. I now realize I said as a kid my grandfather was going to die even though they told me he was getting better. When the phone rang the next morning I without thought said aloud "Grandpops dead." I knew my own father would not live until morning. In hind sight I even know I said goodbye, I love you and I'll be ok to my mom. That one has tormented me as if I gave her permission to go when really I wanted her to stay even if it was just a little while longer. Anyone else experience this sort of thing?

  • RC Dreamer, That really hits home about the surge protector and wanting to replace it but waited...thus the fire. That certainly was a way to make you listen to your intuition from now on. It does seem like a senseless and horrible loss to go through and I can't imagine why it happened to you but I bet down the road upon reflection of what may have been and what is now, there will be an answer. Amazing that you all got out in time with pets and your bible and photos were saved. Someone was looking out for you for sure.

    It sounds as though you definitely have a lot of intuitive gifts and coming onto this site was a way to finally help you realize them and find like minded people to chat with about these things.

    Wow, you hate the feeling of hands on your neck too? Maybe we were hanged or strangled in a previous life? That's my theory anyway. It is such a phobia and nothing in this life ever happened to make me so touchy about it so can only think it was past life thing.

    Hope you're doing well. x

  • Hi Girls,

    I have such a fear of fire - my room caught on fire as a teen because I had a mirror that you could flip around to the magnified side, facing my bedroom window, and the magnified side reflected the sun onto my bed and it was in flames in seconds. I literally went out of my bedroom, realised I had forgotten something and went back in to see flames to the ceiling! True story. Mum & I weren't meant to be home - had just popped back to grab something and go back shopping. Unbelievable.

    RC Dreamer, I'm so relieved for you that it wasn't as disasterous as it could have been; I tend to think that when traumatic things happen but no one is hurt, and precious things spared, it has been allowed to take place to Really make us aware of being more careful to prevent a worse tragedy. or remove us from a future scenario. Such as a car accident that wrecks your car, is extremely inconvenient, yet no one is hurt. Perhaps this happened to make the driver aware of being more careful, or maybe because their car is now out of action, they have been spared from a major accident. At the time, us mere humans are just really annoyed about the inconvenience as we find it difficult to say, "Never mind, there must be a bigger picture I can't see at this stage."

    We just want things to go along smoothly!

    A few years ago, I was heading towards the bush in my car on a stinking hot day, but I decided to stop off home first to hang washing. As I was at the clothesline, I thought, "Where is all that smoke coming from?" It was my car on fire, with a full tank of fuel, in my driveway. Fortunately, my neighbour was at home with an extinguisher. Turned out to be an electrical fault. Had I not stopped home I would have been in the bush with a 3 yo and no mobile phone. Guess who got a phone after that!

    I've got a little issue with fires...

    Although, I absolutely love and am mesmirised by an open fireplace, or contained camp fire.

    Someone once said to me, that they had smoked because the flame and smoke was a comforting unconcious reminder of their Native Indian past life, sitting around a fire with their tribe and passing around the peace pipe. Once they recongnised this, they could stop smoking and take advantage of enjoying a fireplace instead. How interesting. This resonates with me.

    And as for the neck thing, my throat is tightening just thinking about it. There must be something to it hey. When I'm stressed, my throat tightens up and I have the urge to clear my throat a lot.

    Geez I'm glad I have you girls to chat to! Really enjoy your companyX