Soul groups

  • Hey WW, no problem I am also glad to have met you and feel as if we have met before.You too Stonyeye, after seeing your picture on photo readings I felt a connection , and the picture of your kitty cat on the photo reading is priceless. I was wondering where you all are located I live in Huntington Beach California. Just curious. I understand if you don't want to say, being that were on an open forum and all. Hope everyone is having a great day. Hope also to hear from ya'll soon-newbetter

  • Hey Newbetter, isn't cool how we have been connected here?! I'm in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia about an hour & half NW form Melbourne, so not likely we would have met any other way.

    I was just casually reading posts back in December, when I read Stonyeye's thread and all of a sudden, had images & music. That's when I started posting, as I hadn't had such impressions from anyone else, ever. Another time I was reading someone elses reply to her, and again with the images and sounds and just stuff. Am I making it up? Possibly, but why with her? I reckon there must be some past link. Maybe we were friends or sisters/family. I hope we can figure it out someday.

    Hey Stonyeye, we should post our photos to Soapmaker & see what she reckons:-)


  • I agree totally. I am glad to have finally opened up a bit on here. I have other things/questions I wish I could put into the right words, so that i wasn't misunderstood. I hope by reading as much as I can will help me with my own situation. Thanks for responding or actual acknowledged me.

  • actually, is what i meant to say.

  • Newbetter, I totally understand what you're saying about wanting to put things in right words. I was really hesitant too and finally thought.... oh well, if I sound crazy then I sound crazy. I found quickly that there are so many lovely people here who understand and would never judge. Anyway, I'm glad you're here and posting now!

    Witchwoman, From what I know about you here, I would love to have had a past life with you! I bet we'd be great friends. Sisters would be great too! I don't have one and always wished I did. Yes, let's see what Soapmaker has to say! 🙂

  • You're very welcome Krystina:-)X

    Start your own thread with whatever it is in the world you want to talk about. That way, lots of other wonderful forum friends will see your issue, and be able to share their opinions & insights with you. Also, others that are reading may benefit as wellX

    Stonyeye, where art thou Girlfriend?


  • Hi WW,

    I'm in Northern California. I know you are in Australia. I'm going to sound like I've been stalking you but I like to read your posts when they pop up. You always have great insight and thoughts and express them so well. Anyway, from what I've read I thought we had some things in common. For instance, I think I read on a past life post that you had always been drawn to Sweden (or was it just Scandanavia in general?) and had wanted to visit or live there one day. I had been too...drawn to the the whole region.... and ended up teaching there for a few years and have immediate family living there now. Also, I "eyedropped" in on your conversation with Twin Soul and read your experience with Jehovah's Witness. I was never in the church but had a fairly recent and very life changing experience with the organization due to my previous relationship with a member who was kicked out because of his involvement with me. We were (gasp!) living together. We were both in our early 30's by the way. Not like we were young teens at the time. It was not a very nice experience at all but I learned an awful lot about my own beliefs and self from the whole thing.

    Anyway, I know there were quite a few more of your posts that I read and thought "Me too!" but those stuck out in my head and came to the conclusion that you and I could probably have some very good chats! XX

  • This is myself and my best friend of 30 years. We have been Inseparable since we met. No matter what. I wonder if knew each other in another life?

  • One more try.

  • Third time is a charm, too big, wrong type. Aggghh.

  • She is on the left.

  • Great thread Stonyeye! I am not familiar with the thought that animals have different types of souls than people. Soul groups are a very interesting thing though. I grew up on a horse ranch and have been around animals all my life. I would like to think that certain souls would be lucky enough to come back as animals;-) My mother and brother passed away a year and a half ago. Both had a deep affection for halks and eagles and about two months after there deaths I had a pair of Red Tailed hawks come to reside on my ranch.(My mom was a redhead) Could be a coinsidence but I'd like to think they are still watching over me. I have been blessed with two extraordinary horses in my life that I think sum up my soul calling rather nicely. Both horses came to me during difficult times in my life and were "difficult" horses that were unwanted because they were "unrideable and vicious". Most people had given up on these two however, I saw beauty and potential in what others saw as hopeless. These two very special horses brought tremendous growth and healing to my life and I believe I did to there's as well.I shared many years and adventures with both of those spirits and hold them close to my heart. My vet explained to me when I had to have my very special boy put to sleep 2 years ago, that very few people are fortunate enough to have that kind of connection and the fact that I was fortunate enough to have it twice with these incredible horses was a true blessing.

  • Hey Mellove! I grew up on a horse ranch too and share your love of our horse friends. I love how you took those "vicious" on and experienced such a strong bond with them. I don't believe that any horse is truly mean-spirited. They may have been hurt and defensive after bad treatment but no horse is truly vicious. I'm glad you saw that too and took the chance. Sounds like you shared an amazing connection. Warms my heart to read your post. x

  • Poetic! I can just tell even from your picture that you and your friend share a bond. Lucky you to have found such a wonderful friend in life. Do you two look similar as well? From the photo it looks to me that you both share the same lovely smile! 🙂

  • No Way Stonyeye!!!

    How bizarre, I was womdering if anyone was 'eyedropping' in & could relate to the JW experience somehow. Obviously JW's wouldn't be on this site. How naughty am I?!:-)

    You would have been right in the thick of it, hearing all about it. I was a single mum, 32yo & I just could NOT prevent our relationship. I am CONVINCED we are soulmates of the same soul group & had business to sort out. I knew we wouldn't be together long term as he is 18 years older and was already commited, however some things are just meant to be. 6 years later, we are dear friends & speak every now & then. I'm sure you can uinderstand what a tumultuous, hurtful, judgemental time I went through. And as you would know, my friends weren't allowed to have any contact with me. However, I still had to work through & resolve my karmic issues with this man. It was impossible not to, for either of us.

    However, here we are now! I would never in a million years have gone onto such a website as Tarot - dabbling with Satan's divinationary lures:-) I have 1 friend who is also disfellowshipped, but I would never dream of sharing what I speak to you guys about with her as that would be fooling around with Satan & flagrantly disrespectful to God in her view. I'm quite sure she would be horrified, traumatised & betrayed by me if she knew. When she comes over with her 4 kids, Em & I quickly do a sweep of the house to make sure there's no Angel cards floating about or pendulems etc:-)!!! I understand God & the Universe, Angels, souls/mates/groups, reincarnation, Jesus, death & many other concepts better than I ever have before in my whole life, thanks to the sincere, kind, loving, generous & Non-Judgemental folk here sharing their insights and knowlege. I don't want to appear bitter or resentful to JWs - that's just where they are on their journey, & I have gained & learnt a lot from my 11 experience as one. I'm just in a different phase of my journey now.

    As for Sweden Stonyeye, my dad's mother's father (my great grand father) was from Sweden, & I have always felt an affinity to the Scandinavian region. (the rest of my family are from mainly England & France. Soapmaker made reference to all 3 countries in the past life reading)

    How did you come to be there& what did you teach? It must have been a fabulous experience, far different to the US I'm sure!

    You know, I feel so humbled and a little undeserving for you to speak so highly of me. It really is wonderful to have 'met' YOU! I never had a sister either & it's always felt like someone was missing. And as we've mentioned, these aren't the kinds of conversations that you can just casually launch into at the office at morning smoko:-) So it's great to be able to log onto the forum and have your pick of discussions to read.

    Newbetter, no doubt you're just blown away & wanting to spend hours reading away & taking it all in:-)

    Mellove, you gave me goosebumps reading about your special horses and the growth & healing they brought to your life. We are SO blessed to experience the love of an animal. Not just compassionate or cupboard love, but the truly soul-piercing, heart felt love that just radiates from them. I have never felt such grief as when I had to put down my very special boy Mao 9 years ago. It hurt so bad because we loved so deeply. I loved Stonyeye's story about her horses too, & Marv. The paw out the cage was such a feel good story. I was reading it crying and laughing like a madwoman:-)

    My jur's out re:animal soul vs human soul. Dunno. What does everyone else reckon? I hope I don't remember eating mice & lizards and partaking in other undesirable pussy-cat behaviour like sniffing certain places as a feline greeting:-)

    Look forward to hearing from you all,


  • Great minds think alike, hey! I noticed when I posted my above extended essay that you had been posting away too SE!

    I just wanted to add Poetic 555, you girlfriends look so close, I would have assumed you were sisters. I'm very jealous. Not really:-) Pleased and happy for you both that you have had each other to rely on, knowing that you're looking out for one another and nothin' or no one would ever break your bond. You must have helped each other through many different experiences, good & maybe not so good. You truly radiate "SoulSisters":-)

    I really don't think you need Soapmaker to tell you you shared Lives together! The details will be very interesting though:-) Does you friend share an interest in psychic/angels/freaky stuff?


  • This is so cool because I have had at least one, maybe two horses that were "on line with me."

    Then there was Max my cat that got hit by the car last November. Our new kitty we have who I call Impossible. (Althoug sometimes he's Possible) is a good kitty but I don't know that he is from a soul group. But as far as a person. I feel I have been blessed to have the recent experience of meeting aomwone that I know, without a doubt, I have known before. Why we have met, I do not know. I have been told something that goes like this:

    "My husband and I had "soul pacts" before we were born, that he would enter my life and control it - for whatever reason was made in the pact. In return, he would introduce me to this other person who was a member of my soul group, whom I also had a pact with - for whatever reason.

    So the "soul pact" that my soul made with my husband's soul is now fulfilled. I wish I knew what the pact was about. It would make like a lot easier to figure out :). Now he has brought into my life this other person whom also has a soul pact with me or for me and what that is supposed to be for, I don't know either. Maybe he was just here to hold my hand during my divorce. Doesn't make sense to me though. Seems kind of cruel to "know that you know someone" but not remember why you are supposed to know them. Does anyone have an idea of how to figure that part out?

    I also have a question: will someone set me straight on "soulmates", Soul groups" and "twin flames" I've had all these terms used in relationship to what I am going through with meeting this person and I am not sure what the correct term should be. Thanks!

  • Hey Turtledust,

    I reckon the 'soul pact' scenario rings true & makes sense. There are many people who are at a loss as to why they've had an intense connection or relationship with someone, only to not be together for one reason or another, or for it to cause a whole world of misery & pain - And they go back for more.

    So, I reckon this 'pact' idea makes sense. It's intense - because you're form the same soul group, but it ends because the pact/contract is fulfilled on a 'higher self' level, that perhaps down here in our dense, earthly state, preoccupied with ego/materialism/fear, it just leaves us bamboozled, confused, frustrated and often feeling helpless not to mention miserable.

    Maybe the recognition of "knowing that you know someone" is a blessing in itself; even if we can't remember, perhaps an unconcious part of our soul is soothed/feels the love/healed/encouraged just be having encounters with soul group members either randomly or through situations such as what you have mentioned. He may be a soul friend to bring you companionship for this part of the journey. The thing is, at this stage you don't know what he will be to you in the future, or who else will be brought into your life Because of this connection. All a bit of an adventure. It's like we're role playing a character in one of those adventure books "turn to page 15 if you choose to slay the dragon", or something like that:-)

    Just my ramblings and thinking out loud again!

    I have felt the cruel irony of meeting someone that you just know is from your soul group, to be bitterly disappointed too:-(

    There is currently a thread on the psychic page titled: "soul mates & twin flames"

    Or something like that. All very interesting.

    My understanding is that in the spiritual realm, our higher self is complete & androgenous. However, it splits into male/female to incarnate. Our twin soul is like our mirror, for they are indeed the other half of us. If we do encounter them in our current life, there is no denying the connection & knowingness from either. The connection is incredibly intense & rock solid, even through all manner of disasters and bad behaviour. Being a mirror, if you wish to evoke change in the other, all you need to do is act the way you want them to, and hey presto! they will, through no concious action on their behalf, act like that too:-) Apparently.

    Soul mates are from our soul group/family, so they can be a friend, father, mother, get the idea. So it's possible that if you have 5 husbands & 3 lovers that each & every one is a soul mate.

    Does this mean that they are therefore each others soulmate's too? That's the bit that does my head in.....

    Keep in mind friends, this is Just my understanding and is by no means complete or accurate.

    I may very well change my mind or read something else to correct my erroneous understandings tomorrow!:-)

    Warm friendship,


  • No, but people think we are sisters. She is the best friend anyone could have. Heart of gold. 🙂

  • Hi Witch woman, just read your post, she is interested and actually has seen Ghosts and Angels, but she is Chicken ----T! She has Psychic Dreams that come true all the time. She is afraid of her gifts, I'm jealous. My husband even told me once I had to choose her or him and I said, men come and go but she has been by my side forever! He let it go. Other females have tried to break us up too, doesn't work. In life I have found you rarely find a true, tried and blue friend.