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  • WW I keep going back to what you wrote about the blue watercolor. That is so what I see when I meditate. I don't always get much beyond that but it is a warm flowing feeling and swirls of brilliant dark blue but not like navy it has a vibrant light almost or life living richness to it, I don't know exactly how to describe the color, it's as if it has teal and /or purple mixed into it sort of, it's really beautiful.

    As for counseling, I've wondered about that recently myself but now is not the time to approach my daughter about that. As much as I hate it, I think this is something she is just going to have to work through I only hope she is not too blind to see what is really unfolding in front of her. History is very much repeating itself, the same actions, the separating her from others to gain control. He calls himself a man but he is a weak jellyfish, a drinker, an abuser, a person who makes me otherwise strong and intelligent daughter a victim. I just pray she is not alone in this and that others are guiding her even if she is stubborn to realize what is happening in her own life. For me it's like watching an inevitable car wreck in front of you, knowing it's coming, seeing it in slow motion and wanting to stop it but accepting it is not in my control. For a visual I want to run out in front of her and stop the car, protect her but what good will come of me being killed by the wreck in the process. Hoping I'm doing the right thing and praying daily.


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